Samsung GALAXY Nexus Official, Press Release And All


I just walked into the Google and Samsung Galaxy Nexus event and guess what they handed me right on entry? A folder with a press release titled, “Samsung and Google introduce GALAXY Nexus.” I’m sure the details will be forthcoming VERY soon, but for now, here are the nitty gritty details you’ve so desired.

Galaxy Nexus – Main Features

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream
  • 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED Screen with 720p resolution
  • 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • Redsigned UI in Android 4.0
  • Improved multi-tasking, notifications, Wi-Fi hotspot, NF support, full web browsing
  • Android 4.0 features Software Navigation buttons – brand new
  • People App with Google+ Integration among other features
  • Redesigned camera with panorama mode, 1080p video, zero-shutter lag, silly faces and background replacement features
  • Face Unlock: Facial recognition to unlock your phone! BOOM that just happened.
  • Android Beam uses NFC to easily share content with other Android users with the bump of phones
  • All the Google Apps you love from Android Market and GMail to Movie Studio and redesigned Google+ app
  • 8.94mm thick, 4.29mm bezel
  • LTE and HSPA+ connectivity
  • Available in USA, Europe, and Asia beginning in November and then rolled out globally
They haven’t announced the device on the stage yet… but here we stand waiting:
I’ll follow up with specs in a minute!
Rob Jackson
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  1. Spoiler alert? trololol


  3. Sweet….just how I like my ice cream to bee!!!

  4. omg im in love!

  5. BOOM!

  6. This is the greatest day of my life!!! Man I need to get laid!!!

    1. really I hope it gets even better for you,

      1. Your married…You know it won’t get better..lol

  7. FACE UNLOCK?!?!?! Take my money right now.

  8. NF support? you mean NFC?

  9. finally confirmed HD screen ill get it next year when sprint is the last carrier to get it in

  10. Wait wait NF support….does that mean NFC!? is this some new lingo lol

    nvm…i cant read lol…it has it!!

  11. Exynos bets, anyone?

    1. OMAP 4460 downclocked to 1.2GHz is my bet.

    2. I’ll bet it’s not unfortunately. It’s 99% confirmed already to be an OMAP 4460 undecflocked to 1.2gHz.
      Rumor is a beefed up exynos phone will drop in Q1 2012.

    3. I wish, but probably not going to happen, on this version anyway (CDMA)

  12. So it will have no logos on the front of the phone? No Samsung, no Verizon, No 4G LTE anywhere? Really?

  13. I just got a Boner!!!

  14. why not 1.5

  15. I can unlock mah fone wit mah face?!

    1. If you smack your face with it…yup.

      My face on the other hand, will just crack the screen.

  16. Unlocking through facial recognition when you take it out of your pocket? Win.

    On another note, that camera is sounding pretty powerful.

  17. this has been the longest day of my life…can 10 o clock get here alreaddyyyyyyyy

  18. i jizz in my pants, jizz in my pants

  19. *cough* usual etiquette with press releases is to not post them until the announcement *cough*

  20. Please Smartphone Gods let this phone have an Exynos or Kal-el chip, have an 8 megapixels camera, and have HSPA+ bands for both TMo and ATT.

  21. omg omg omg!! eeeeeeeee

  22. This is super awesome! Can’t wait. Sad to see no Bluetooth 4, though.

  23. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! D: i was hoping to get a 1.5GHz dual core processor (hoping for Exynos):( might have to stick with my Milestone (for people who don’t know it’s the international version of the Droid) until next year :'(

    1. It won’t make that much of a difference. Plus: the screen, NFC, and 4G options make this a worthy upgrade from any Android phone.

  24. Facial unlock….ugh, plz take my money.

  25. Good enough for me. Just give me the phone!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ghetto CPU, is the screen pentile? Face recognition, meh.. How long will it take to raise the phone up, it to focus and process, swiping is much faster. Camera, doubt it will be better then iphone 4s which is on par with a $3k canon camera. Just google iphone 4s vs canon 5d.

    I bet something better will be out before years end.

    1. go make some chocolate and shut up wonka

    2. coolstorybro

    3. Damn u r on some good shit!! Pass some my way!!

    4. Bwuhahahahahahahaha

  27. Some wicked features already on ICS. Excellent.

    Now, about that hardware acceleration..

  28. Facial unlock?? I just shit my pants


  30. noooo dont post it til the announcement!!! @_@ i skipped it all, but people mentioned the facial unlock…

  31. “Facial recognition to unlock your phone! BOOM that just happened.”
    – How do they keep this stuff secret!?! so awesome

    1. Finally…someone will love my face besides my mother

      1. Knowing my luck, my face would break my phone. haha

        1. Wonder if it will still recognize me even when I have on my beer goggles?

  32. aaaaaaaaaaand I’m gettin’ it!

  33. Facial unlock? That’s dumb. What is the real benefit of that?

    1. It could be useful on tablets in the future if Android gets the ability to switch user accounts some day. If a family gets a tablet to share, for example, the OS could automatically open the proper user account depending on who is unlocking it. Even if it isn’t that useful on a phone, it’s nice to see it built into ICS.

    2. Its like having a password that even if your friends look over your shoulder to find out your pass they can’t and it prevents them from posting embarrassing stuff on your facebook wall or going crazy with your now embedded credit card via NFC. Really with Google wallet being added and all the vital info now kept on mobile devices its good to see a password that nobody could replicate, steal, or keylog of some sort.

  34. I just want a phone battle against this with its competition! 8==>

  35. But you hear that folks Apples patent trolls are now working full speed after that was let out I seen the legal department at Apple light go on

  36. Okay, so it’s a 1.2GHz Dual Core…But is it the OMAP or Exynos 1.2GHz ??

  37. Okay, it’s official. Hooray. Now I want to know if the updates are going to come from Google.

  38. Hmm facial unlock? I can see it now year 2020 you get out of a mall with a bunch of stuff, can’t remember where you parked, then your car senses you with the nfc within certain proximity so it pulls up and you get in. Then you get in your car it asks how your day was and offers you a refreshment.

  39. Just give me android 4.0 for me galaxy s 2

  40. 1.2Ghz and 1.5Ghz, you wouldnt even be able to tell the difference, to be honest. You can overclock it if you want 1.5Ghz, lol. I seen on another site, that the back camera was only 5mp, and the front was 1.3mp. If that’s true, I’m a little disappointed to be honest. But what the hell do I know? haha. All around, I cant wait til I can get one!

  41. i want it NOW!!!!

  42. God I hope VZW doesn’t screw with us and remove the native wifi hotspot, or charge for it. I will gladly pay the $300 subsidized price for the phone if they don’t charge me extra for hotspotting a Nexus Prime (Yes, I’m still going to call it by the better name).

  43. I’m seeing a 16 & 32 GB version; does this mean that it again skips the option of a removable micro-SD card? Can you check that out Rob?

  44. Not taking anything away from the phone, but did anyone else expect a homerun only to get a single?

    I was hoping for an announcement that would trounce iPhone 4GS. I don’t think it happened and it became ho-hum. Don’t get me wrong, I am probably still getting this phone. I was just expecting more: launch date, pre sale date, carriers, price, and a lot more fanfare.

  45. Where can i watch the entire presentation??

  46. The phone specs seems really good but don’t know how this phone will be while using due to huge screen. Will see about that as I really much look forward to order one

  47. this is nice release by samsung and google . people were expecting some more but it is great .

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