Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime) Specs Get Detailed [UPDATED]


While some confusion still exists around what the final product name will be, new details emerging from the BGR camp are clearing up the specifics on the Nexus Prime (or Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Droid Prime, Droid Nexus). Claiming a trusted source, a new report gives us an almost complete look at the spec sheet Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich flagship. Here’s the dirt on the next Nexus:

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 9mm thin
  • 4.65-inch 1280 x 720-pixel Super AMOLED HD with curved glass
  • TI OMAP 4460 dual-core Cortex A9 processor clocked at 1.2GHz
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 32GB of built-in storage
  • 5-megapixel camera on the back, 1.3-megapixel in the front
  • 1080p HD video capture support
  • LTE/HSPA depending on carrier
  • Wi-Fi a/b/g/n
  • NFC
  • 1,750 mAh battery
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus name is strongly attached to this rumor, and while a slight departure from the nomenclature established with previous releases, tying the device more strongly to the Galaxy S brand could have positive benefits. The phone is said to be a pure Google Experience device (as expected) and is once again confirmed to be a Verizon exclusive in the US.
[Update] We are hearing conflicting reports in response to BGR‘s latest scoop. AndroidForums member HanSolo points to a Google+ posting by one Lee Johnston that takes issue with the supposedly final spec sheet listed above. According to this Johnston character (whose trustworthiness has not been established), the Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime will read more like the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE. This includes a larger 1850mAh battery, 8MP rear camera, and leaves open the possibility for a 1.5GHz dual-core chipset. While it should be noted that these claims lack any credibility on their own, they have seemingly been substantiated by AndroidForums member black_man_x, a reliable source who has reportedly been using the Nexus Prime for the past few weeks.
In other words, take all of this speculation with a grain of salt. The truth will be revealed next week at Samsung’s CTIA event. If you want to dive deeper down the rabbit hole, however, head on over to the discussion thread to catch up on the latest buzz and add your own two cents.
[via BGR]
Kevin Krause
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  1. Overall that sounds awesome, just make sure you put an SD slot in this time. That’s the only thing the Nexus S was really missing.

    1. I think 32G on board (in conjunction with the cloud becoming a more substantial reality over the last year) likely means there will be no SD slot.

      1. Agreed, although I’m not a fan of cloud storage. (Don’t want to exceed my data limit.)

        I’m just hoping for an SD slot so I have enough space for all my roms, and music.I could easily fill up the 32GB with music alone. :/

        1. google cloud storage is pretty cheap though. $5 annual for 20 gigs. At least for now it is…

      2. I dunno…. I’ve got 16GB on my Epic Touch, and I still have an SD slot…

    2. Agree…. no SD card support = fail

      1. Yeah it is an added bonus but I still have like 5gb left on my Nexus S.

    3. Someone commented once that an SD card drains the battery faster. Has anyone else heard that? Don’t know myself just thought I’d throw it out there as maybe one of the reasons they decided to not include one on the Prime

  2. I’m still not buying the VZW exclusivity. Especially not with the specs mentioning HSPA.

    1. Verizon Exclusive in the US. HSPA is used outside of the US

      1. But is that an in store exclusive because we know that the T-mobile versions have never been sold in stores.

    2. There are many countries on the earth. The US is only one of them. HSPA+ is used in a lot of places.

  3. Bye bye, OG Droid. It was a good run, but you’re about to be replaced.

    1. Same here. I loved my OG Droid but I can’t wait for this Nexus.

    2. Indeed. My OG Droid is still clinging to life. I would be happy with it still if I could solder another 256-768 MBs RAM on it, lol. But with only 256 MBs, it can’t multitask for crap anymore. It’s sad that it’s been first and last vanilla Android phone on Verizon so far (with the exception of the Xperia Play which is a niche phone). I really hope they don’t debut an ICS device with a skinned UI and bloatware, that would be horrible, lol. But I wouldn’t put it past Verizon =(.

      1. I couldn’t imagine goole coming up with ICS and letting them skin the first release. The nexus and Verizon thing has got me worried, I’m this is everything we are hoping it to be and on vzw.

    3. I’m so with you guys. It’ll be fun finding things to do with my Droid when I don’t have to use it as a phone anymore.

      1. I can tell you one thing my Droid is good for: development. If you want to keep hitting worst-case scenarios when developing and testing your app, do it on your Droid. I’ll be keeping mine around specifically for that purpose.

        I love my OG but for daily use it is time to retire it.

  4. I see they labelled Ice Cream as 4.0 rather than 2.4. This makes more sense, as it seems weird that the “combination” of 2.3 and 3.1 would end up being 2.4 – as this doesn’t really lead to much of a clear road forwards, even if the changes are more aesthetic than anything.

    Still, as ever, I’ll believe the specs when I see them! Anyone know if that TI processor is faster or slower than the SGS2 Exynos processor clocked at the same speed?

    1. That’s assuming that ICS will supersede Honeycomb on tablets, although it was said to originally, I think it’s possible they could have pushed that back to Jellybean. So ICS could be a phone-only, 2.4 release.

      Just a possibility, still got my money on a cross-device 4.0 release for ICS. We’ll know for sure in a few days.

      1. The whole point of ICS was the unification of phones and tablets. There was never a debate if it would be 2.4, but many wondered if it would be 3.4 or 4.0. What’s being pushed to Jellybean is features they hoped to be including in this release but did not manage to.

  5. I’m sorry, but I tend to believe that this will end up being a situation like the OG Droid and the Nexus One. Google would be foolish to release it’s so called “developer” phone that’s only compatible on one network in the United States.

    I think this is what Verizon is getting instead of the Galaxy S 2 and that the rest of the carriers in the United States will see a true nexus phone a month or so after this launches. To give exclusive rights to a company for a nexus device goes against everything the Nexus line stands for, and giving that this is BGR (The same BGR who “broke” “exclusively” that the iPhone 5 was a Sprint exclusive) I’ll hold my breath until Tuesday and see what Google’s plans are.

    Like I said previously, I imagine this will be the first 4.0 device, as Verizon had the first 2.0 and 3.0 device, however I feel confident in saying this will not be the nexus device, rather just what Verizon gets instead of the Galaxy S 2. The rest of the world, and the other carriers in the United States will get the true Nexus, whatever that name may be, and this device will more than likely just be the first 4.0 device.

    1. I would agree with you if this wasn’t a premier ICS device. I know the Droid was a premier 2.0 device, but that was before the Nexus line debuted. From then on, all devices (with tabs being the exception) that have launched with a new Android version have been Nexus devices. So it’s hard to believe that Google/Samsung will launch a new ICS device before a Nexus labeled phone debuts it first. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it just wouldn’t make sense given what we’ve seen so far.

      I think it might be a Nexus device and only be “exclusive” to Verizon for a limited time, just like the the last Nexus phones were exclusive to T-Mobile for months before it got ported over to AT&T/Sprint.

      So it could definitely go either way, I think. I guess we’ll know in 5 days though.

      1. Yes because Google is sooooo consistent with what they do.

        1. They have been as far as which phones debut their premier Android software launches (Nexus line). Google has their hands in so many tech fields, you can’t just make blanket statements about them like that.. unless you just want to come off as ignorant.

      2. what people keep forgetting is that ALL the NEXUS devices were all unlocked when they debuted

        1. doesn’t help when one company runs a different signal type than another.

    2. As I understand it, the exclusivity is limited. If you look at the radio specs, there will also be versions for GSM.

    3. The other Nexus phones have had carrier exclusivity at first, didn’t they?

    4. “To give exclusive rights to a company for a nexus device goes against everything the Nexus line stands for”

      Umm… Did you miss the rollout of the Nexus S on T-Mo???

      1. Nexus S was an unlocked GSM phone for both T-Mobile and AT&T. o_O

  6. Yeah I’m with Rob. Not buying the exclusivity at least not in the long term. Maybe the first few months only on VZW but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on other carriers early next year.

    1. then don’t buy it.. those of us on VZW will.

  7. Verizon exclusive?

    what does “LTE/HSPA depending on carrier” mean?

    That is stupid.

    1. Verizon Exclusive in the US. HSPA is used outside of the US

      1. What about AT&T? they usee HSPA

    2. Verizon exclusive in the US.

      There are other countries in the world you know, I realise you and your fellow Americans sometimes have a hard time with this, but I guess it has to be said again.

      1. … but we’re the only ones that matter:) jk

      2. watch out, your elitism and condescension is showing.

    3. It means that when Verizon exclusivity ends (probably a month later) other carriers will be using the HSPa radio. Plus outside of the US those exclusivity deals will not affect us and we will probably get the HSPA version from our carriers.

      I was hoping for a dual HSPA/LTE radio since canadian carriers who are currently using HSPA+ are also deploying an LTE network. But since I live in a remote area it will be quite some time before I get LTE in my area but I could still use it when travelling to Montreal.

    4. That means LTE on Verizon. HSPA everywhere else. What’s so hard to understand?

  8. can’t wait to sell a few tech toys to get this bad boy!

  9. BGR is a bunch of idiots, no way in hell is a Nexus device going to be exclusive to one carrier, hell they would be stupid to release on a CDMA carrier first.

  10. so no Wimax = no sprint, at least initially. Unless this will be Sprint’s first LTE phone, turning on LTE quicker than people think?

  11. A phone without unlocked 3G support has no use for me. Guess I’ll still be waiting.

  12. Only 5 on the back camera??? Really? I have to go backwards on the camera? That seems really weird. I hope that is one brilliant camera for a 5. Oh well, the rest of that KILLs my phone. Can’t wait.

    1. My thoughts too. Those better be some really crisp 5mp pictures.

      1. Higher megapixels dont always equal to a better camera. In some cases higher megapixels give blurer pictures. I find my 5MP nexus one takes much sharper photos than my 8MP SGS2. Although the color on the SGS2 is better.

    2. It seems strange that Samsung would drop the cameras from the Galaxy S2 (the front has a lower megapixel count too, 2 down to 1.3). Regardless of whether the megapixel count matters, it won’t look as good on paper to most consumers. Not buying these specs though, seems like an amalgamation of various rumours and predictions we’ve already seen.

    3. I thought the same thing. I don’t have a link but I’ve seen elsewhere that it would be a 5MP advanced low light camera. so probably backside illuminated. 5MP is plenty if it is amazing. Still, it’s odd that the galaxy s2 was 8MP and this is supposed to be an “upgrade” to that.

  13. 4.65-inch 1280 x 720-pixel Super AMOLED HD with curved glass

    holy crap you serious? i’m amazed that they’re gonna use Super AMOLED HD…but 4.65” is so huge :O!! i actually must have to see this in the stores

    1. 4.65″ screen no thanks, 4″ or 4.2″ MAX.

  14. Yeah, this post has BGR and Kevin Krause, which means its generally unreliable and slanted towards Verizon, respectfully.

  15. I’m surprised and disappointed at the 1.2GHz TI OMAP. I was hoping for the 1.5GHz Exynos as was floating around in other rumors. I would also be quite upset if there were no Micro SD card slot. :^(

    1. I’ll wait for actual benchmarking before judging this, but it was known for quite a while that it would be a TI OMAP.

      1. No it wasn’t. We still don’t *know*. We’re just going on rumors and speculations. We’ll only know for sure when it’s officially announced.

        Having the OMAP as a reference CPU does make more sense, though I hadn’t heard anything on that front until now. I’m particularly concerned about the GPU used in this puppy due to having more pixels to push. I still think the 1.2GHz is wrong here. We’ll see what the official word is soon, though. :D

    2. So am I but didn’t they say ICS’s reference CPU was the OMAP4 anyways? CPU wise its said to be around par as the Exynos and even if the Prime has a slower GPU it would be the PowerVR 540 @384mhz which was the fastest one in the days of single core even when it was running at 200mhz.The good news is that games don’t need to be recompiled as there’s already heaps of PowerVR games built for the Moto Droids and Galaxy S (Basically anything for PowerVR)

  16. What’s up with the 5 megapixel camera?

    1. One thing you should learn; megapixels do not equal good quality pictures, just a higher resolution. 5MP is more than enough with a good sensor.

      1. Megapixels DO matter when you are discussing the 3-10 MP range. They don’t matter as much above 10 MP unless you were looking to create larger prints. You focusing on the MP race in digital cameras, which above 10MP dont see much improvement in IQ. Megapixels definitely have a huge impact on pictures in the 5-8 comparison, especially considering many of these devices now will display to your HDTV – where 5 MP would look pixelated.

        1. 5MP doesn’t look pixelated on my 1080P TV.



        2. 5MP = 2560×1920 resolution, which is way higher than 1920×1080 (which is 1080p HD). A 5MP pic would not look pixelated (unless you took a pic of giant squares) on an HD display: it would actually have to be compressed to fit its lower resolution. Do some math, “gut feelings” are wrong most of the time.

  17. Verizon has a time limited exclusive. Not a complete exclusive. Other carriers will get it like a month later.

  18. Even though AT&T does not have LTE yet.. (Just started turning it on) I hope that I could get a model that has LTE in it either from AT&T or unlocked. I have had the Nexus One since it came out.. And still love it. Only thing I hate about it is the drive space.

  19. Not really a game changer with 1.2Ghz. sounds like Sensation specs with a curved screen. What’s up with the Nexus devices just keeping up with the competition? They’re supposed to set the new benchmark!

    1. I have a Sensation and this is an upgrade for the screen alone.

      1. That’s the only upgrade…. I hope ICS has some good stand out features besides just a UI overhaul.

    2. They have, First 720p screen on a phone and the OMAP4 CPU should be on par with the Exynos, Don’t know about the GPU yet even though its said to be the PowerVR 540 @ 384mhz. Sensation has a crappy CPU/GPU combo anyways

  20. 5mp camera, no mention of a sd slot, what about flash for camera? Will videos be able to record in HD? Hdmi slot or mirroring?

    1. Prob won’t have external sd slow like the Nexus S, Prob due to Google going to introduce DRM because they want to sell books/music/movies on the market. Nothing new about the plan

  21. I’m still worried that they wont have the refinement of the iOS systems, hell even the spec weak Wp sammy focus with 7.0 scrolled smoothly. I have had a SGS2 since you could order one from expansys, and all thought its very quick i have a feeling it wont ever be as smoothly”flawless’? as the Mango or iOs5 setups. How can it be there is no optimization!!! They make a new phone every 35 seconds which is expensive, (ive owned all the phones worth having on all sides). perfect example, why the FUCK cant they make google maps scroll as smooth as an iphone? WHY WHY WHY? somebody explain please!?

    1. ICS should have hardware acceleration for screen redraws, Now stop crying

      1. Exactly lol but let’s hope this is actually the case so we can put this issue to rest.

  22. Nevermind, just seem the HD video support.


    1. That is nothing to be happy about since it is not a good thing for many devs who don’t want to switch to get Ice Cream.

  24. That screen size doesn’t jive with the pixel density numbers on the leaked screenshot.

    Also, I think an 8 megapixel camera is a required spec for a “superphone” unless the camera does some other magic.

    1. megapixels mean nothing!

  25. Please come to Sprint!!!!!! Before the end of the year!

  26. Well it looks like AT&T’s GSII for me. I wanted a Nexus, but the lack of VZ coverage in my office building(none in my office at all while AT&T hits 5-7mbit down with full bars) means no Nexus for me, at least for the short term.

  27. The TI OMAP 4460 is clocked at 1.5 ghz normally, so that 1.2 listing is suspicious.

    As for the Verizon exclusive in the US, I’m sure that’s just a temporary exclusivity for a month or so before the other US carriers get it.

    1. Could possibly be related to heating issues. With such a thin phone, the cooling may be an issue at that speed. Just a guess though.

  28. I have fallen prey to the hypebeast. I feel like I will buy this phone no matter what. That screen is too big, but I don’t care. I will carry this thing around in a satchel if I have to…just give it to me NOW!

    1. Take your current phone. Take the area where the buttons are and imagine it’s part of the screen. Estimate how large that screen is. Most likely, it’s pretty close to 4.5″. I’m looking forward to moving from my OG Droid’s 3.7″ to a bigger screen.

    2. If it’s all touch, it’s possible to keep it small

  29. BGR has no credibility.. I’ll wait the five days and get the specs straight from the horses mouth. They may even play down specs to make their beloved i*hone 4s look better.

  30. BGR has the worst writers and sources bar none. They were so far off on the iPhone 4s it wasn’t even funny. Jonathan S. Geller is awful. Simply awful.

    Not saying he isn’t spot on here, but think twice when you read a BGR article.

    1. In all fairness, nobody got anything right about the 4S… even the name.

    2. I would concur. BGR posts almost anything for hits; “Exclusive” and “reliable sources” claimed a “unique form factor” for the iPhone 5 release. Phandroid typically begins tech rumors with “take with a grain of salt perspective…” Much more professional.

  31. UUUmm… Boo? I agree with Perry ahern, I looked up the specs on the processor last week… What happened to the 1.5ghz? :/ *looks in the Vigor’s general direction* everything else looks pretty sweet though…

    1. The net seems to say TI is having problems getting to the 1.5ghz in large numbers thats why the Achos Tablets was being delayed

  32. Ummm… is anyone else concerned by the 1.2GHz processor and 5MP camera?? Everything I’ve been reading had it at 1.5 and a standard 8MP camera. A 5MP shooter would basically be less than everything else out there (including the GS2 from the same company). That seems really fishy to me spec wise.

    1. MP’s don’t mean shit. Hopefully it has a high quality sensor.

      1. Thank you! Can we get all the tech blogs together and have them write a damn informational article about camera quality vs. megapixels on the same day so maybe someone will read it!
        No one seems to understand the importance of quality over size/power.

  33. all we need to know now for sure is that if there’s a sd card slot that supports up to 32gb and if its really over clocked at 1.2 ghz (if it is i’ll be disappointed a little we can probably over clock it later by installing a new rom but still) and most importantly, the release date of this beast

  34. now that i’m thinking….4.65” probably includes replacing the navigation buttons. so it might still have 4.3” or 4” of actual screen space

    1. Ahh You are probably right about that. Good point!

  35. This is nit picky but I hope it has a led notification on the front.

  36. It may be exclusively sold in Verizon stores but be available online and/or best buy for other carriers

    1. delete

      1. or maybe online only. I would hate to think that google would give Verizon an exclusive to a Nexus phone after they have allowed sprint, T-mo, and ATT to get a taste of the Nexus line. I dont think that many ppl would change carriers to get it. Its all just speculation until tuesday anyway.

  37. BGR has a history of being wrong. Um. If the cpu is 1.2 WHY on earth would they not use exynos? Verizon exlcusive? Not a good report

  38. Some of those specs had BETTER NOT be correct. OMAP4460 + 5mp Camera + VZW exclusivity = HORSE SH1T !!

    I haven’t been chomping at the bit and checking the RSS feeds every 5min for new updates on the Nexus Prime…To have it be outed as just another run-of-the-mill good phone!!

    This fricken phone better have the Exynos 4212 and the 8mp/2mp camera and VZW can eat a bowl of d1cks for exclusivity!!

    1. Chill out dude!!! So what are you gonna do if it has verizon exclusivity slit your wrists?? LOL!

    2. LOL. But I don’t understand the need for 8mp camera. Unless you’re blowing it up pretty big, at 5mp most people can not tell the difference vs and 8mp pic. But if you’re a photographer, then you would be able to tell the difference.

  39. TI OMAP 4460 vs. MSM8660/APQ8060 anyone??

    1. Wish it was a quad-core. A few months too soon…as always. Everytime a Nexus is released…within 3-6 months a new gen CPU is made. Sadly….Google has actually fallen behind the curve on CPU’s used. Hopefully in this case it is so they can optimize the OS to the CPU. But I still feel Im late to the party with a supercar from the last decade!

      1. anytime any phone is released, they are 3-6 months away from a new gen CPU. That is why despite not being a mind blowing device, I purchased the Nexus S last year because there will always be the next big thing just on the horizon. So if having a stock android experience with fast (relatively) updates is your thing, then pull the trigger. You at least know that will be one thing that will differentiate your phone for a year, because specs never will…

        1. This is true. But I would expect Google to be the one leading, not following or in this case…last in the CPU portion of it all

  40. Droid Charge 2 on Verizon
    Nexus Prime on other carriers

    Why have HSPA if Verizon exclusive?

    1. Outside the US carriers.

  41. I would take this with a Gigantic grain of salt since its coming from BGR…
    I don’t care how curved the screen is, if it has no SD card, no dice for me! And if the report is true to some extant, that processor and camera will not be game changers. Best Bet is to just sit tight and wait till next week.

    I might add, even at 5 megapixels, with some revised optics and a low light sensor, a 5 megapixels shooter can be better them my prime was, which was pretty darn good for a 5.

    1. Why is the SD card THAT important if it had 32GB internal?

      1. So that you can pull the SD card out and use it on other devices.

        1. Name one instance where you would need to pull out your SD card and use it in a different device other than sticking it into your cpu so you can dump or load it.

          With BT, DLNA, WiFi direct, NFC… and a USB cable, why do you need to use the SD card elsewhere unless your cheap and don’t wanna buy a card for your other devices.

          I just can’t understand how it could be a “deal breaker”

          1. Its OK PimpStrong. we can all be wrong in the morning. I blame it on the coffee!

            I have 25GB of music on my 32GB external mSD card. I am currently going through and cleaning up. not to mention mobile documents, apps, games, etc. I am currently have 13.05GB available from 48GB total on my OG Galaxy S.

            So now tell me that with a NEW OS that will allow me ever more apps, games and hopefully flexibility to work with a tablet or something like that…how is that going to bring my GB storage numbers down?

            All phones should have 64gb minimum. Stop being cheap on this crap. 64GB internal prob cost manufacturers at the most like $30

          2. No doubt we need more space. I dunno why 32GB is not common by now and 64 should at least be an option.

            My question for you is would you pass up on a Nexus this bad ass just because you have to cut back on your music Gee Bee’s?

            Oh and yeah, tablet apps on a phone will definitely decrease your available storage space a lot faster but the solution is larger storage capacity, not necessarily removable storage.

  42. It better not be 4.65″. That is absolutely ridiculously too big for a phone.

    1. Not too big -> it is the same size as 4 or 4.3 ” phones since there are no Capacitive buttons

      1. We’ll see…

  43. So I’m torn between the Prime and waiting for the Galaxy Note though it seems as if the Galaxy Note might be headed to AT&T (which sucks). Still think I might ride out my Evo contract through June of 2012 and see what the landscape looks like then. Besides if the Note doesn’t come to VZ I’ll be able to get the Prime for a penny off of Amazon by then!

  44. I don’t believe much of this information. I.E. TI a OMAP 4460 is 1.5Ghz per TI website. I guess well see next week.

  45. if it were verizon exlclusive, what would it say hspa/lte depending on what carrier you have???

  46. I like everything but the camera. I do not know why I really care because I have $3000 in camera gear. But to snap a quick photo of the kid doing something silly is a nice feature.

    1. You have $3000 in camera gear yet you don’t understand the most basic aspect of digital cameras? Higher MP count does not equal better photos. Sensor quality is what matters. Along with lens and so on.

  47. Only 5 mp camera? I hope that isn’t true. Iwas so looking forward to this phone but I love my 8mp camera on the samsung infuse!

  48. If you think about it, ATT and Sprint plan to switch to LTE so maybe that is factored into the potential delay. Get more of their network up and running vs having a bunch of HSDPA phones. Just a thought.

  49. if this didn’t end up having the exynos 4212 i’m not buying . but it makes sense to sammy not to but it in the prime maybe because they wanna save it to the GS3

  50. If this is true I might just go with the Vigor.. But ill wait for some benchmarks first

  51. If these are rhe final specs, hello att galaxy S 2

  52. Sounds suspect to me

  53. 5mp rear camera? why have 8mp on galaxy s ii and and inferior camera on a far superior phone in relation to almost every other spec?

  54. My concern is the display. Didn’t we hear that this is Super AMOLED HD but not AMOLED plus and that it would be a pentile display. While better for battery life and the higher pixel count should help to make the pentile look more like a lower resolution AMOLED plus I’m still concerned about the color accuracy. Pentile is known for inaccurate color displays.

    The TI processor at 1.2 should be fine since they are known to be faster than the Snapdragon processor like the one in the Vigor even though it is a higher clock speed.

  55. i still wished they would have used a suped up version of the exynos processor for the heart of the nexus prime. the exynos has proven itself to outdo the rest of the competition and i don’t see this OMAP doing any better. Honestly, i would prefer to see a 1.5 GHz exynos.

  56. No way they are using a slow TI chip, only a 5mp camera and the battery no doubt is bigger.

    I agree with the update, this should be more like that new Korean model with the HD screen.

  57. 1.2 dual core is kinda weak since theres the 1.5 out already.

    camera is weak too. no sd = fail and not buying

    ehh kinda getting disappointed right now.

    hope ice cream is really worth it

  58. Come on Verizon don’t make us wait to long. and to everyone saying it can’t only be on Verizon. it wont. It will be exclusive for a short while then other carriers get it. come on learn to comprehend.

  59. Samsung is using the Galaxy S II formula on the Prime, especially the LTE or HD version.
    1.2GHz and 5MPx camera on a flagship phone?? I don´t think so…

  60. For everyone that is saying the screen size is huge: yes it is big but its nearly the same size as like a 4.3″ because of the fact that there will be no buttons. So the bezel wont need to be as big as a normal phone. Hence resulting in a beastly phone!

    1. Looking at the leaked image I am not sure that will be the case. The phone has just as much bezel as other phones with buttons although I thought the image was a fake upon some examination. I am hoping you are right about that.

  61. I’m seriously scratching my head at the people disappointed in these purported specs. Even with “only” a 1.2GHz OMAP4460, this phone would be state of the art.

    What were you expecting?

  62. I’m beginning to get the sinking feeling that this phone won’t be on VZW at all. I don’t know why I feel this way, call it a hunch.

    I’ve been a VZW customer since 2000 and have always put up with 2nd tier phones while AT&T and TMobile had the best ones. That changed with the OG Droid, but I can’t say that anything since has been the top phone available.

  63. I am shocked it will be Verizon exclusive. It doesn’t make sense to have CDMA Nexus phone first. What about all the developers outside of US? Do they have to wait until the exclusivity ends to get one? Maybe they mean that Verizon store would carry the phone, but for others we would need to buy unlocked phone for the full price or something, which is just fine with me.

  64. Everyone talks about specs, but did not pay attention to the design.
    Look at the bottom part, if you lay it flat on a table it will allow you to work with it as a mini tablet. The curved screen goes along with the natural motion of pendulum that your hands a more pre disposed to do.
    Then at the ends are curved edges conforming to the inside shape of your hands while you are holding it vertically.
    If you hold it in landscape the curved back ends will be resting in your 4 finger, while your thumps will slide across the screen. Making the best texter ever.
    The large screen will be comfortable in your hands; there are no square edges on the phone. The curved screen will allow you to see videos clearly.
    No one has square hands, this phone adapts naturally to the shape of your hands, and to the natural motion of your hands and fingers.
    Is like a Porsche, you have specs to blast at 140MPH. But the design is 90% of it.
    After that put all the specs that you want on top of it, it will be the gravy.

  65. Pretty disappointed in google if they make everyone else wait for the new nexus. VZW hasnt embraced the other Nexus phones so why should they get the only crack at the new one? Pretty disappointing if they dont sell the Galaxy Nexus full price for other carriers like the did with the others

  66. Ok. Umm. How come the specs here are different from what the oher site released? Samfirmware?

    Exynos on the other, ti omap here? Battery size is different too! Funny..

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