Galaxy Nexus Listed for Nov. 16 Release in the UK

UK smartphone retailer Phones4u has the Galaxy Nexus up for order through Orange. The phone isn’t available yet, but the site has delivery of the device pegged as November 16th. No official announcements have been made regarding availability of the new Google flagship device, but all sign point towards early to mid-Novemeber, lining up perfectly with the date we are seeing here.

[via Phones4u | thanks, Dan!]

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  • terrance

    hopefully a week after we get it here :)

  • phoenix_fire

    damn it, give me a date for american carriers, especially tmobile!

  • Spoken Word™

    And since Google said onstage that it was coming to the US first, we can assume that, if this retailer isn’t full of (s)ugar (h)oney (i)ced (t)ea, we’ll see it here before that date.

    • Travillion

      I don’t remember them saying anything like that. I recall them saying the U.S., Asia, and the UK first (before the rest of the world), but not anything more refined than that. While I hope you’re right, I’m not sure we can infer that yet.

  • Ben Baranovsky

    I just want it from At&t. Is there any info regarding an At&t launch? I would buy it unlocked, but it wouldn’t work with my Micro-Cell 3G. (I may still do that if I get impatient) If anyone wants the phone but doesn’t want to spend tons of money and has an upgrade on At&t, buy an iPhone 4S, sell it as a brand new item, and then use the cash plus the $200 or $300 you were going to spend originally to get the Nexus. That’s what I did to get my Nexus One and it worked like a charm. Anyways, come on At&t. Get with it.

  • Psylink

    a samsung rep said today, 2-3 weeks she would have one to demo, so that puts it between the 8th and 15th. i haven’t had a rep around here show up with a phone before release yet.

  • UniqueNate

    Not that I live in the UK but why is the release date so far off from when it was announced. What is a month later doing for Google?

    • Travillion

      Agreed. I think they wanted to make their intentions known before EVERYONE bought the new iPhone, but…their announcement to release interval is pretty annoying. Just coming off the heels of the iPhone being announced and distributed within a week’s time, waiting a month for this phone feels pretty ridiculous…but I am waiting.

      • Jason

        Even more ridiculous is still not having a release date! I mean come on, what is the damn hold up here?? I hate apple but they always have a date when they announce and people like knowing what to look forward to, not “November” and verizon saying “This year”. these guys jerk us around and its very aggrevating!


    I expect it around thanksgiving for U.S.. Give the Razr a few weeks of glory and hit the rest up at the best possible time, around black friday

    • JBrowne1012

      I hope it releases early enough to get a black friday discount.

  • adi19956

    I’m not switching to Orange. I’m waiting for Vodafone