Nexus One Units Begin Receiving Android 2.3.6

Google has issued the Android 2.3.6 update to Nexus One handsets. If you don’t remember, this update solved an issue that predominately affected Nexus S users – the Voice Search application would activate intermittently and randomly on its own.

Unfortunately, we’re hearing that this update somehow breaks pinch-to-zoom in the default Gallery application, something Google is sure to take a look at once a thread over at their support site starts filling up. For now, go ahead and check for the update and think long and hard before downloading it. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  • Nudo

    Nexus S users: “please sir, may I have an update?”

    • Dario Sucic

      The Nexus S already has 2.3.7

      • Nudo

        I think that’s only the Sprint version…?

        • Uncle Paul

          yes only the spring version has 2.3.7. nexus s users are also getting 2.3.6 now, not just nexus one!

    • Jdog25

      Doesn’t this take away free tethering.

      • mrsbelpit

        I want to know, too. For shame if it does, Google.

      • Jens Zalzala

        No, wi-fi tethering still works on the Nexus One

        • Jdog25

          Ok I’m trusting you.

  • trdracer21


  • AndyH_STi

    Yes, it killed pinch-to-zoom in the default Gallery for me, although I don’t really mind as I prefer QuickPic to the stock Gallery app anyway.

  • Lucas

    Yep definitely breaks pinch to zoom. I wish you posted this last night before I updated.

  • Rick Kaz

    Mine updated to 2.3.7 with no issues. Yes I said 2.3.7… what’s up with that???

    • Nudo

      Which phone do you have?

    • Aja Hemphill

      this article is about the Nexus One not the Nexus S

  • Tim Ryeland

    I wish I had read this before updating, yes it breaks the pinch to zoom feature in the gallery.

    • Josef Faulkner

      I got QuickPic and never looked back to the Gallery app.

  • RitishOemraw

    So any other positive changes besides the voice bug? Because I don;t have that and I don;t want to install something that will only lessen my phone’s utility

  • Jens Zalzala

    Where do we go to report this zoom issue?

  • gforce888

    same here. breaks the pinch to zoom feature in the gallery.
    any idea to solve it?

  • cherubdawg

    I got the update last night, which is surprising since I’m in Canada and usually get delayed with updates. The gallery problem is indeed there, thought it doesn’t matter to me since I don’t use the gallery because it’s terrible. Honestly, why do the icons in the gallery tilt when you tilt your phone? It’s such a stupid “feature”, and I can’t stand it. I’ve long switched to QuickPic, much better app.

  • BigCiX

    Wow….and here in am with 2.2.2 on a phone that was released last month.

    • JRomeo

      From now on, stick to only Nexus Phones……… Nexus One, Nexus S, Nexus Prime, etcetera etcetera…………. these are hard lessons learned.

  • Magda

    HELP!! how do I uninstall this update! Got the update yesterday and my camera no longer works, say “cannot connect to camera” …. AARRGGGG.. already re-set it.. do not know what to do.


    • Jonathan Bracy

      try a hard reset to see if that fixes that issue

  • David Gray

    I wish I had a Nexus One…even over my Nexus S I think but I’m gonna go check my Nexus S and if I dont have at least 2.3.5 I’m gonna be PISSED!!!

  • David Gray

    NOPE!!!!! FREAKING KNEW IT!!!! I GOT 2.3.4 ON T-MOBILE!!! WHERES MY F’N UPDATES GOOGLE? This is why I bought the Nexus, to get updates 1st

  • M B

    This fixed the bluetooth stutter issue when streaming to my car’s stereo and the PBAP/contact list permission enabled. been an issue ever since the first gingerbread updates came into my phone. 2.1 and 2.2 were fine.
    The issue where the bluetooth stream cuts out every 30 seconds (up to 3 minutes) for a split second remains, though.

    Pinch to zoom indeed broken now :(

  • Noah Yetter

    Got my update this morning (N1 on TMo US). Just checked and sure enough pinch-zooming doesn’t work in Gallery.

  • edoggy

    Just got the update in Hong Kong. Sweet!

  • Johan Appelgren

    In addition to the Gallery bug the wifi on my Nexus One rarely goes to sleep anymore after the update even though I have the sleep policy set to when screen turns off. : The Nexus S has the same problem so it’s a bit strange that it hasn’t been fixed yet.

  • paresh kale

    Its been a nightmare. Its gone for a toss since the update… I would like to downgrade if possible!!!

  • Hunter Wilson

    2.3.6 Broke my cellular connection — and I’m using a nexus one. My phone is functionally bricked.