Rumor: Samsung Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich Announcement October 19th in… Hong Kong?


Well this is just disappointing for us lowly Americans. Engadget claims to have heard from an inside source that the Samsung Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich joint announcement made by Google and Samsung will be made on October 19th – hardly a delay, if true.

And the venue for the whole thing? Hong Kong. As you can imagine, we were very excited to bring you footage of what is said to be a game changer in the smartphone world period, but if it’s to be revealed in Hong Kong, well, a bake sale won’t exactly get us over there for a few hours.

We’re still hopeful Samsung and Google will have an American venue to make the announcement – I mean they just can’t up and renege on all of us, right? Right? Sigh.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Lame, but gief.

  2. I don’t care where the announcement is as long as it sooner than later.

  3. so this means that patent war speculation is true after all on US soil

    1. Announcing a phone in Hong Kong has nothing to do with patents.

    2. That was my first thought as well. They have no problems with patents in Hong Kong currently.

      1. Where you announce the phone has absolutely no impact on patent infringement. IP lawsuits pertain to where you actually sell the device.

  4. iPhone 4S, Here I come.

    1. The best 3G phone out there probably. Enjoy Siri.

      1. Best 3g…hardly…new phone not even 4g? Rotten apple

        1. To be fair, HSPA+ is significantly faster than 3G, while also not eating your battery like LTE (AFAIK). I’m not commenting on whether or not AT&T should be calling it 4G.

          1. 14.4 is hardly 4G. I’d say 21mpbs is but not 14… At&t is a joke and so is apple. People think iPhone is God and it’s running network tech from mmm 2 years ago almost

          2. So.. let’s think about this.. If you have 3G and it’s download speed is 1.4 and technology advances to 10 times that speed to the 14.4 and you take the stance that this is “3G”.. what stance do you take towards the networks who’s 3G is maxed out at 1.4 ?? obviously they have no right to claim any more that they are running 3G .. Or I suppose you could say that anybody would be crazy to go with a network who’s 3G is 10 times slower.

          3. Actually I thought the International Telocommunications Union Radiocummincation Sector(ITU-R) lowered the standards for 4G late last year to accomodate HSPA+, WiMAX, and LTE although they are really “evolved 3G technology”. True 4G is not expected to be used until sometime next year when LTE Advanced starts up.
            So yes there are technically no devices that use real 4G but lots of near-4G devices out there.

        2. In fairness, I’ve had 4G for a year and a half and I rarely use it. It’s just not very often that I am not in Wifi coverage and need to download a large file.

      2. You two should be banned from this site.

        1. Why? Cause we’re tired of waiting? Seriously man… this OG Droid is close to giving me a damn heart attack!!!
          You look at all of the dates they have missed, the Galaxy SII which I was going to buy (f-u verizon!), and the reviews that I have seen from previous Droid users who switched to apple and I am just about ready to throw in the towel.

          Everyone seems to want the BEST, but the best changes every week!!! Quite honestly I am just ready for something that just WORKS, not the best. No bugs, no unreasonable battery draining, a consistent app ecosystem that works as you would expect, a good camera, and so many other things…

  5. I don’t really mind when or where the announcement is made as long as the actual release isn’t pushed back.

  6. Phone Release Within a Week Please, I’m in need of a serious upgrade. Just sold my iPhone 4 in anticipation and my Droid Charge isn’t going to cut it (Best phone on Verizon though), and no way I will go back to the iPhone tried it twice just not my thing (very good and simple device though)

  7. Does the location of the announcement truly matter? I guess if you “had to be there” it will. Based on the timeline, the announcement is at 6PM pst on the 18th/9PM est on the 18th. So, we are 6 days and a few hours away.

    I just can’t wait for true flagship phones. Razr and Prime are to be announced the same day it looks like. Gives us 2 great options and a possible 3rd with the Vigor.

    1. It matters if you’re a West Coast blogger on a shoestring budget, and too small to be comped the tix.

  8. I think you meant renege not renig.

    renege /riˈneg/
    Go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract.

    1. lol

  9. Im hoping its another off contract and Verizon gets a wack watered down version or something.

    1. i dont, some of us are still on verizon and don’t wanna leave so we can keep our unlimited data. Sprint service sucks in my home town… and oh god, i can’t ever do at&t again.

  10. Rumors. Speculations. Words on the street.


    Samsung needs to hurry up and let the world in on the fun. I was super stoked about this phone last week. Now I am meh.

    1. Me too. If it was this week, great. But putting stuff off without good reason is pissing me off. There was NO way this was for Job’s passing. If it was, they would have announced a new date by now. Something is wrong with the release and they’re not being honest. I’ll check in on this in about 2-3 weeks. For now, I don’t care anymore. Great way to kill your own product buzz.

  11. Sucks for the Bloggers and news outlets. Doesn’t matter to most of us though that won’t be able to attend anyway. (as long as the product release timeline hasn’t changed in the U.S.)

  12. Worth the wait though!
    Wierd to think this time next year 2ghz quad cores could be out or on the horizon…

  13. Depends oh what you’re, ahem, baking.

  14. So if I already have 4g phone that has 0 lag and no bloatware, what’s the advantage of this phone?

    1. direct google updates?

      1. Not being a smart a$$, But what would they release that woild be so great? I already dont care much for ICS (ZUNE) – Tron-Cartoon look.

        1. Hardware-based acceleration is the main thing for me. Should improve the performance of the phone by A LOT with same hardware. That it is a better phone in specs and has a better display is also nice.
          Various bluetooth bugs that cropped up on my Nexus One with Gingerbread’s release (and that affect a lot of other phone models, apparently) will hopefully be gone with this phone too.
          Lastly, the form factor of this phone MAY be that it docks directly into a tablet when needed, but that’s not confirmed.

    2. Wait, you’re not one of the 34% of iPhone owners who think they have 4G are you? http://mashable.com/2011/07/14/4g-confusion-study/

  15. PR fail after PR fail. Samsung when will you ever learn… you’ve been fucking up the last year even with the success of the GSII. You’re a joke. Quit messin around, do everything in your power to not only match but blow Apple out of the biggest mobile manufacturer. They have the means but hold themselves back by tying themselves to companies. Say no, this is what us Samsung are doing. If you don’t like it, don’t follow. Guess what? Everyone will still come. And stop dealing parts to apple

  16. Samsung’s new tagline (just as long as their delay):

    “Something BIG is coming…. but we’re not sure when. The bus from BIG was due two days ago. There must have been an accident. Can somebody call….”

  17. Don’t forget Google said they would be broadcasting the event live on their Youtube channel, so no reason why they could not do it for the new date and venue.

    We will see it live.


  18. They had the chance to get a huge upper hand over Apple if they announced the NP after the 4S was such a let down. But instead they feel bad for Steve Jobs passing and they just push it back to some unspecified date and location. Steve Jobs was a slave driver and would have released his product no matter who died that week because he was that good of a businessman!

  19. Weaksauce for you the media. But we could care less. I’m likely to get most of the information I’m dying for (specs, pictures, etc) with a simple announcement. My only disappointment is that you guys won’t get a chance for a hand’s on opinion.

    This announcement will keep the phone nerds from violently rioting for another week while they work on a proper announcement stateside.

  20. I can go for an ice cream sandwich right about now

  21. At this point in time, they can announce it at the San Diego Zoo and I wouldn’t mind. GIEF ALRDY.

  22. I am from Hong Kong, and I am happy with it. GREAT.

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