Steve Jobs Biography Describes Jobs As Hell Bent On Destroying Android


The biography on the life of Steve Jobs is about to be released on Monday and is simply titled, “Steve Jobs.” The book is being written by Walter Isaacson and provides new insight on Jobs and not only his falling out with Google’s Eric Schmidt but the Android operating system Schmidt helped commission as an answer to Apple’s iOS.

According to the book, to say Jobs was never happy with the idea of Android would be an understatement. So much in fact that Mr. Jobs was actually hell bent on destroying Android back in January 2010 when HTC and Google unveiled the Nexus One. According to Isaacson, Jobs compared Google’s new device to the equivalent of “grand theft.” The book further quotes Jobs as saying,

“I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

The Associated Press who got some eyes on time with the book said,

Jobs used an expletive to describe Android and Google Docs, Google’s Internet-based word processing program. In a subsequent meeting with Schmidt at a Palo Alto, Calif., cafe, Jobs told Schmidt that he wasn’t interested in settling the lawsuit, the book says.

“I don’t want your money. If you offer me $5 billion, I won’t want it. I’ve got plenty of money. I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that’s all I want.” The meeting, Isaacson wrote, resolved nothing.

Wow Steve, why didn’t you tell us how you really felt? It’s clear Jobs took threats to Apple and iOS very personally. When it comes down to the argument of who-stole-what-from-who, it’s nothing new that operating systems “borrow” ideas from one another. What matters is not only who can come up with the best ideas off-the-bat — but also who is better at improving those ideas. Please, try to keep it classy in the comments, guys. Cheers.

[Via AP]

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  1. “We’ve always been shameless about stealing great ideas” but god forbid when someone “copies” us…….

  2. imitation is the greatest form of flattery. (Apple has flattered many).

  3. good artists borrow, great artists steal

    1. Great quote from a great hypocrite, Steve Jobs

      1. That quote is actually attributed alternately to T.S. Elliot or Pablo Picasso. Either way, Jobs even had to steal the quote.

    2. Hey, I got one better.

      Good artists borrow. Great artists steal. The best artists steal then improve.

      Yeah, I just stole that and improved it.

      1. I have finally met a best artist!

      2. No, the best artists steal, improve, then accuse/sue for stealing make money around every corner AND keep others from making any (which we all know he REALLY wanted). He didn’t need/want more money, he just wanted to make sure nobody else did… It kinda makes me think how else he was smart like the Edison types, you know, pay people off for their inventions and have them leave town… Kinda makes you wonder if he actually did invent the ipod/phone lol ;)

      3. Good Artists copy, Great Artists Steal! – George Washington

    3. Oh, kinda like Kanye West (though, he’s only “great” in his mind).

    4. I see what you did there ;)

  4. Seriously… The G1 was announced and came out in October of 2008… not January of 2010. The Motorola Droid even came out in November of 2009. #factcheck

    1. the device being referenced in January 2010 would undoubtedly be the Google Nexus One amirite??

      1. N1 not G1. Whooooooooooooops!

    2. suuurrrriousslyyy

  5. Its amazing how the world only thinks of Steve Jobs as this lovable, influential character, and nothing more. I respect him and his works, but to cry and mourn, and be brainwashed in thinking he was a “nothing but genuine” human will not happen.

    Thanks Google for giving this guy a run and competition, i dont care what anyone says if its stolen or not.

    1. The world only thinks of Steve Jobs as lovable? Don’t you visit this site often? How about Engadget? How about YouTube comments? Loads of people absolutely despise him. LOADS.

      1. Dont YOU watch the news? Everyone loves him!

        1. Wonder if the bio will include him denying that he was the father of his daughter saying that he was infertile and it was impossible to have kids.. this was in court under oath. This while he was getting rich and the mom and daughter were living off wellfare. Will it include the tesimonies of employees that are scared to death of steve jobs after he threatens to ruin their lives if they cross him… or how he stole money from his buissness partners.. back dated stock options… never donated a penny to charity despite being worth 7 billion… sonds like a lovable guy.

          1. Yeah, and he goes and names the newest computer (at that time), the “Lisa” (same name as his ‘totally-not-my-daughter’).

      2. have you seen the dedication page on Apples website?

        1. Yes and it had me reaching for the nearest bucket.

          “I’m crying while writing this on my iPad and listening to my iPod” blah blah blah

      3. Do you read Engadget’s stories??? They are the most pro-Apple site out there! If there was nothing in the world of technology except Apple, they would die of happiness! They think that Steve Jobs is a god , and that his company is all that matters in life.

        1. I don’t know gizmodo probably gives them a run for their money, even after being blacklisted by apple.

    2. Jobs’ words from the grave disgust me more than anything he said in life…

      Hey Steve,
      – You didn’t invent touchscreens, they’ve been around forever
      – You didn’t invent apps, they are called $1 simple programs
      – You certainly didn’t invent the words ‘app’ and ‘store’ yet you felt the need to sue when spoken (I’ll have my lawyer send your family .57 cents)
      – You didn’t invent mp3 players, well you DID invent the $400 mp3 player when the rest were around $50
      – You didn’t invent ‘copy n paste’ yet your commercial sold this to your iSheep like you did! my pathetic Moto Q from 2k5 copy n pasted
      – You didn’t invent Facetime, it’s called a webcam and it works on billions of devices, yours works on iDevices only
      – You didn’t invent retina display, you simply took years to match the competition’s HD displays and when you finally did, you added 50 more pixels, stood up, and sold the world Retina display! only u Steve, only u, lol
      – Lastly for now, you didn’t invent voice recognition, but you did BUY a company’s app that did it and then half baked it into your iOS as a reaction to Google’s stellar in-house voice technology that has been around for almost 2 years… delusional, as usual, fapple! http://tinyurl.com/3wr5po2



      Little spoof I came up with regarding this:

      1. You, my friend, hit the nail on the head! Jobs wanted Google to stop using their “ideas”. I had an idea for a solid state digital camera 3 years before it happened, I can’t sue over it. Had I been him, I would have bitched and moaned and inhibited a technological revolution.

      2. You are a sad man… To clarify, I’m don’t own any Apple devices. But what you’re stating is just sad. The fact, that you can’t see the ideas Steve has brought to the IT world doesn’t give you any right to say he didn’t actually bring any.
        It’s funny, how people think, that if something is common in everyday life, than nobody can take credit for the design of that thing. Because, that would be just selfish, right?
        I mean, just think how many tablets with flat front panel and a single home button have there been before iPad? Like… none? And look how many there are now. Of course, it’s convenient to state, that “the design is not specific in any way and every tablet naturally has to look like iPad”, yet nobody before has been able to come up with it…
        Yes, Microsoft came up with the first idea of a tablet in 2000, and it looked like http://i46.tinypic.com/i53fwz.jpg or http://i46.tinypic.com/33u4s5d.jpg, so why don’t they sell it with this design? Cause they realized it looks like crap in comparison to what Apple came with. So suddenly their tablet looks like this http://thenextweb.com/files/2010/06/hp-tablet-246×300.jpg

        Maybe if you just took the time, to read a few of Jobs’s patents, you would realize, that none of the things you claim he “didn’t” invent have anything to do with the stuff he actually did invent.


  6. Guess that didn’t work out so well for him.

  7. not surprising at all. screw Crapple. Fapple

  8. Seems everyone who isn’t on the android train wants to destroy it.

  9. “I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”
    Hey! That’s probably how Xerox, and a lot of other corporate entities and individuals felt over the years about Apple!

    1. Not likely. The often overlooked fact about Xerox and the whole “theft” of the Alto’s GUI/Mouse system interaction is the fact that Apple paid Xerox $2 Million to be shown that particular technology that Xerox had already passed off as unmarketable. Apple did not “steal” the GUI from Xerox. They simply paid a rock-bottom price to be shown how it worked.

      1. “we are shameless about steeling” from steve jobs mouth. youtube it

        1. True story! he has admitted to stealing many times, and has said himself that it is basically a norm in the industry. Either this biographer is making up quotes that didn’t really happen, or Steve Jobs was also the biggest hypocrite to ever live.

      2. I think you need to check your facts. Apple never purchased anything from Xerox. Xerox even tried to sue but judges at that time didn’t want to make rulings and tossed out the case telling them wrong venue, go to the copyright office. I think things would be dealt with much differently if it went to court today. Apple did steal from Xerox and everyone knows it. That is why it is unbelievable that they sue samsung and everyone else running android. Take a look at Xerox’s computer named Star that was introduced in 1981.

      3. Yes, Apple did borrow the idea. At the the time Apple was one of the hottest tech companies in the valley and Jobs agreed to SELL Xerox 100,000 shares of Apple stock for $1 million dollars in exchange for a tour of Xerox parc. This is what actually happened. Don’t look for anything factual on the Mac boards.

      4. They were shown how it worked, but did they buy the patents? Or did they “borrow” some ideas and make their own product? I think they “borrowed” some ideas. Some people would say stole, but when Apple is shown something (despite not having invented it) they only “borrow” and create something “revolutionary”.

        Nothing is new under the sun. Period.

    2. Apple stole from Xerox, MS stole that idea from Apple. Google stole from apple and apple stole from google. hint hint notification menu!

      I really don’t see what these companies worry about, Jobs screams murder about being stealing, but his the first to steal from anyone else. There is a big long list of things ‘borrowed’ from other companies including the magsafe connector from a deep dryer maker, who marketed it as a way to stop people burning people/kids from pulling or tripping over the cord. It was out long time before apple

      Apple steals, full stop. They need to grow up and move on.

      1. I think you mean period.

      2. Thank you Sir, that made me read some Wiki. It’s ridiculous how the magsafe standard was introduced in Japan in 2001, but since 2006 – “Apple exclusively owns US Patent No. 7311526 (“Magnetic connector for electronic device”, issued in 2007) and does not license the MagSafe connector or the patent.” What a bunch of f..ks!

      3. I’m just curious, but how did Google steal from Apple? If we’re talking strictly about cell phones, we could theoretically say that everyone has stolen from IBM (the Simon).

        Nokia (the 9000), Palm (the Kyocera 6035), Microsoft (the Pocket PC 2002 devices), and RIM (the BlackBerry 6210) all had smartphones seemingly eons ago.

        I agree though. Apple steals, full stop. With one caveat, however, that they actually try competing and innovating instead of trying to sue everyone into the ground. It’s amazing, already, how many iPhone 4S owners I’ve encountered that have said stuff like, “Dude, I bet you wish your stupid Android phone had an awesome notification center like my phone”, or “Only Steve Jobs could invent voice commands”. It’s true that this is more an issue of an uninformed consumer base and not so much Apple’s fault, but there is the ever-present reality that Apple has both the notification center and voice command capability because Android made them important to the wireless world. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple has submitted patent applications for “notification center” and/or “the ability to use voice commands to control the most amazing device, ever”.

        1. “…they actually try competing and innovating instead of trying to sue everyone into the ground.”

          Hmmm, just a sec. Aren’t they trying to sue Samsung into the ground in Australia, Germany,…? Perhaps that was how Jobs visualized his charity work, giving Apple’s $40 billion to Lawyers without Borders.

    3. basically, he started bitching and moaning once android was pumping out superior devices

      1. I wouldnt say superior. Not here to toss rocks at glass houses. He was a brilliant man, but he felt untouchable and on top of the world. And the little Goog company showed him otherwise.

        Jobs has ALWAYS been a anti-open about everything. Its the hate for American corporations that drove him to his fame and fortune and drove his brilliant mind. But in the end he falls victim to the same idioms he swore he would never become!

        Steve and Apple became the same corporate “We’ll tell you what you want!” greedy mongrels he despised back in the day.

    4. How on earth does he have the audacity to say something like that…look at iOS 5 omfg
      And that notification bar was born with Android!

  10. Despite the recent love affair, Jobs was a dick!

  11. Was the iPhone the first smart phone? First phone to do email? First phone to have a calendar? First phone to play music? First phone with a touch screen? First phone ot have apps?

    No to all, yes Apple put their own spin on them but don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. Or glass Apple Store.

    1. Unless you’re trapped inside the glass house, & you have a stone, then THROW IT!! So actually, the only good time to throw stones is when you’re in a glass house.

      1. You “stole” that from Demetri Martin….

    2. Nokia arguably came out with the first commercially successful smartphone too. The very first one before the Communicator, IBM’s Simon, set many of the future features. Ericsson came up with the term ‘smartphone’ in 1997.

      1. I had a Sony Ericsson P800 in…2001 I think it was.
        Full touch-screen interface, virtual keyboard(s), grid of app icons, internet etc…

        All courtesy of Symbian.

  12. This is funny as hell…. seeing as Apple has spend the last several releases of iOS trying to copy android

  13. enough time has passed time to crush the remains of the rotting apple core

  14. isint apples osx derived from a linux kernel i want to see the source code

    1. No. Apple used BSD source code under the BSD license which permits them to modify and use the code commercially without returning code back to the community. Many in the BSD community consider that this provision actually makes BSD-licensed code to be more “open” then GPL’d code.
      On a side note, Microsoft used BSD source for their Windows 2000 TCP/IP stack.

      1. damit was hoping to find a loop hole to crush apple

        1. Well, they are still using the BSD kernel. It’s not like they came up with it themselves. Oh, you know all those fancy OSX animations? Also the various task-switching eye candy?

          I know of at least one thing that did it first: compiz (beryl at the time). I was enjoying this stuff on my Linux desktop before Apple stuck it in. There may have been others, but some of the crap Apple put in was almost identical. And why not? It’s a fantastic idea. But would he ever admit it? No. He probably has patents on the stuff. What an a-hole.

          But that’s just one thing. It’s nearly impossible to come up with a 100% original idea… it will always look like an offshoot of something else, intentional or not.

          Anyway, all this does is confirm my impressions of how Jobs ran the company. I always felt like he was similar to that of a bratty red-faced 2 year old stomping around the room. If he felt he was slighted, he took it personally and made stupid business decisions that didn’t help consumers or his company. He was an angry man and it hurt more than helped.

      2. So how exactly is that more open?

        1. Those who are proponents of the BSD license scheme would argue that making source code available to be used commercially in a closed-source project is actually more open because it allows the user of the code that additional “right.” It’s a philosophical difference and one that I don’t fully agree with. If you google “GPL vs BSD” you’ll find plenty of arguments for and against both license models.

  15. I would somewhat get Jobs being so mad if apple had actually invented any of their “innovations” rather than just putting together a bunch of stuff that was already out there and advertising the hell out of it

  16. Real sweat heart of a guy…hey didn’t he invent the internet..no that was Gore..sorry.

  17. Didn’t need a book to tell me that, his actions made it obvious he was out to destroy the competition in any way possible. But from what I’ve seen, iOS is now copying android.

  18. He also didn’t treat himself when he found out he had cancer and tried alternative medicine aka pseudo scientific crap. Now I feel a lil sorry for the guy cause I always pictured him as a smart uber troll who knew what he was doing. But perhaps he actually believed in his utter garbage marketing ideas, since he fell for a silly con game himself… enough to risk his life for it.

    sorry jobs for thinking you were an a-hole. you were just a misguided idiot. r.i.p.

    1. Source on not treating himself for cancer?

      1. The same source of this article. Associated Press (above).

        1. from what ive seen and read he was a big believer of eastern european medicine. Not modern medicine.

          1. Jobs went to Memphis and got a transplant. That’s why he stepped away. Voodoo medicine or not, that’s what he did.

            Jobs was a GREAT person in the tech world. He literally took a company that was dying and made it better. He took the idea of the MP3 player and made it better, and more appealing for everyone. Took the ida of a phone and simply made it better. After reintroducing tablet computing (newton folks, newton) now EVERYONE wants a tablet.

            My coworkers and I were sitting around a while back and we were talking about stock. I mentioned innovation and touching customers being the future. Apple drove their stock up through innovation and sales, not just sales. Google, again same thing here.

  19. LOL Steve Jobs died a litigator and not as an innovator. He feels that he is the only one who can steal or borrow ideas and claim them as his own, but when someone else does it, he cries bloody murder. Google bought Android, Inc., a startup company only 22 months old based in Palo Alto, CA. Like the others before me said, a great quote from a great hypocrite: “Good artists copy, great artists steal. We at Apple have always been shameless at stealing great ideas.”
    I don’t miss Jobs in the slightest. What goes around, comes around.

    1. shameless at stealing great ideas, unless someone steals them from us. If thats the case we will get the lawyers out.

      Whats worst is apple even steals of its own people. wifi sync, was a app that apple rejected. They stole the idea and even the guys icon.

      iPad 2 smart cover? A company was making the 3 panel folding company for the iPad 1 units. Apple stole it! Yes they put magnets on it, but they stole the design. Didn’t bother paying for either of these two. The list goes on. Apple steals, they need to get over and stole being pricks to others who borrow from them

  20. Steve jobs said good artist copy, great artist steal. So how the hell can he say anything. The only thing i really ever had against apple was steve jobs. I like ios and android(android for phone os(dinc soon to be nexus galaxy) and (ipad) ios for apps).

  21. Google nor Apple were not the first when it comes to a lot of things smartphone wise. If Steve Jobs wants to destroy Android that’s what he wants to do, if you want to go to bed, you’ll do it. I know these recent lawsuits put this in a bad place, but if you have a product, you want it to succeed.

    1. I was honestly fine with Apple anything UNTIL they started with EXCESSIVE suing. It’s just annoying and seems a waste. You want to succeed? Keep CREATING. Don’t waste time with litigation. The public isn’t stupid. They know if you did something first. Suing someone, especially for trivial things, is equivalent to kids running to the teacher every time someone makes a face at them.

      1. God forbid a company wants to protect their intellectual property. We have a fucking law system in place for deciding matters like this. Just because they sue doesn’t mean they will win.

        Move to another country if you have an issue with it.

        1. that so called law system you speak of is flawed dumb dumb. and obama just made a law to fix it. so your whole argument is kind of retarded.

        2. The problem is apple is stealing from ‘little companies’ who can’t afford to fight the big mother company that apple is. Who is going to protect them and their intellectual property?

          Apple needs to grow up, they steal, others steal. All companies steal from each other

      2. i have to agree that the suing really got old. like someone else said, if they invented everything and borrowed nothing, then fine, let them be mad and vengeful, but to be the admitted best stealers in the biz, come on give me an ennema

  22. Why is it OK for Jobs to be the only one with ideas to create innovation?

  23. I don’t see Apple being relevant in the next few years. It’s the last fight before the painful death. Apple should do the same thing Blackberry is doing. Roll over and die.

    1. Don’t quit your day job, I don’t think you’d do too well in predicting future trends. Apple isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Apple is the reason BB is dying. And as far as tech companies go, I hardly see anyone more ‘relevant’ than Apple. I’m an android user, but enough with these idiotic statements. As far as I see it, Apple and Google are the only relevant companies in the industry, and that isnt changing anytime soon.

      1. Give it a few years – I really want to see what Apple has up their sleeve when it comes to 2013, 2014. They have a lot of patents, but are they gonna really use them efficiently? Next year is still riding off what Steve had in motion, but there was probably only game-plans for the years after that. The next three to six years – that should be some sort of turning point.

        1. And somehow you are convinced Google will be around? You can say the same damn thing about any tech company.

          Damn, some of you fanboys are just too much.

          1. With every useless curse word your intelligence credibility drops. However, I agree that fanboys are indeed too much!

        2. Believe it or not, apparently Steve has mapped out the next few years for Apple. I’m personally an Android user, just out of personal preference, though I completely respect Apple as a company. A couple times I have considered buying an iPhone, but Android happened to win me over so far. Either way, competition is a great thing, and it will be exciting to see how this competition plays out in the next couple years.

          1. Kind of like L. Ron Hubbard

      2. Apple is dying slowing… you just can’t see it yet. When you cut off the head, the body dies… Jobs WAS the head… Apple Fisher Price shoving days are OVER.

        1. Apple has money, not just “Hey we made enough to pay the rent, so we’re ok.” type money. They got ALOT of f**ckin money which they’ve made over the course of 30+ years…. they’re not going anywhere anytime soon….. Sucks because i really hate the iphone, and the ipad, and the macbook and the macintosh and their stupid little one button mouse i had to use in school as a kid, and i hate that i had to have a stupid little disk to save my book reports and then i had to look at their stupid tiny little screens and get a headache and i hate how everybody likes them and I really HATE how they got so much goddamn money. And why would anybody name their company “Apple” anyway? Apples arent even that good and they got peels that get stuck in between your teeth, not to mention the noise that a person makes biting and eatting an apple is disgusting… this kind of slurping sucking crunching noise that just makes a person want to spit vomit into the mouth of the offending eater of fruit so they know exactly how disgusting it is. Fuck your apples and fuck your one button mouse and most especially fuck your phone (amazingly with only one button, yet again. Like im too stupid to figure out 2 or more buttons.) its just shiny plastic and cheap metal. Iphone is garbage. And I hate you.

          1. Apple, when it first came out, was for people like me: open up the computer, expand it with cards and other hardware, program it, make it do what you want, etc.

            Once the Mac came, that changed. They went from being a pro-geek company to the “every-day person” company. Hence, make a computer easy to use for non-techie people. That was fine and all, but they then completely forgot about the techie people like me.

            Still, if it weren’t for Jobs and The Woz, I wouldn’t have probably pursued my love in programming as a career. The Apple ][+ and //e were the beginnings of my love for programming.

            Luckily, the PC came out as well. It wasn’t as easy to program as the Apple, but it was the next step in my progression as a programmer.

            I think your hate is just a little over the top. I understand you don’t like what Apple did, but if it weren’t for Apple, you might not have the PC, nor the Android system. Heck, no PC, there probably wouldn’t have been Linux, which definitely means no Android.

            So Apple introduced the personal computer to the household when it first released it’s line of Apple computers, including the Mac.

            If anything, as much as Jobs wanted to stifle the competition, it still created innovation from other companies.

            Do I find his statement repulsive about wanting to destroy Android? Yes. Was he being a hypocrite? Yes. Would he have ever been able to do what he stated? Probably not. Look at Microsoft as well as Corel trying to take down Linux. Never happened, never will.

            So, I take what he said with a grain of salt. But to go on the rant you just did shows a lack of tact and sensibility. In fact, you are acting just like Jobs, a man you have stated you hate because of how he acted and what he did.

            I guess the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?

            LOL. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.

          2. “but if it weren’t for Apple, you might not have the PC, nor the Android system. Heck, no PC, there probably wouldn’t have been Linux, which definitely means no Android.”

            Things would have been the same or better if not for Apple. There were numerous players around besides Apple that would have carried that ball..

            “Apple introduced the personal computer to the household when it first released it’s line of Apple computers, including the Mac. ”

            Which pretty much sat in schools since they was too expensive. Atari, Commodore and Radio Shack PCs ruled back in the 80’s.

          3. You seem to be confusing 2 different things here, my hatred of Apple Products and my opinion of Steve Jobs (Which by the way I never actually opined about.) Beyond the fact that he created Apple, I could care less about this man and thus any percieved lack of tact is really just a complete lack of interest in the life this man had. As far as sensibility goes, thats just a matter of personal taste. To me it is not sensible to buy or endorse the substandard shoddy products that Apple makes, yet millions of people still do and that really irritates me. Nor is it sensible to name your company after a disgustingly annoying fruit, yet they did and that irritates me as well. As far as your little Apple/tree question, Ive got no idea what that fucking means. Generally speaking apples dont fall anywhere but directly under the tree. I guess it would depend on if there was wind or perhaps the tree was on top of some kind of hill or slope. Anyway who gives a shit?

          4. I can say in all honesty that this is the best thing I have ever read. No one has ever reached into my soul, snatched out exactly how I feel about something, then enunciated it as well as you just did. For, I think the first time, I just LMFAO’d. Thank you :-)

          5. Its nice to have at least one person understand Where I’m coming from. And glad I made You laugh. Making your day sir, has made mine. Thank you!

      3. They said Microsoft was the only relevant company many years back :P

    2. You should short the stock and tell me where you are after a few years. Bet you wouldn’t even short one share of the stock.

    3. i dont like iphones, but for what they are, mainly americana, they work well and apparently look nice. ive never used one and refuse to ever own one. got to give it to them, they hit the timing perfectly.

      1. Seriously? Where did the name come from?

  24. I, for one, admire his passion. I’ve switched to Android myself and can’t wait to get the GS, but the comments in this thread are pretty crass. You can’t deny the innovations brought with the first iPhone, and the fact that it pretty much made everyone go back to the drawing board. Android would not be what it is today without the high standard set by SJ and Apple with the iPhone- it unquestioningly moved the industry forward by a wide margin. The guy had strong convictions and passion, so these quotes are not surprising. I for one can’t wait to pick up this book, it should be a fascinating read, regardless of your thought on the guy.

    1. Crass is phandroids middle name. You don’t see this level of immature posters on the higher class sites. This is the ghetto of Android forums

      1. Crassdroid? I think I follow them on Twitter.. hahaha

      2. This isn’t that bad at all. Pocketnow is MUCH worse.

      3. Can you direct me to some better sites? I like discussing platforms, but the extremely low level of discourse and emotional maturity on this site isn’t to my liking. I’m an avid follower of both Google+Apple products. I think they both have so much to contribute, and have their own strengths, depending on your priorities.

        1. Yes,and in case you didn’t read the story, the one guy from one of the companies wanted to destroy one of the main products from the other company and he was willing to spend $40 Bil to do it. Now if that’s not a low level of emotional maturity then I don’t know what is.

          1. This was not a public statement by Jobs, it was a comment made off the record. First of all, do you honestly believe he meant it literally? How would he have spent ‘every last penny’ of Apple’s money fighting Android anyway? the guy wasn’t insane. It was clearly a figure of speech, to show how seriously he was taking the perceived threat. Secondly, SJ may have known things that you or I can’t know, which would provoke such words. Thirdly, these kinds of statements aren’t uncommon from leaders in competing companies. I know, I’ve been there.

          2. Of course you have. And of course you’re right. After all, Steve never tried to destroy anything or anybody. I find it funny (and by funny I mean sad) that at the point in time we are talking about Bill Gates is busy trying to eradicate malaria while Steve is busy trying to eradicate Google Docs.

          3. Owning your own hot dog stand doesn’t count, fuckwit.

        2. wow you sound like your on drugs. pick a side dumb ass. the world isnt all happy go lucky. wake up you sheltered kid.

          1. Pick a side? These are cellphones, you fuckwit. I don’t need to ‘pick a side’. Sheltered? Cause I’m not a foaming-at-the-mouth nutjob that equates cellphones to holy war? Wow, the irony. I live back in reality, where it’s not that big of a deal. I regrettably clicked on your FB profile, it’s pretty clear you’re a snot-nosed brat who wouldn’t know perspective if it hit you in the face (or your lip-ring). Grow the fuck up, and try to unshelter yourself. You’ll realize there’s more important things than investing all your rage and life’s purpose in choosing a ‘side’ for a fucking cellphone. Some of us are actually interested in technology and want to have intellectual discussions, not to be dragged into idiotic trolling, apparently the only thing you’re capable of. Wouldn’t want to meet a whackjob like you in real life.

            Just read your previous posts, jubilant over SJs death. You’re trash, and so is your intellectual prowess. Go learn something, preferably grammar. I guess this is a rare site, where you don’t get banned, even posting such grotesquely offensive drivel and jubilance at someone’s death.

          2. Chilis baby back ribs are good though. hahaha

          3. can you tell me what a fuckwit is?I ask because i pretty sure you got a handle on that.really tell us.

          4. You want a site where all Apple disciples hold hands and sing Kumbaya? Try AppleInsider.

            IMO, what I’ve read of Jobs – he was a dick.

            With that said, I don’t wish death on him. But I can understand the hatred for him.

          5. holy war, that was funny, it is very true that ppl get way to involved with their brand loyalties.

          6. despite the name-calling i totally agree with you.. at least you explained why he’s a fuckwit.

        3. go to reddit. their nazis over there

      4. if its that bad then why are you posting to it dumb dumb

      5. hmmmmm..and your on here?odd?i see reason why its bad,if it is,,i would imagine it would be people like you ,idouches!!would be you,dont you think,touchebag?ok ill keep clean from now on.

      6. ok, then go to timn. albeit there all my comments haaaaaaaaaa

    2. I agree. I was thinking of closing the comments ahead of time to prevent immature commenters but I don’t really believe in censoring..

      1. hell the comments aren’t as bad as I was expecting. Thanks for honoring freedom of speech.

      2. Maybe you should reconsider moderating some of these comments. People will be justified in criticizing Android fans when they see comments like this. I love freedom of speech, but not when it comes at the cost of damaging the reputation of the Android community.

      3. C’mon Chris you know as well as I do you wrote this to incite strong responses.I think you enjoy reading the responses as much as I do.

        I’ll admit one thing though. While your Apple shillery can be annoying at times, you don’t censor and that has gained you quite a lot of respect from me and is one of reasons I consider this the number 1 Android site for news and for stating my opinion. Hope it stays that way.

        1. Strong responses are not the same as sewer responses. The gutter talk that is injected into so many of the responses here on phandroid as well as elsewhere is pretty sickening. I know the response, “Well, then, just go away and don’t read it.” Well, I do visit phandroid less often than I used to because of the harangues, but I occasionally come back, hoping the level of the discussion will have improved. Sadly, that is not often the case.

          We have freedom of speech here in the U.S. (so far, at least). BUT freedom of speech does not guarantee me or anyone else the right to write any- and everything we want to ON YOUR WEBSITE. It would hardly be censorship for phandroid to moderate the discussions for which phandroid has to pay the hosting and bandwidth fees. Hosting sites, ISPs, and email providers regularly require people to agree to Terms of Service that limit the tone of speech in some form or another. Sorry, I’m going long here. There’s a whole series of posts and discussions to be made about free speech in the world of blogs, but not in this thread. Thanks for the posts, Chris. Keep ’em coming!

          1. Limiting the freedoms of many because YOU feel the comments are too offensive isn’t the practical thing to do. If a large majority was up in arms, that would be one thing, but just because a few have issues should not mean everyone else has to suffer.

            And yes if the ‘gutter talk’ as you put it is offensive, no one’s forcing you to read it. Simply pay no attention. I do this myself at times.

    3. Dont get me wrong as much as i hate apple and steve i still do believe you can learn at least something from everyone. I watched the special on the discovery channel and will read the book at some point.

    4. i know it was revolutionary they gave us touch screens wait, there was touch before that. many win mo devices like the t mobile wing, but none the less it was ahead of its time right? i mean the thing had 2g network connectivity when even dumb phones had 3g.

      1. Idiotic opinion by an idiotic poster is idiotic. Try again.

        1. idiotic? its not my fault if true facts get apple fanboys butt hurt

          1. idiotic comeback by an idiotic poster is still idiotic. Keep trying buddy! Maybe 3rd times the charm?

          2. continually calling someone an idiot without explaining your reasoning places you in a category of people I like to call “non-intelligent beings with keyboard balls.”

        2. idiotic?why do idiots often say that?huh wakko?try again dumbass.

        3. Idiotic fanboy is still idiotic, douche bag.

    5. good words, but at the same time if karl benz didnt invent the precursor to the modern car, would we still be in horse and buggy

  25. I had a lot of issues with Jobs’ methods but still felt he deserved some respect for what he accomplished with Apple. Hell, I even softened a bit toward him when he died. Reading this, however, about his desire to crush Android because he felt it copied iOS… How insanely hypocritical that is from a man who has stated in no uncertain terms that he shamelessly stole ideas from other companies!

    1. do you really think he would have given a shit if android what where wp7 is at currently

  26. I have on one question to all. Who is #1? Android. Android. The only reason apple fanboys have anything to say to Android fans is Apple only has one device so they can say we sold more of our device than any of yours. Android has selection. Reminds me of an old story I remember hearing about when Ford started making the Model T, they only made one model in one color. If they were still doing that well they wouldn’t be in business. People like choices and this is why Android phones will always be better.

    1. you are honestly the man. no joke you put what ive been trying to say to my stupid ios loving friends for years. i applaude you

    2. Apparently you haven’t been paying attention to the current iPhone lineup. The four million devices sold so far are only iPhone 4S models ( $199, $299 and $399 on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint). There are also the more than two year old iPhone 3GS (free on contract at AT&T) and the 16 month old iPhone 4 ($99 on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint). What are their sales numbers? Notice how all the price points are covered? AT&T reported today that the 3 GS is outselling all non-iPhone brands on its network. 

      Android is number one in market share only. That’s it! Apple has 66% of mobile profits. The remaining 34% is shared by the competition. If Apple continues to grow its percentage of mobile share, it will force the competition out of the market. So while you’re distracted with marketshare and daily activations, Apple is busy winning the real war. Profit share. Google is losing this war badly.

      1. At&t said almost half of the 4.8 million phones they sold were Android phones and they admitted that Android was catching up to the iPhone. I’m not sure where you are getting your info from. Android is going nowhere but up.

        The future I see is one where Apple’s pie continues to get smaller and smaller. The 3gs was $50 a loooong time ago. If Apple’s covering of all the price points was going to squeeze Android it would have done it already. You see, for $50 you can get a more capable Android phone and not everyone is in love with Apple’s older technology – they want the latest and greatest.

        1. Almost half were Android is true. It turns out 2.7 million of the 4.8 million (56%) were iPhones. The reality is that Apple’s share of mobile profit is growing. It went from roughly 57% in Q1 2011 to 66% in Q2 2011. With this new iPhone line up, it’s going to grow even more. That’s the real war and it doesn’t look good for Google at all in this scenario. Does it?

          Keep in mind not everyone wants the latest and greatest spec’d out Google phones either. That’s why the 3GS is outselling all non-iPhone brands at AT&T. Just think about that for a moment. A two-year old iPhone is outselling the latest and greatest Android phones on AT&T. Wow! Just proves that some want a phone that just works, is easy to use, well designed with a reliable, mature and smooth OS, has great apps, music, movies, TV shows, no nasty malware lurking in the background and comes with the industry’s number one rated customer service. That’s the iphone.

          Screw it! I’ll just come out and say it! Apple is going to kill Google. That’s the future I see and you can agree or disagree.

          1. Dude you’re making the fatal mistake of trying to apply COMMON SENSE to these fandroids…..exercise in futility bro! Only in the twisted minds of fandroids can a company that is absolutely mopping the floor with the competition in profit share (the only real reason anyone goes into business) be viewed as a dying company. They’re blinded by marketshare. Ask one of your more sensible fandroid friends this: why is HP, the industry LEADER in PC marketshare, looking to get out of the PC business? Because of the lack of profit share! They sell a ton of cheap, low profit computers that boost their market share number but do nothing for their bottom line. Same goes with Android. Ask him/her if they knew that out of the 39 OEM’s that utilize Android, only TWO (HTC and Samsung) have seen ANY profits from it? That makes Android a losing proposition for the vast majority of companies that utilize it. So let Android gobble up the cheap low end of the market. Apple is the runaway winner of the only battle that matters…..

          2. Can we get a source on your information about Samsung and HTC being the only profitable Android OEMs? Also, no carrier makes money from selling the iPhone itself. The money comes from the plans you are strapped in to. iPhones offer a 0% profit margin for the carrier or the retailer. This is why Verizon and ATT had to kill unlimited data to make money off of iPeople. I cannot argue the fact that that ATT is selling the hell out of Apple products. However, as mentioned above ATT/Apple have been in bed together since day 1. In order to confidently say that iPhone is killing Android this trend would have to be repeated on all carrier. Just because the iPhone for ATT is flying off the shelves it doesn’t meant that it is killing. That would be like saying that Sprint is selling 4 Android devices to every 1 iPhone, and then using that information to say that Android is stomping iPhone.

            While the OEMs aren’t making much money on Android devices, they make some. The carriers make profit on the devices and the plans with Android. As long as the carriers demand Android, there will be OEMs to deliver it. Just like the pc bubble, the Android bubble will burst leaving only the best OEMs to compete with far less profit sharing and even lower prices.

            Apple doesn’t have to share profits with anyone because they are vertically integrated.

            Google allowing anyone to use the software creates fierce competition between OEMs which has enabled huge advancements in mobile computing technology in a fraction of the time it would have taken Apple to do it alone. Hell, the first iPhone didn’t offer 3g connectivity even though it was already a mobile phone standard at the time. How forward thinking is that? I can honestly say that iOS is far more stable than Android in my experience. So much so, that the inclusion of the dual core processor in the 4s was not even a necessary improvement. It was only included to compete spec wise with the Android super-phones that were already on the market. Android needs the extra juice because of the innumerable processes it handles. Truly, across the board integrated API’s take a ton of power. Not to mention true multitasking, a real notification system, and the ability to make an Android device unique from its siblings can take a toll on Ram and Rom. This is why Android phones had to get faster and include more memory. Apple had to toss it in to stay relevant.

            I will concede that Apple has always killed the competition in smartphone camera capabilities. This has led to Google rethinking Android cameras as well. So we are back to one borrowing ideas from the other.

            You fanboys may despise fandroids, but devout followers are always going to have a skewed view of reality.

            So, Fandroids, go on believing Apple will die because of Android.

            Fanboys, go on believing Android will die because of Apple.

            In the end you’ll both be wrong.

          3. Im not from the US, but wasnt it AT&T that had exclusive sales untill recently ? If so, then no wonder that they got such high numbers……

          4. Exactly. Until the fall 2010 release of the iPhone 4 to Verizon (3-4 months behind the release to AT&T), AT&T was the only place to go for an iPhone in the U.S. And AT&T came very late to the Android party with any serious Android phones. And only earlier this year did AT&T BEGIN to allow sideloading apps on certain models of their Android phones (if you pounded hard enough on their support people to be able to get the OS patch). So AT&T’s figures are going to be skewed toward iPhone sales for a while yet.

          5. You do realize that amid all the hoopla Apple actually missed their earning forecast and sold less iPhones than expected right?

            Losing market share is never a good long term proposition. It means your user base is dwindling.
            Also the most popular Android phones are the higher end models. You are seriously delusional if you believe Apple is going to kill Google. The time for that has passed.

          6. In Apple’s case, the drop in iPhone sales was due to anticipation of the new model, the media hype and all the poor analysts’ forecasts. Ironically, sales will rebound in Q4 2011 due to pent up demand and the addition of Sprint in the US as a carrier. In my opinion, Apple didn’t lose those sales to the competition, instead the purchases were delayed until the iPhone 4S was released. This can be seen in the record pre orders and sales for the first three days.  As for Android being killed, I really think it could happen both from competition and litigation. This is especially true in the Oracle case, which could result in the Java underpinnings being removed from Android. Android would have to be rebuilt leading to compatibility issues with current apps. Apple of course wants the stolen IP also removed. In both cases Google and it’s partners are losing badly. If Apple continues to grow its share of mobile profits, there would be less incentive for manufacturers to continue supporting Android. Plus with Microsoft collecting licensing fees per Android device sold, margins a getting paper thin.

          7. You should stop saying how many 3GS’s AT&T has sold – as I recall, the only reason they’re flying off the shelf is because they’re giving them away for free, you douche. Also above, you stated how they pre-sold 4 million iPhone 4-not5’s on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. That is also incorrect; that sales number is spread out over 100 carriers world wide, not just the 4 major US players. The fact of the matter is that, no matter how badly you may wish it not so, Apple will lose the mobile phone war the same way they lost the PC war.

          8. The iPhone 3GS  being offered free is the lowest possible price-point in Apple’s new price lineup. You need to reread my posting very slowly and carefully  before commenting. Apple may have lost the PC war in terms of market share, but, like with the iPhone, they make the most profits. HP, the world’s largest PC maker in terms of market share, has to sell seven (7) PCs to equal Apple’s profits from the sale of one (1) Mac. They recently announced the  discontinuation of their PC business because it’s not profitable. 

      2. If Apple is winning market share vs. any single producer of Android phones it means nothing with regards to the success of Android.

        A clearer picture of the success of Android is the market share OS vs OS, not manufacturer to manufacturer. Android is clearly dominant.

  27. ““I will spend my last dying breath if I need to… to destroy Android”

    And…nope. Didn’t work out that way.

    Jobs did a lot, I respect what he did through apple as a company. The man himself? As a man? Not at all.

    1. Weird. I respect the man but I don’t the company. Hmmmmm…

      1. Hey Chris by the way do you know the price of the book?

        1. $35 and will be released on Monday =)

          1. $35?? Seriously??? Even his biography is overpriced!!

        2. They said is was selling at $35 over at Cnet

      2. why not the other way around, its his company, his policies…interesting

  28. What an iHole. Steve thinks he invented the touch screen. I’m sure he would argue with a McDonalds employee over the way they entered his order on a touch screen. All while taking up a handicapped parking space.

    1. Found this on answers.com. They stole the iName. The first touchscreen phone was the IBM Simon, launched in 1992. During this decade the popular iPaq (not made by Apple by the way) was launched with touchscreens and optional phone attachments. HTC, the leader in touchscreen phones up until the iPhone and makers of phones like the Nexus One launched their first touchscreen phone, the HTC Wallaby aka XDA in 2002. Apple did actually make a concept for a touchscreen phone (not a mobile, a regular landline phone) way back in 1984!

      1. Who cares who made what, somethings are so common today (touch screens) they should be declared public property

        1. You’re exactly right. And this goes back to the idea of having icons on a screen. This is what everybody took from Xerox but yet Steve thought everybody took it from him. I think this book will show exactly what Pirates showed. Steve was his own worst enemy.

          1. actually, LG had a phone about a year prior to the iphone with a similar design with apps on the homescreen. perhaps another brilliant S.J. moment

      2. To add more to that history lesson, that little company named HTC also manufactured the iPaq for Compaq, it was their first real “gig”.

  29. I get the SJ Android hate, but what the hell did he have against Google Docs??

    1. I was wondering the same……

    2. lol, me too

    3. Yea, I would think Microsoft would carry a bigger fit than him. Did it steal ideas from (what do they use, Pages?) or something?

  30. Jobs should have released the iphone on verizon right away and there wouldnt have been as big of a demand for android

    1. That wouldn’t have done as much as you think, Europeans and Asians make a pretty big chunk of the Android ecosystem. Bigger than the US for sure. Americans must wait for the precious Galaxy phones for a few months after the initial release.

    2. if he released it to all carriers off the bat android would never had a chance but im glad that dident happen

      1. the iphone is a boring device. its nothing but apps. android would have been what it is no matter what apple did. people always want an alternative.

        1. cant agree more one of my friends found a 4 a few days after it came out that thing was garbage you take the app drawer and that’s the whole phone well can be a phone if it wasn’t held the wrong way but he sold it to who knows probably some ifagot to get the money for his htc

          1. Take your homophobic remarks and stick them up your ass.

          2. agreed…a discussion about technology is no place for homophobia

          3. would you like it if you were black and someone called you a Nandroid? I don’t think I have to explain that further. For the love of humanity grow some real balls and stop relying on your keyboard balls. Im glad u love Android, I do too. But lack of maturity is way worse than liking iPhones!

      2. should never say never, unless a hottie strips in front of you

  31. So he said he would be willing to spend every penny of 40 billion to destroy Android and instead of just failing to destroy Android he also not only failed to spend 40 billion he instead saved 40 billion more.

    1. But what trips me out is that they took the chicken route. If this was about Android, then go after Google. They created Android. Even they aren’t making money off it directly, if their product “stole” your ideas, then go after the people who made the source code. Instead they go after the manufacturers. They figure it’ll be easier than taking Google head on. Guess they didn’t count on Google buying up patents only to “coincidentally” turn around and sell them to the same manufacturers Apple’s suing.

  32. When the G1 came out, it was completely different from the iPhone. If anything, over the years, Apple has stolen the most patented ideas and made them worse, but somehow put them into the public eye for the first time. For all of you cynics out there, I don’t mean to sound cruel, but Steve Jobs never looked good in my eyes. He gave no money to charity, came up with no original ideas himself, in 2010, one of his Chinese sweatshop “slave factories” literally blew up, and he literally only produced one accredited work using his own ingenuity. That was Pixar. They moved on. He stole Xerox’s company when he was promoted to CEO of Apple through nepotism, and persisted for the better part of a decade for ruining my childhood music-listening experience, as iTunes somehow became a monopoly. Needless to say, it’s not shocking that he went into remission of his pancreatic cancer. It was a more curable, but rarer form of it, and the dude was a multibillionaire. It may be the coldest, most anti-Apple thing anybody reading this will ever hear, but I used to love Apple. However, I am glad Steve Jobs is dead. I’m not a troll, just a very opinionated believer in what’s right, what’s fair, and what makes users feel good about a product. I loved iPods. Everything else Apple can suck it. I’m even done with iTunes permanently.

    How’s that for classy, Chris?

    1. Ive never owned an apple product and hopefully never will. I have friends with all their toys and have never been impressed by using them. This is right i dont use itunes or an ipod and i love all types of music. Ive gotten by just fine.

      1. I am just 17 years old, so iPods were kind of the thing since I was 7.

        1. ya and im 26, they were huge when i was 16. I hated apple way back then before all this mumbo jumbo about smartphones

          1. I’m sure you did. Good to know you think you are cool for hating a company from way back in the day. GREAT SUCCESS DUDE! IM SURE ALL THE LADIES LOVE YOUR COOL ASS! WOOOOOO

      2. i only owned two apple products in my life a original macintosh that was my toy growing up since a neighbor gave it to me as a kid and a ipod nano that thing sucked i perfered my nokia express music to that thing.

    2. Wow I hope you get cancer and die young

      1. I understand where you are coming from, but you’re surely not making it better with that comment.

    3. you are glad he’s dead? Wow. Did he kill your cat or something? Steve Jobs was not a dictator of a country that abused its people. He was just a nerd like us that was passionate about his vision. I’m no Crapple fan either. I just respect the fact that a human suffered and died doing what he loved. Glad he’s dead…who says that about normal people? I just hope you aren’t remembered for being a heartless man with a keyboard. Not trying to flame you or say you are heartless, you just have to think about the legacy you leave. Every 1 and 0 you enter on the net is recorded somewhere.

      1. well in a way he was! a dictator who abused the chinese workforce.

        1. I’m fairly certain he simply created a deadline and production goal for the factory. The factory management abused the workers. Also, the Chinese government’s lack of labor regulations played more of a role than Jobs himself.

      2. I think you are confused.. The only Steve that was a geek was Wozniak. Jobs was a marketing guy. SJ was anti-geek/nerd as one can get. He made his toys for the down trodden, unwashed masses (non-geeks). :)

        We geeks inherited and ruled this Earth and this pissant “user” tried to #&@$ it all up! :)

        1. I see your point there.

          But his passion for technology, not so much in the later years, is what makes me think of him as geek. Oh and his look has always seemed geeky to me.

          Whether or not someone is a nerd/geek is entirely subjective. I consider myself a geek because I love technology.I enjoy reading about it and discussing it. Other geeks may disagree because I am a spectator not a developer.

          But I 100% agree that the Woz was the technological brains behind the operation. It was evident when he was first in line to get his new 4S. (yes, I totally think it was set up, but the symbolism of him wanting the product was a nice touch by Apple)

    4. Actually, he bought Pixar from George Lucas, so he shouldn’t even get credit for that.

      1. No, he only got credit for turning it around and being successful. Toy Story started off Pixar’s success. And that came out maybe three years after he brought them. So yea, he can get credit for that.

    5. You’re happy he’s dead? He’s not a child molester or murderer. You sound like a sociopath when you post crazy stuff like that. Even idiot Apple fanboys wouldn’t rejoice over the death of a high ranking Google employee. People like you make Android supporters seem like creepy trolls that tough talk about dead people.

    6. He didn’t create pixar, just poured money into it lol

    7. Don’t lose your humanity over this stuff. People are what count and these devices just add a bit of pleasure to our lives. They shouldn’t define us. We get fired up over one product or another and that’s cool and fun, and that’s all it should be.

  33. “I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that’s all I want”

    Says the guy who just rolled out iOS notifications straight out of the Android playbook.

    1. I guess in the end Steve fell into the if you can’t beat em, join em!

      But its funny and very hypocritical of apple to copy androids notification system that they had from day 1!

    2. Actually Nokia’s Maemo 5 had notifications long before Android. But your point is duly noted.

  34. Nothing really new…

    It’s hard to reinvent the wheel every year…so Android borrows some features from iOS…
    In the same time, iOS borrows some features from Android..and so on..

  35. how appropriate.. we were just shown “Pirates of Silicon Valley” in class today. The only thing I am sad about is that Steve Jobs probably died with so much hatred in his heart for Android and Google, for doing something he did two decades ago, and for something that was also done to him by Bill Gates.

    He must have not realized, even on his own deathbed, that the world does not revolve around him and his ideas.

    1. Steve feels that google is/was going to do another ‘MS’ on him and this is why he hated the company. Is MS didn’t steal his OS, then apple would have been the ‘MS’ of the world.

      Steve use to tell key people slightly different story’s and key facts of products so when it was leaked to the media he knew who to go after (and fire).

      He was a crazy man, but they say its a fine line between insanity and genius, I think he use to flip flop over that line a bit.

      1. Correction: Steve FELT.

        1. Yeah good point!

  36. so.. THIS is why Apple has gone sue happy!
    Lets also not forget, the Android OS is based on community and Open Source.
    Something being Open Source means I’m not held hostage by [Apple’s] Customer Support..

    1. they have always been sue happy

  37. WOW Steve..WOW

  38. Say what you want. I won’t argue that Jobs was not obsessive, compulsive or vindictive. He was, however, a marketing genius… a technological evangelist whose mere presence and demeanor had the power to make people WANT to use the products he unveiled before our eyes on stage. He was a entertainer who could persuade the masses into believing in and following HIS vision.

    It will be interesting to see how, with Steve gone, Apple will fair. Can they continue to make products that people want to use without Steve telling those people that they SHOULD want to use it? Will the “Cult of Apple” continue to thrive without it’s Prophet?

    1. i guess he was the only one who insalled the kool aid app before his cult could

    2. Steve was a marketing genius….. Tim Cook doesn’t have a marketing bone in his body, after watching 5 mins of him on stage, he anit no steve and he can’t drum up the crowd and the world like steve could.

      Apple is a big ‘ship’ and they will take a long time to slow down, but when it happens and its going to happen, they will hurt bad. They are going to get stuck in this mindset of ‘what would steve do?’ and chase their own tail

    3. My Father in law worked at Apple for years. Jobs WAS obsessive, compulsive and vindictive. He had that OCD that made a perfect storm for products that were as close to flawless as he could make them fit to his vision. God forbid someone want to do anything he didn’t want them to do in that product, though…

      He was a marketing genius, though. No doubt about that.

  39. Wow what a megalomaniacal raging a-hole. Can you imagine working directly under that guy? Jesus, I’d kill myself. Steve Jobs was, above all else, 2 things: a forward thinker and a dick.

  40. “So Steve, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?” ಠ_ಠ Low blow, man, way below the belt.

    1. not low enough. steve jobs was garbage

  41. Can anyone tell me exactly what aspect of Android Steve Jobs referred to as “Stolen” ?

    1. using a touchscreen to as input for a device that doesn’t have a keyboard. That’s just brilliant! And his very own idea. Or at least patented as such :)

      1. Yet he wasn’t angry at Palm? I don’t understand his deal.

        1. He knew the power of Google, how they like to throw money at things and the creative minds they have working for them. He was smart enough to know what Android could become.

        2. palm was not a threat..

        3. because they knew they “borrowed” from palm and thats y they leave LG alone, cuz they “borrowed” from them as well

      2. not his idea and not his patent. he bought it. and touch screens were around way before the iphone.

        1. I know…I was being sarcastic ;)

  42. Yet he stole every idea he put into iOS. He was a moron. Great salesman, but never had the imagination to create his own stuff. He is anti completive to the core. to risk the future of the company for his own need of self satisfaction is pathetic. Android items the market so we see how well he was doing in the battle

  43. thank god he is dead.

    1. ok you went a little past the line on that one, what did he do so bad? i didnt like him either but damn. you can thank god that Moammar Gadhafi is dead.

    2. Good one, you fucking idiot. You’re a low life and this earth will be better of when you are gone.

      1. im glad hes dead too. he was a horrible person. he never innovated shit, he stole.

        1. When your Mom dies, I’ll be happy because she wont have to think about the heartless, inhuman person she created. Do you hear how horrible that is? Shame

      2. dead

        1. thats awful and wakko wishes same..ahhh two wrongs second is even worse

      3. apparently an apple fan. there just words. sit down, now breath in…breath out…repeat

        1. not sure he’s a fanboy. I’m certainly not. I don’t like how he made his point, but wakkoman is right about one thing. Saying you are glad someone is dead when they did nothing to harm you, your life, or your family or friends is just nonsense.

    3. you and the person who liked this are disgusting. How can you be glad for someone’s death when they did nothing to you personally? Remember your name is attached to that post. Do you want people to say, “thank God that heartless dick is dead?”

      1. im sure if they had a choice to physically kill jobs, they wouldnt pass (ihope), but obviously the net allows us this anonymity to speak out insensitively. right or wrong, thats just life

        1. totally understand that, but its no less disgusting.

    4. better watch out he might think he created the coffin he lays in or better yet the heavens above or hell below…maybe its just a rotten apple in the skies

      1. though in all seriousness never be happy someone is dead…only if it was the apple products…be really i think he tried to patent the coffin

  44. Guess his mission was not accomplished

  45. Android Army Unite !

  46. what a big ass…

  47. Steve Jobs and Apple has stolen more ideas then any other Mobile manufacturer. What is funny about that is Jobs will tell his supporters his version and they all believe everything that comes out of his mouth. The facts are there to be seen by all, Go to your computer or Android phone and just Google these facts, start with his involvement with Xerox and then move on to countless other small companies he destroyed. The man was very smart but far from any Saint.

  48. ive always hated apple. all they ever do is take last gen hardware put it in a fancy case throw one of there crappy os’s on it lock down all functionality and call the piece of crap innovative

  49. Ok now I’m glad he’s dead and I don’t care what u people say no one is ever ever taking my precious Android from me

  50. And now he’s dead…and android is…..KILLING!!!

  51. Yayea

  52. You mad bro?

  53. Android is a stolen product? Stolen from who? lol…

    “I’m going to destroy Android”… It could be a swarm of angry tiny nano-droid that killed you.

    Now Rest in Peace, and let us enjoy our Android.

  54. I don’t like Apple, probably never will but I do respect what the iPhone did for the mobile industry. Other than that, this guy sounds like a spoil brat that had his candy taken away. Like come on, grow up already.

  55. let me just say that i am very happy that garbage called a person is dead. he stole more from android than they ever took from him. notification center…really apple. fuck you steve jobs.

    1. Disgusting. Fuck SJ, yes. Glad he’s dead? One day someone might say the same about you.

  56. whats up with all the fanboys shouldn’t they be on suckapplesidick.com?

  57. Wow, this was a hot topic for sure

    The fact of the matter is….everyone steals….it is only human to do so

    Is anyone else familiar with “Everything is a Remix”?

    The point is, it is only natural to take other’s ideas and build upon/re-arrange them. There is very little that both iOS and Android have truly innovated upon. Both operating systems are a collection of other ideas, some from within each company, most from other sources.
    Now, on to Jobs…….
    Steve Jobs was a marketing and design genius, to say anything otherwise is ignorant. As the driving force behind iOS and leader of Apple, he fostered an elegant, simple, and powerful operating system. His principles remained the same – using user experience to guide his design. Make no mistake, Steve Jobs was by no means a saint, he may have been a genius, but he was an a-hole to many, many people…and I know I need not post any examples.

    Google operates differently from Apple, focusing first on development and flexibility (read engineering) than user experience. Just take a look at Android from the beginning…. Could anyone honestly say that given an original iPhone and G1, your grandmother would find the G1 easier to operate and “prettier” than the iPhone?

    And on to the article…..

    I think it is silly for CEOs to make statements like this, especially when companies like Google and Apple are closely intertwined with one another. Both companies should acknowledge that their competition has something that they admire.

    Even Google is guilty with the recent comments about Siri…. I admire the feature. Why?…it makes the operating system more personable. True, at the end of the day I want talk to an actual person, but if Google thinks that people don’t want an operating system that is personable, they are missing a huge opportunity.

    1. unless my phone had a voice like my girlfriend, angelina j. hint hint. i dont think i personally would talk to it.

  58. I have to say, I didn’t expect so much media to surround his death…
    But honestly with new leadership in Apple, I hope all the litigation comes to an end soon. It’s really just uncalled for. I think there is room for competitive manufacturers. I dont think people really can confuse a Samsung Device with an Apple device. Even if you cant tell the difference of which is which from a certain distance.

    P.S,Don’t be so cruel fellow phandroids. Jobs may have not been the best person, but I’m pretty sure none of us are perfect.

    RIP Jobs

  59. Calm down all you haters. He’s dead and that sucks. Even you completely hated him, saying you’re happy he’s dead is terrible. Im a huge android fan and hate apple but all the people that work there aren’t soul-less ass holes. They all have families just like you and when anybody dies, especially someone who managed to help make the biggest (not best) company in the world, it sucks.

    1. they could be assholes, but still sucks when someone passes. i did not care for the man, but was truly sadden by his death.

  60. on another android site they also mentioned that in the book they talk about his cancer and how he delayed surgery because he wanted herbally cleanse his body, and used accupuncture….it more than likely cost him his life….as for thinking schmidt stole from him, thats nuts, he left apple in 2009…..the G1 was out for almost a year…and android wasnt that much different in design when the Nexus One came out…..i dont see the connection……i see Jobs as recognizing that Android was eventually going to be more popular than his precious creation, and got even more pissed when the N1 came out because Android was giving their users what they wanted and not the same old stale looking phone with minimal advancement from the previous model….he wanted Schmidt to just give up on Android and just let the Iphone be the only smartphone out there…. Jobs died still not being able to accept that history repeated itself and someone close to him did something better than him…..sounds like a character flaw….even more so than the pride in not going under the knife because he was a hippie and thought herbs and needles and veggies were gonna kill the tumor in his pancreas….awesome visionary, amazing salesman, really dumb human….

  61. i want to borrow someones icrap and use siri..let it tell me how is steve b jobs is doing.

  62. “I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong.” Well he got the dying breath part right.

  63. @Nicholas That’s probably how Xerox..my buddy’s ex-wife makes $87/hr on the laptop. She has been without a job for 7 months but last month her paycheck was $8894 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Go to this site MakeCash2.com

    1. I’m going to steal your buddy’s ex’s laptop and paychecks.

  64. With the addition of Folders to ICS, I’ve been seeing tons of Apple fanatics say how that was stolen from iOS. Anyone else getting annoyed by that because the idea “belonged” to Google first? I have yet to see anyone mention Google’s acquisition of Bumptop in late 2009/early 2010, before iOS 4 was released.

    Bumptop had folders and really neat multitouch gestures to organize things into folders, piles, etc. Here’s a video from 2009. Videos also existed from 2007, although using a mouse instead of multitouch.

    It’s clear to see that the idea of organizing graphically into folders, as done in iOS and Android, existed years before. Technically, since Google owns Bumptop, that means it was “stolen” from them. It just took them awhile to implement it.

    Although, the idea of folders has existed and been used by full OS’s for quite some time… so I guess it’s moot point.

  65. Hope he can find some rest, in Hell!

    1. that won’t happen “(

    2. I pray that all you bastards that have said you are glad he’s dead and now you judging the man as if you were God himself, find some sort of peace after death. It may be difficult for you all.

  66. and then he copies notifications……….. good job steve….. i hope u get the new nexus in heaven…

  67. Leakeddave quote on Jobs.
    “Loads of people absolutely despise him.”

    As well they should. He was an evil man dead set on taking money from people over and over with no concern of what they got for it, all the while knowing he had more to give but would wait and sell to them again. A full on greed meister. He didn’t even come up with most the ideas, he stole them or he paid engineers. His sole purpose was to turn money. A great salesman or a devil in a turtleneck? I think the later.

    I’m sick of people(apple sheep) who praise this evil salesperson. No matter how good the end product has become, Jobs was only in it for the money and didn’t care who he stepped on to get what he wanted. Complete dirtbag!

    We have billions of people and they all die why such hate when some guy says i’m glad he is dead? Its not that big of a thing, get over it, so what? It’s been said before by better.

    “He is one of those people who would be enormously improved by death.”
    H.H.Munro(Saki) 1870-1916

    1. You’re misinformed about a few things.

    2. Just because you despise someone’s actions you should not be happy they are dead unless they are a person who caused REAL pain and anguish to other humans.

      Its one thing to say I’m glad people can move on from a period in History where one Dick ruled the tech world. Its entirely different to say you are glad he is dead. That is a sick, twisted, and demented view on the value of one’s life. He has a family that loves and cares for him dearly. Just because he was a famous personality does not mean he was not human. Will you be glad when your mother dies? Would you want to hear someone say they are glad your mother is dead? Think.

  68. maybe Richard Stallman know who real about Steve Jobs. Ask him Chris, you must do it

  69. Richard Stallman hates steve jobs. Chris, you should find out why Richard Stallman hates steve jobs. let the world know who the real steve jobs.

  70. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW0DUg63lqU

    Now look up Dennis Ritchie and throw his face all over the covers of magazines instead of Steve Jobs’. Ritchie is the recently-passed man worth revering, not Jobs.

  71. Yeah, well people always say nice things about those who have just died, and those who disliked Jobs stay quiet for a while out of respect for those who are upset.

    The man was clearly a frigging brilliant visionary, no question, but like many brilliant people, also a dickhead (think picasso etc)

  72. dude was a complete douchbag.. he had stolen soooooooo many ideas from soooooo many companies from over the years! android is open source – and that is what this moron didn’t like nor want. he was a tyrant, an evil prick who built products on the backs of sweatshop style workers who were too poor to know any different. a great business man – but not a great man.

  73. “Visionary and a man who push the technology”… BS!!! he was a man who wanted dominate the technology for him not for development or to reach to everyone…
    I never liked that guy…

  74. I will destroy android or die trying…whoops.

    Too soon?

  75. The guy was crazy.

  76. And then there is that youtube video of him talking about a good artist and a great artist, seems like sour grapes to me, he probably was the main instigator of all the lawsuits

    1. my interpretation of how his brain worked:

      brain: hmm xerox ui looks so cool – i’ll copy it!

      brain: hmm mp3 players are sooooo cool.. i’ll copy them!

      brain: if someone else invents something we’ll release the same thing and make it out like its us who have invented it! (video calling, touchscreen)

      brain: if someone else tries to make something better than us i’ll cry and tell everyone copying is wrong and evil even though they didn’t copy us! we need the world to believe that we are innocent and that their ideas belong to us!

      brain: if someone dares question MEEE about copying i’ll link them the following url http://youtu.be/CW0DUg63lqU

  77. good thing he’s dead, cant cause people more problems now

    1. I guess when your mom dies someone will think that’s a good thing too. Do you people even read your own filth?

  78. So, here’s something I noticed….Google bought Android, Inc in 2005. Apple released the iPhone in Jan 2007, and Google announced Android in November 2007. Clearly Google was working on Android way before the iPhone came out…but because they took more time to refine it and announced it later, they stole it? Am I the only one that thinks this is nuts?

    And then all the patent stuff….I think it’s ridiculous. “here, I’m gonna patent using heuristics to interpret touch gestures. Now nobody else can use touch gestures.” Are you kidding me? That stuff should not be patentable, and suing over that crap is absurd.

    With all the crap that Apple has been pulling lately, I hate the fact that I love OSX so much more than Windows or Linux (I love Linux and have used it for 15 years…but the application support just isnt quite there still)

    1. I don’t care for Apple’s OS at all, but I do like Linux (Ubuntu, specifically). You’re right though, that application support is still poor. I would uninstall Windows in a heart-beat on my main laptop if there was mainstream support for Linux. I’m not holding my breath, however, because I doubt Adobe’s CS suite or Microsoft Office (I’m sorry, but MS Office really is the best Office suite) will ever get proper support for Linux. I can dream though.

  79. The iPhone is a total rip-off of predecessor phones. I had a Window mobile phone before the iPhone ever came out that did 90% of what the iPhone does. Steve Jobs had the arrogant notion that he could be the only one that was capable of inventing anything cool and original, when in fact he stole much of what he claimed to invent. He really was an asshole after all and my world will be better without him and will continue to innovate and Apple will eventually just be a bad memory. He was such a legend in his own mind…

  80. The iPhone is a total rip-off of predecessor phones. I had a Window mobile phone before the iPhone ever came out that did 90% of what the iPhone does. Steve Jobs had the arrogant notion that he could be the only one that was capable of inventing anything cool and original, when in fact he stole much of what he claimed to invent. He really was an asshole after all and my world will be better without him and will continue to innovate and Apple will eventually just be a bad memory. He was such a legend in his own mind…

  81. The iPhone is a total rip-off of predecessor phones. I had a Window mobile phone before the iPhone ever came out that did 90% of what the iPhone does. Steve Jobs had the arrogant notion that he could be the only one that was capable of inventing anything cool and original, when in fact he stole much of what he claimed to invent. He really was an asshole after all and my world will be better without him and will continue to innovate and Apple will eventually just be a bad memory. He was such a legend in his own mind…

  82. I will torrent his book and scroll to the android-crazed pages, then delete it.

  83. Gee Steve, where did the notification bar idea come from?

  84. Albeit a false accusation, I think it’s absolutely hilarious to see Steve Jobs of ALL PEOPLE complaining about somebody stealing an idea. For goodness sakes the only thing he really ever invented was how to steal popular ideas & re-brand them.

    He stole the mouse & many other ideas from Xerox and settled out of court. He also stole the tablet (iPad) from IBM and the iPod came from Creative Labs which Apple still pays a royalty to from another out of court settlement. The iPhone he stole from the LG with the debut of the LG Prada in 2006 via the “iF Product Design Award”.

    He was also known for being a nightmare to work for. There are stories of his employees avoiding him at all costs because of his frequent violent outbursts and verbal abuse.

    He wasn’t an inventor; He was just an arrogant man great at marketing ideas and dumbing down stolen technology to people who are technologically disinclined. God bless his soul & I am sorry for his his family’s loss, but let the man be remembered for what he really was and stop deifying him in the media.

  85. Android stole the look and feel of the iPhone.

    Indisputable proof right here in this picture:

    1. fantastic post. Id say it looks like Google “stole” Android from Palm…oh no. That would mean….*faints*

  86. That was the main thing I didn’t like about Apple. It claimed this anti corporate hippy chic philosophy and yet was as corporate as you could get. And I could never understand why all the wannabe “new hippies”, that owned apple products because of that image, never saw this inherent hypocrisy. Give Jobs his due, the man understood the powerful nature of “an image”. Which is all Apple is now.

    Think about it- the “Mac” since the incorporation of Intel, is nothing but a PC with a different OS. It has all the same components from the same area (Asia) as my HP and Sony. If it was REALLY about the operating system, it would be much more cost effective to buy a PC, rip out windows and install MacOS. But people wouldn’t know you had a Mac unless you paid more for the glowing Apple case. And people pay for that case. Honestly, the man was a genius when it came to making money.

    Jobs was a business man first. Period. And a good one. He understood marketing, saw a new market and wanted to dominate it. The irony is that Android’s popularity over iOS is totally due to its open-ness. What would happen if Apple unleashed iOS to the online community? To other manufacturers besides Apple? That’s why Android does so well. Competition forces HTC, Samsung et al, to make better and faster products. Apple may have been “first” to the market (in a major way at least). But I don’t know if the mobile market would have accelerated at this pace without Android. Simply because people would be entirely reliant on Apple telling us when we were allowed to have a faster phone.

  87. The only thing anybody needs to know about the thieving hypocritical crock of delusional $#@! that Steve Jobs was is that he was exactly that, a thieving hypocritical crock of delusional $#@!. I know I’m preaching (for the most part) to the choir here, but I’ve got two words: Xerox Alto.

    It’s amazing how blind the adulation and praise is for a guy that, as many here have noted, is notorious for simply stealing from others. That he had the audacity to claim Android was “a stolen product” and using Apple’s ideas is completely ludicrous, and again, is a classic example of how bat-$#@! delusional crazy Steve Jobs was.

    It will be hard to convince me that this biography is anywhere close to being an accurate portrait of Jobs, mainly since the two excerpts provided are purely science fiction. This book is going to be just about as legitimate as boner pill spam emails.

  88. Dumb!

  89. The man himself is a world class theif.. My uncle was a Head scientist with kodak for 35 years he was responsible for 3d displays over 15 years ago.. Hence inventor… He personally met Steve jobs over 10 times and reiterates the fact to me everytime his name is brought up that all his life he had never met a more delusional, egotistical and power hungry theif his whole career

  90. Thank you Mister Jobs for your FAILED attempt to eliminate the availability of any device other than iWhatever for me to CHOOSE from. I LOVE the fact that Android exists! I LOVE the fact that I can currectly CHOOOSE a smartphone other than the iPhone. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU… for failing.

  91. “I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, … to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android,”

    So uh how did that work out for you Steve?

  92. Can you honestly blame him though? I’m really interested in Android now as a long time iPhone user and I tried an HTC device at the store and EVERYTHIING is the same. Even the way that iOS 5 has the new notifications drop down thing. Android wasted no time STEALING THAT, presumably from seeing iOS 5 beta. I’m glad there’s options out there, but he had every right to be pissed.

    1. I’m no apologist, but you are kidding about that right? Jobs stole the pull down notification menu. That has been in Android since its early days, at least since version 2.0. That was out 2+ years ago.
      Good ideas don’t go away but stealing goes both ways….

  93. Stevie was just upset that Android made available a program nearly as good and some ways better that IOS and that Google made it available for free. It upset his apple cart. Stevie always wants to charge for everything. It totally obsessed him that someone was giving away something he would charge for thus making their product more desirable. He died pissed…..so sad. It’s so true, the love of money is the root of all evil.

  94. “Please, try to keep it classy in the comments, guys. Cheers”


  95. “I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that’s all I want.”……soooo Apple will remove that new pull down menu then? Wink wink nudge nudge wink nudge nudge wink….

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