Galaxy Nexus Name, Pics, Specs, Appear In Official-looking Print Promo


Either someone spent way too much of their free time to craft a fake magazine-quality Galaxy Nexus advertisement from NTT Docomo, print it on glossy paper, and fool the masses, or we’re looking at a leaked official that gives the first real pictures and specs on today’s launch topic. Considering what docomo recently tweeted we can probably permanently ditch the Nexus Prime name and consider some of these specs set in stone.

From the specs, we can clearly see:

  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Andorid 4.0
  • Super AMOLED HD Screen
  • 1.2 GHz Dual Core OMAP4460 Processor
  • 4.7X-inch screen

I also see a 2011/10/11 in there which could mean a November 10th launch date.

Anyone that can read this and wants to provide a translation? Do you think this is real? And uhoh… are the rumor floodgates opening at the last minute?

[Ameblo via DroidLife]

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  1. Hard to tell from the size of the print, but from what I gather the jist of it is:

    Upside down 4 with an extra cross, stick man waving, overhead view of snail, boomarang, christmas bell, fishook, 7, squigly vagina, backwards C, game of jenga…..and if that means what i think it means, this is gonna be AWESOME

    1. If you want an even funnier translation that makes no sense, upload the image to Google Docs, force it upload as PDF, copy the text it thinks it scanned, insert into Google Translate and…. you get nothing even close.

    2. Well damnit. Your translation sucks! ;)

    3. I just woke up and can’t stop laughing. Thanks for easing me into the day.

    4. Best post ever.

    5. LOVE IT!

    6. I speak some japanese!!!!
      From what i can read:
      世界初Android 4.0携帯= World’s first Android 4.0 Phone
      I can’t really read the rest but I think it says something about a big screen. All of these facts were obvious already… but I just thought I would post it.

  2. BOOO!!!

    NEXUS Prime > Galaxy Nexus

    Here’s to hoping that the names differ by region and that I will still get my Prime!

  3. I don’ think this is real… I really doubt they would release a new Nexus device with only 5MP, unless the lens is out of this world, I have a feeling it will be 1.5GHz processor.who knows, that is just my thoughts…guess we will all know in t-minus 12hrs

    1. Sigh… how many more times does it need to be said that megapixels don’t matter? The sensor and optics are the bottleneck in phones today.

  4. Its missing a track ball!

    1. An onscreen trackball? Maybe the devs can fix that :P

    2. Track balls are dead.

    3. The only thing I would change about my Samsung Galaxy S2 is implementing a notification light. It would be GREAT if this phone had a notification light but they seem to have fallen out of favour (but are bl00dy useful).

  5. Okay, Officially Hot.

  6. I call fake.

  7. The dimensions seem to be 136(H)x68(W)x8.8(D)mm – that’s 11mm in taller than a Galaxy SII. That’s probably too much for me, sniff…

    1. Sounds perfect for me, my Nexus S just isn’t big enough anymore.

    2. Thanks, I didn’t even notice the dimensions until i read your comment. It’s about 10mm taller, 3mm wider, and 1mm thinner than the bottom (the skinny part, not the bulge at the top) of a DX

    3. 6mm more than epic and tmobile sgs2. not bad at all.

  8. digging, the metal trim. If this is real all my waiting has paid off, passed on the bionic, DX2, and iPhone 4s just so I could arrive at this point…..ICS and a BAD A$$ phone.

  9. What’s with the water drop? I know better than to think it’s waterproof.

    1. Also is the second icon from the right implying a TV tuner?

      1. Japanese cell phones typically have TV tuners in them. Not sure about their android devices, but I’m sure they wouldn’t get rid of it?

        1. From left to right, icons are indicating waterproof, mobile payment (Japanese Felica-based system), receiving broadcast messages (from the disaster warning system), One-seg (Japanese TV tuner) and infrared.
          But all of them are grayed out, so it seems none of them will be supported. Only exception is that it will be capable of receiving earthquake warning messages, according to the note on the bottom on the print.

          As to TV tuners, AFAIK most of Android devices developed by Japanese manufacturers have them. But others don’t.

        2. I’m sure they would, unfortunately. A lot of things seen in Japan take a long time to make it to the West. In many cases, they never make it out of Japan or SE Asia at all.As Andrew Lape mentioned, terrestrial TV receivers are in a lot of Japanese handsets, and they have been for quite awhile. They tend to integrate technologies into one device (TV’s that come with Blu-Ray and DVR built-in, for example). I’ve wanted a phone with a TV receiver/decoder for a long time, I’ll probably be waiting forever unless I want to have one custom made, but tailor-made electronics can get very expensive, and I don’t want to watch TV on a 4.3″ screen that badly.

      2. I think it’s a radio.

        Or a microwave with an antenna, which would be pretty awesome. Too much to hope for though, methinks.

  10. Looks real… but who cares? All of the information will be given and spread all over the world within 48 hours. I do wish that it came with a 1.5GHz processor though. Dual core of course…

    1. I don’t see why people still cling onto the belief that moar hertz are better. The reference OMAP4460 is 1.5GHz but ICS is probably good enough to run on 1.2GHz with no issues, as well as getting better battery life.

      1. The thing is, the Exynos has better performance, both GPU and CPU wise compared to the OMAP 4 platform. People expect that the “flagship” will be superior to most existing handsets, if not at least equal. This phone’s CPU is slower than the Exynos.

  11. I hope the 1.3mpx front camera is capable of 720p, that would look amazing if video calling with someone else with one.

  12. “Galaxy Nexus”? Whoever thought of that name should be punched in the head repeatedly.

    1. Probably the guys behind that Galaxy phone series that sold 30 million devices?

      1. I didn’t think Apple came up with the name. You missed the point.

        1. What’s Apple got to do with anything? We were having a civilized conversation and you come around throwing some dirty words.

          1. LOL. I used the “a” word :p
            I simply meant that it is patently obvious who came up with the name, but this isn’t a Galaxy, it’s a Nexus, and as such, shouldn’t be referred to as anything else. No Galaxy Nexus,Droid Prime/Nexus, EVO Prime Nexus, etc.
            This shouldn’t be anyone’s phone except Google’s. Nexus Prime. That’s it. If OEMs and carriers start self-branding what are supposed to be Nexus phones, the Nexus name will have lost all meaning. I stand by the repeated punching in the head of the person who green-lights this name (if indeed it actually does get stuck with it).

          2. I think Google wants this one to be a big success.

            I think it’s debatable if they’ve considered the Nexus One or the Nexus S a success.

            Having the word “Galaxy,” the most successful phone series on Android, I think gives them a lot of exposure.

            Nexus is very popular online on the forums and blogs, “Galaxy,” pretty much goes hand in hand with Android nowadays.

            Trust me, I was a proud owner of a Nexus One, I love the whole just “Nexus” name, I’m just guessing Google wants this phone to go out to the masses.

      2. but I’m gonna still call it “Nexus Prime”

        1. Ditto

  13. The date on the flyer is the original Unboxing event date. Japan uses YY/MM/DD, not YY/DD/MM.

  14. I was pushing it with 4.52″ (ET4G) and now this damnit, I hope it’s fake!!!

    1. It’s 4.65″ inches but a portion of that is taken up by the on screen buttons. It actually isn’t much bigger than the ET4G.

      1. I think 6mm is a lot. That’s the difference between Nexus one and Sensation.

  15. Does anyone else find it strange that Google is using the TI OMAP processor. This processor is using a GPU that I have in my Fascinate from over a year ago. You would think that with the games and other things coming to android that they would use something more current in a brand new state of the art phone. If it was the TI OMAP series 5 I would be really excited as it would be a good future proof processor for a while. The Exynos 4210 would be a better solution even better yet the Exynos 4212 as it is 32nm. The speed difference from the 1.2 to the 1.5 are not a big deal but the GPU is a big deal especially when they are trying to compete with other phones such as the Iphone 4s. I am really hoping that some of the rumors are true that the Exynos will be in at least the Verizon phone seeing how the Galaxy tab 10.1 is running that on their network now.

    1. Do your research, the GPU will run much faster in the Prime than your facinate/SGS (1.8x faster) :)

      384Mhz vs 200Mhz :) And maybe better/faster memory and you will gain even more speed…

      1. I know that it is clocked at a higher speed that is all it has. That is like going from the 1.2 that they are clocking the processor at to the 1.5. That does not make the GPU a better chip that just makes it faster at what it does. That does not mean it will handle new games well like the Mali will or the 543.

    2. It’s not exactly the same chip. It should be about twice as fast.

      1. Which is still about 50% the speed of a GSII. They dropped the ball if it really has a SGX540.

        1. All the articles I have seen online say it is the SGX540 overclocked. That is why I have a problem with the TI chip. Outdated tech in a ground breaking phone.

          1. Shane, don’t forget that ICS has hardware graphics acceleration supported. The same reason why WP7 is so smooth. It may not need a ground breaking chip like the N1 had when it came out.

  16. Screw the specs! If the phone can balance on its end like that, then that alone is the reason I’m buying it! :-D

  17. Rob, seriously man. Get to bed. We need you fresh tomorrow (today for us in the U.S.)

  18. Probably not the USA release date. PC mag says they doubt they will even mention USA release today…hope they are wrong

    1. They could be right. I read that Google and Verizon argued over Google Wallet and how Verizon isn’t allowing it on their network inside phones. So they might announce it globally in Hong Kong, except USA. Why else would they really go to the other side of Earth if it’s not because it’s not coming to USA – at least not on Verizon, and not in November.

      1. I am gonna be so pissed if that happens and will never touch a piece of samsung hardware again!!!

        1. Let’s assume Lucian is right for the purpose of this argument. So allday28, you are blaming samsung because Verizon is being a pain in googles ass?

          1. Well look how long it took for the S2 to get state side. So yes right now I think samsung would be having something to do with it…

        2. Why? Shouldn’t you instead actually blame those who are behind it? Verizon? And instead never get a contract on VZW? And people wonder why I use T-Mobile…

      2. They’re announcing it in Hong Kong because that is where AsiaD: All Things Digital event is taking place. Before that it was going to be announced at CTIA in San Diego. It’s not like they’re picking random locations out of a hat.

  19. I must’ve missed a run of the rumor mill somewhere…At some point didn’t we expect VZW to be getting the “Galaxy Nexus” with the whatever non-Exynos CPU, while our true preciouuuuuuuuussss the “Nexus Prime” gets the meaty 1.5GHz Exynos??

    Screw this, I’m turning off my damned “Nexus Prime” alerts until official announcement. All this he said, she said, they said, it said rumor mill BS is just upping my blood pressure.

    1. Looks like there is no Nexus Prime?

    2. Maybe if you stopped all the wishful thinking you wouldnt be sp dissapointed..

  20. I’d read it for you guys if the print was flippin large enough! Haha

  21. Who else is UN-hyped about this phone (the Nexus) after purchasing a Galaxy S II?

    1. I’ll sell my d710 in a heartbeat and jump ship to Verizon for this bad boy.

  22. Man. It is getting bigger and bigger screen. Wtf. It would be better with a 4.3″ yeah!?

    1. With on-screen buttons it will pretty much be 4.3″ unless you’re watching a video then you can use the full screen… The phone itself isn’t really that much bigger

    2. The real issue is how LARGE the handset will be. I would love for a phone to be 5 inches in the frame of the Sensation.

  23. http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?client=opera&hl=en&ie=UTF8&oe=UTF8&twu=1&u=http://ameblo.jp/povtc/entry-11052000228.html

    At least it has an microSD card slot. Kinda sux about the processor not being an Exynos from Samsung and about the camera being 5MP.

  24. I hate to say it, I REALLY hate to say it… But the fun factor is crashing hard for me with this phone. I think ICS looks like someone threw up a candy cane, I am NOT a fan of the metal sides and back. And, it is not anymore powerful than a Galaxy S2. :( but i will probably still buy it on launch day.

    1. There are several reason I like this over the SGS2: Ice Cream Sandwich, it is not a Cryonic, and HD SAMOLED + display. There is no SGS2 for VZW, so this is the flagship Samsung phone.

      The good news is that the Rezound, Razr, and Nexus will all be out the same time. You can compare them side by side to get the one that fits your needs. You can also try each one out for 14 days before making up your mind.

  25. To all the peeps here in the States! We are getting nothing today! Like someone pointed out, they’re probably not going to even mention when the availability will be here in the states. Wowwwww, im officially bummed! Moto can keep they’re Razr crap, was looking forward to this today.

    1. What are you talking about?!

  26. since this is running on a newer version of android…maybe it doesnt require specs like the galaxy s2 to run fast…maybe…

  27. Goodbye Nexus, hello Vigor

    1. When in the hell is the Vigor supposed to be released?? Never hear about it anymore..

      1. It’s called the Rezound. It’ll be out on Nov. 10, the same day as the Razr.

        1. And the Nexus, probably.

  28. The date format shown at the bottom is actually in YEAR-MONTH-DATE. It’s probably the old print before the announcement was postponed, and has nothing to do with release date.

    On top of the print though, it says “Year 2011 Month 11” so for sure it’s coming in November.

  29. SHe could make more money by blowing you

  30. That say Oct. 11 2011 not Nov….but it does say on the top it will be out in Nov.

  31. I still think there are two phones for some reason.

    1. There are, gsm and CDMA

  32. Lets hope the camera is Quick & takes good lo light pictures.!!!

  33. anybody else notice this really doesn’t look like the teaser from samsung?

  34. I really hope this phone has a solid, “prime” feel to it. I currently have the Infuse 4G (which i traded for my iPhone 4) and i love it, but if feels so cheap, i hope thats metal and not cheap chrome plastic… Cant wait!

  35. Looks like its the same specs as the new RAZR… Hmm.. RAZR has a much neater look to it though and has the ability to become a netbook. This presentation tonight better be amazing or the RAZR will be taking a lot of the thunder from this one.

    1. Yeah, but the RAZR is not running ICS.

  36. I’m going to love it if It’s a big disappoint like the nexus s. The only thing big about this is ice cream

  37. http://www.extremetech.com/computing/100457-samsung-galaxy-nexus-prime-revealed-slower-than-the-iphone-4s-galaxy-s-ii

    It is because of the OMAP 4460 processor that the Galaxy Nexus will only have the PowerVR SGX 540 GPU, an antiquated beast from 2007 that can actually be found underneath the hood of last year’s Nexus S. The SGX 540 is very weak compared to the Mali-400 GPU found in Samsung’s Exynos SoC (the one that powers the Galaxy S II), and it’s positively snail-paced against the Apple A5′s SGX 543MP2 GPU.

  38. The real prize here is the 4.0 ICS android software and all the features that come with it. Who cares if its TI or samsung gpu? Sure we all want a v8 over a v6, but there really arent many games out for android, with even a smaller number of games that are fun and good, with an even smaller number of games that tax the cpu/gpu to the point where your hardware is causing the gaming experience to suffer. Crysis is not out on for android yet, and if it ever does come out, a 4.x inch screen is not fun to play on. I understand the quest for ultimate power and superior hardware but c’mon guys…my epic 4g with hummingbird cpu is still fast as hell and does more than what I put it through and I consider myself a power user. The only reason I could possibly be swayed into a new phone is for Nexus pure google experience. The idea of getting the latest android software first and not letting carriers load it with crapware and bog it down is awesome. Rooting phone allows us to remove that crapware, but I am still stuck on froyo, waiting for Gingerbread, and ICS is out in a few weeks. Yea there are custom gingerbread roms for my phone but they all have their bugs and caveats.

  39. If that is how the phone is going to look then I don’t feel bad about snatching up the Epic 4G Touch. I think my phone is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Granted this phone is introducing us all to ICS but again I would think that Samsung’s most popular and powerful phone to date would receive this update.

  40. Now, I am really curious how accurate this thing is. It appears that this was printed before 10/11. It appears that it is showing 10/11 as the announcement date. The date showing there is NOT Nov. 10th. It is Oct. 11th, which was the original announcement date.

  41. Good God, a 4.7″ screen!!? Too big in my opinion. I think 4″ is ideal, and 4.3″ being the max. I’m getting sick of seeing the screen size of phones keep getting bigger and bigger. It’s a pain in the ass having to stretch your entire hand out in order to get your thumb to the top of the screen to select something.

    1. I agree with you there.
      I think they really wanted to put 720P super AMOLED screen on it and that particular screen doesn’t come in any smaller size I believe.

  42. Getting really discouraged now. I hope this is fake. The GPU sucks and is old as hell. If these are true specs I will probably skip out on it. Really sad, I was hoping this would be my dream phone. Google dropped the bask again.

  43. I speak some japanese!!!!
    From what i can read:
    世界初Android 4.0携帯= World’s first Android 4.0 Phone
    I can’t really read the rest but I think it says something about a big screen. All of these facts were obvious already… but I just thought I would post it.

  44. Profile doesn’t look like the newest leaked photo at all. Hoping that means the specs are off on the proc. Would love at least an OMAP 4470 in this thing. Also, if the only difference between the 4430 and the 4460 is the speed, is an underclocked 4460 not just a 4430? Cmon.

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