Get The Look Of Ice Cream Sandwich On Your Rooted Device Now [Download]


Love it or hate it, Ice Cream Sandwich has made a drastic change in the overall look of stock, vanilla Android. What some are calling the “Tron UI” from Honeycomb is officially the new look of the Android OS on smartphones. If flashing buggy and extremely alpha versions of the SDK port aren’t exactly your cup of tea, XDA member sonnysekhon has cooked up a great theme for CM7 users dying to have the look of ICS and nothing else. Well, I shouldn’t say nothing else seeing how many of the new features introduced in ICS have been found in CyanogenMod for about a year now — but I digress.

The theme works using the Theme Chooser app included in CM7. After downloading and installing the theme, all you have to do is select the theme from the Theme Chooser app and BOOM, ICS on your Gingerbread device. According the his thread, the developer is constantly updating the ICS theme so make sure to check back regularly for updates. Enjoy!

Ice Cream Sandwich Alpha 2 App [Download]

[XDA via Droid-Life]

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  1. Android 4.0 (sort of) on the Motorola Cliq? I THINK SO!!!!

    1. prob not unless ur rooted man im sorry

      1. Well of course man

        1. i wish i was like you and wouldnt waste 300 bucks on nexus and just put cm9 on my droid incredible but its just to tempting a nexus on verizon

          1. I’m excited to get the Nexus and still have the incredible to hack away at and if it starts screwing up, it won’t matter since it isn’t my daily device. I always wanted the Nexus One but we see how that panned out so I got the OG Droid instead and used Incredible later on. A rooted Inc is as close as i could get to the N1. It is going to be nice to finally have a Verizon Nexus

  2. Some are calling the tron look and google is enforcing that further by showing androids riding tron looking motorcycles in their video of the galaxy nexus. :)

  3. Official launcher apk already leaked.

    1. Mind sharing a link? (:

      1. its not real launcher its sdk port and its on market but its paid so be better off with this theme it looks Bad A$$ with adw and 5 icon on dock

        1. I searched for one on the market, but I can’t really find anything other than what was already there before they announced ICS. Can you please post the link? :)

        2. Ewwww… I’ve never cared for SDK ports. I think I can wait until source drops =p

        3. There’s actually a free one on the market. It resembles ICS, and works decently. There are a few kinks, but it works. It’s called ICS Launcher.

    2. Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink!!!!! xD

  4. No more teasing… just release the phone to Tmo soon

    1. I feel the same way bro

  5. I made a how to and review video if you’d like to add that to the article to help people out and see the theme in action!

  6. “Couldn’t open file” It says. OG Droid please help!

    1. Good lookin’ out!

  7. Said something about not having all the proper assets then borked my G2X with system force closes and such. Had to uninstall via ADB to get the phone back to normal.

    1. My incredible said the same thing but I just hit accept and it’s working fine.

  8. Does that app drawer remind any of u of a sort of blackberry logo…

  9. I’ve seen an ICS theme for CM7 in the market before and that was the only theme I REALLY liked. I couldn’t download it for some reason, though. =/

  10. i’d take this in a second if there was a CM7(hell any CM) for my device. :( no love for us non-ROM’d root users?

  11. Downloads as PHP file not apk

  12. THEME ERROR this theme was improperly compiled and cannot be applied HELP PLEASEE

    1. I got the same message. This needs to be fixed ASAP -_-

      1. Same issue here… any solutions?

  13. Where can I get the wall paper?

  14. Clearly thought this was for any rooted device. I don’t want CM7 just for a lock screen

    1. its not just a lockscreen; its a very good bunch of ICS.
      Im using it right now; working perfect.
      actually the lockscreen isnt ICS.
      some of the features i notices for the last 30 mins i’ve been playing with it:

      u got the 5 icon dock; settings look (not options); blue bounce scrolling; swipe to rid notification; ICS looking widgets; ICS dial pad (not people’s app); nice transitions; ICS notification bar i think there’s more… not sure

      hope this helps.

  15. Bah not working…

  16. I had an issue that seemed tied to this theme on my Evo 4G. After installing and applying I was unable to mount as USB storage, every time I would try it would go to the CM bootloader and do a quick reboot. I uninstalled and rebooted and it fixed the issue. Just in case anyone else has the same problem.

  17. it works fine on my samsung galaxy g5, but the status bar looks pretty bad!!!

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