Motorola DROID X2 Maintenance Update Now Available OTA

It seems Motorola has begun pushing out the latest update for the Motorola DROID X2. The maintenance upgrade brings with it a nice, long list of improvements, enhancements and fixes. Highlights include the keyboard being visible when typing (LOL), improved video quality recording and playback and more. Check out the full list in the image above or inĀ  the .PDF file here.

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  • Alex

    Anything on the d2g update? I missed the first one and have been waiting for them to send it out again. This is driving me nuts! I need gingerbread to tie me over until I get my nexus.

  • Droosh

    I assume this is the same kernel and baseband that we got a while ago on the leaked sbf?

  • ktklein72

    It was available for me, but after trying twice and failing twice my only conclusion is it did not work because I am 1-click rooted.

  • JackBennyfan

    I did the upgrade yesterday (10/12). Irony of ironies – the update wrecked the video cam. It now freezes and buffers. Verizon wants to send me a refurbished X2 because they can’t fix it. Motorola wants me to send the phone back to them for 7 to 10 business days without a loaner so they can reload it from their system. This is the 5th DroidX and X2 I’ve had in seven months. Any advice?