Loophole Allows German Retailers to Continue Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales Despite Injunction


A recent decision handed down by a German court upheld an earlier decision to ban the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country, but a loophole in how the tablet is distributed may allow for retailers to continue stocking the Android Honeycomb slate. A technicality in the law not only allows for the remaining stock of Galaxy Tab 10.1 units to be sold off, but also for ordering new units from Samsung.

The catch is retailers must circumvent ordering their supply directly from Samsung Germany. Routing orders through another branch of Sammy’s distribution chain would allow for the replenishment of Galaxy Tab stock, but it is unclear if stores such as Media Markt, a popular electronics shop in the Netherlands and Germany, will take advantage. Regardless, it sounds like those who really want to get their hands on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will still have the opportunity to do so.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Apple just fired a couple attorney’s.

    1. They should fire all of them.

      1. And with the money saved, they could pay for some actual R&D instead of releasing the same phone over and over again with a new name.

        1. New name? 3, 3g, 3gs, and 4 are not names.

          1. 4G without 4G technology is what I call simply a ‘name’

          2. I saw a survey where 30% of iPhone 4 users thought that since their phone had the number 4 next to it that they had 4G, LOL.

  2. That’s right, you loop hole them good

  3. When apple lawyers blot out the sun, samsung fights in the shade
    (always wanted to make a comment based on that line :P)

    1. Love. It.

    2. apple is Mr. Burns and Samsung is Maggie Simpson.

  4. I love that your picture of the Galaxy Tab includes a smart cover. I will give apple some credit for designing that, but it would be nice to have a smart cover for the tab. Too bad it’ll never happen because apple will be suing anyone trying to come up with a smart cover for any other tablets.

    1. it already exists from some chinese knock off, that is why the picture is there above on a tab

    2. Actually Apple didn’t desing the smart cover, they just stole the idea from inCase and added magnets to it. Anymode had released a smart cover for the Tab, similar to the inCase offering, but it got pulled on Samsung’s request. That’s the Anymode case on the picture above this article.

      1. But, but….thats innovation when Apple does it!!!!

        Anyone else does that and its …copying….

        Example: Samsung, inspired by the iOS home screen, used it in their app drawer design. Copying..

        Apple takes the inCase design and does whatever magical thing they did to it…innovation.

        The Wacom Bamboo Touch and Apple Magic Track Pad also come to mind..

        Apple and the Magic Track Pad isnt copying…its innovative…

        Its an amazing world we live in, isnt it?

        1. “Its an amazing world we live in, isnt it?”

          It’s just full of mindless sheeps, that’s all.

  5. ML – apple gets no credit since InCase is the one who designed it! I have read that a company in Korea made the “smartcase” for the GTab, but have yet to see one being sold…i really like the cover and is exactly what im looking for…

    1. Oh.

      The Incase one had the magnetic attachment did it?

      Maybe Apple did that bit eh ..

      Credit where credit is due

    2. Wow, I had no idea. Apple is taking of all of the credit for that cover with everything they say in public, so it’s interesting to hear that someone else is actually behind that innovation. (Not surprising though with Steve Jobs comment: good artists copy, great artists steal) Yet, I’m sure that Apple would still sue Samsung if they decided to bring a similar smart cover.

  6. I wish I was a German right now. Galax Tab 10.1 just became the coolest “black market” item you can own.

  7. What would be ever better is sell an accessory for the cost of the tablet + he accessory. So in essence you buy a really expensive accessory and get a FREE tablet!

  8. Wow!!!! This post is soooooooo not spam!

  9. That’s the way they do it, That ought to give Stevey Baby Jobs something to think about. Didn’t he also say that the 7 inch tablet was a dumb ass idea. Yep it must be if he said it, just ask all the very obedient Apple buying robots.

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