23 inch Homemade MegaPad Android Tablet is Big Enough to Be Your Bathroom TV [Video]

Some say bigger is better, and one technology buff wanted to see if the same applied to Android tablets. Martin Drashkov set out to make 23 inch Android tablet using parts that cost him a total of $600 and a workspace that doubles as a kitchen. The end result? Pure bliss. It’s got a multi-touch display with an Acer chassis, Android 2.3 and a GPU capable of 3D graphics. We weren’t filled in on the entirety of its specs but it was capable of operating Google Earth and playing Fruit Ninja without fail. Now all we want to see is Ice Cream Sandwich slapped on there and we’re sold. Check the video out above. [Martin Drashkov]

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  • King_James_The_Wicked

    Good Work…

  • Taylor Mauceri

    my hero

  • http://twitter.com/SooHonY Soo Hon Wye

    I want one of this in my bathroom. Definitely =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

    A little faster proc would be nice, but as a prototype, this thing rocks! I wonder what the battery life is like? :D

    • JBrowne1012

      Im pretty sure at that size the only place it would be taken is actually no where I mean that pretty much a small tv at 23inches. So I’d imagine it would just stay at one spot on constant charge. Id say though if you wanted to maybe.. 2 hours at best in use 6 hours on standby.

      • Manbo

        You miss the point. This was done to see if it can be done.
        There are many other applications that a device with a large screen could have at home. Think of a kitchen TV that has controls for the entire house, like thermostat, lights, alarms, sprinkler systems, etc. You gotta think outside the box man.

  • faceless128

    looks fake. especially the part in fruit ninja where he brings up 2 hands instead of 1… like he practiced it many times.

    • http://twitter.com/SpamStream lolwut

      It would be easier to actually build the thing than fake it.

    • http://MyShocker.com Nudo

      lol you’ve got to be kidding me, its definitely real

  • No Name

    That’s Fruit Ninja the real katana size!

  • http://www.facebook.com/DrAvEnMaJoOr Draven Majoor

    lmao only 28

  • Spencer Mead

    Patent it before Apple does!!

  • Unorthodox

    I gotta go meet The Dude. He’s evidently from Toronto too.