AT&T Bringing Galaxy S II October 2nd for $200


If any of you AT&T fans were clamoring for the Samsung Galaxy S II, you’ll be happy to know that their version will be out starting October 2nd for $200. Although they decided to stick with the phone’s original name, this one differs a bit from the international version. You’re still getting that dual-core Exynos processor, but like Sprint’s versions there is no NFC chip inside. You’re still getting the original 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display. There’s no physical home button and you get the search button. Look out for it that Sunday. And check out our review of the Epic 4G Touch coming up very shortly for a look at a similar device and be sure to take a look at our hands-on from late last month! [Twitter]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Are you sure about the screen? I heard it was 4.3″ for the AT&T model.

    1. Yea I meant 4.3 inches. Thanks.

  2. Buying this phone to hold me over until the Nexus Prime…anyone know how much this is gonna be off-contract?

    1. I’d say 600 at least

    2. If you’re going to buy off contract anyway, get the I9100. Unless you really love that redundant search key and cramped button layout. :)

    3. The sprint version was $500

  3. Is phone going to be a problem phone just like the galaxy s I?? Meaning bad GPS, no updates, lack of support… What would draw me to this phone other than its hardware?

    1. If Epic 4G Touch is anything to judge by, there will be no GPS issues. Firmware updates, however, remain yet to be seen.

    2. Main reason why I passed on Samsung this time around. They’ll see ice cream about 8-9 months after Europe has it.

      1. Sooo? that really just translates to maybe 3 months at max on xda. I feel sorry for those scared to root their phones and don’t get the updates.

        1. I agree xda puts out customs ROMS pretty fast but rooting isn’t for everyone.

          1. If you’re that bothered don’t live in the u.s then. With its problematic carriers. Heck even Canada gets faster updates than you guys.

          2. Yeah…..I’m moving out of the united states because we are last in mobile updates. Your comment is something my 1 grade daughter will say.

  4. Pretty excited about this. Unless the HTC Holiday gets announced in the next 1.5 weeks this will be my next phone.

  5. Son of a bi… no physical home button? I just ordered a SGP Glas protector in anticipation of this release.

    1. so you haven’t be paying *ANY* attention? that’s what you’re telling us?

  6. I’ll wait until the LTE version comes to AT&T. I know, I know, I’ll be waiting a while. But, if this version is handicapped compared to the international version, I don;t want it.

  7. I am pretty sure this phone has NFC. Unfortunately for Samsung, the competition has largely caught up and the iPhone 5 will be released shortly. They missed an opportunity to own the smartphone market in a way not seen since the original iPhone release.

    1. Yeah, because, you know, the only market is the US market.

      1. Deservedly or not, the US is the most important market for high end smartphones. A large population, wealth, and a system where carriers heavily discount phones for two-year contracts makes the US ideal for these products.

  8. No LTE… Phone not for me!!

    1. Unless you happen to live in one of the 5 cities AT&T has LTE in, it’s not going to matter

  9. Seems AT&T is upstaging the iPhoney 5 release by two days

  10. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz nexus prime for tmobile plzzzzzzzzzz

  11. That screen is not even 4.3 inches. It’s actually 4.27 inches

  12. will this phone hspa+ work on strait talk service?

  13. wow _ are you 12 years old or 14 years old? You’re just a bunch of whining little baby kids “wanting the newest samsung’ crap. Duh _ You should get off china’s ______ already. You shouldn’t be allowed to live in the USA anymore ! Buy a car!

    1. China? Fool, Samsung’s made and designed in South Korea. BIG difference.
      plus it sounds a lot like envy to me.

      1. China & korea are both b______es of America. They copy everything we design, engineer, or invent in America. The computer you are looking at right now, that’s running the internet right now, etc, etc. I hate copycats. I don’t envy them. You must be some handbag toting trendy asian loser.

      2. Get off ‘sammys’ d____ already. s korea is lame.

  14. Cant come any sooner HURRY

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