+1 Your Favorite Books with Google Books Update


Just as Google updated their Shopper app to allow users to ‘+1’ their favorite products, Google Books has been updated with the ability to express your approval of your reading selections. In the latest version, now available in the Android Market, you can ‘+1’ a book as you are reading it. Also new is the ability to search within the text of a book and read in landscape mode on phones. The app has been better tailored for use on 7-inch tablets, as well. Follow the link below to download the latest version of Google’s e-reading app.

Android Market Link: Google Books

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  1. I see a trend here. I for one can’t wait until they add “+1 your favorite intersection with Google Maps!”

  2. this is actually one of the cases where +1 will shine :)

  3. Google up +

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  5. Now just let people outside of the USA actually have access to google books…

  6. until Google Books allows me to sideload my own already owned books, I will not use it.

  7. Soon we will be able to +1 other +1’s

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