Rumor: Sprint Won’t Budge on Unlimited Plans for Forthcoming iPhone 5


A new rumor’s swirling around about the boys and girls at Sprint and what the arrival of the iPhone 5 means for their data plans. This isn’t exactly Android related, but it does impact those of you who have Android phones like Sprint.

The rumor is that Sprint won’t be touching their plan structure, something we saw Verizon time with the launch of their iPhone and something AT&T has done a few years after the first iPhone launched.

We’re not saying the iPhone was the reason for those carriers changing their plans up (they say it’s because of increased smartphone usage overall), but Verizon’s timing suggested as much. Unlimited is one of Sprint’s biggest marketing campaign forks and we’re relieved they aren’t letting up on the unlimited data peddle one bit (though no one ever said anything about throttled unlimited data – let’s hope it doesn’t come to that). [Venture Beat]

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  1. I hope they don’t limit data. I’ve stuck with Sprint because I love knowing that I can stream with no worries about limits.

    1. yeah… Sprint has a great reputation for quality service. muhahahaha right.

      1. Just because you haven’t had a good experience with Sprint doesn’t mean it’s the same way with everyone else. Verizon AND Sprint offers the best service where I’m at.

      2. they do depending on where you live… if you live in a southern state, OK or TX atleast, the service is great, i have full bars and full speed wherever i go in either state so just because it has bad service in some parts of the nation doesn’t mean that its like that everywhere

      3. Sprint is way better than verizon in rural NC.

      4. I’ve been very happy with my Sprint service. Been a customer with no troubles at all for over 10 years.

  2. I’d love my unlimited data if I got speeds over 300 kbps! That’s in a good area, at my house (with almost full signal) I get no more than 150 kbps. Good thing my Epic is rooted and I have Roam Control. Verizon gets 1.3 mbps here.

    1. Wanna tell me what roam control is and how it affects your data plan (if at all?)

      To me what you just said makes it sound like you can choose whether to be roaming (using the Verizon network) or whether to stick with the Sprint coverage…. Does the roaming cost extra? Are their downsides?

      1. Roam Control is an app available on the Market. If you have a rooted phone on Sprint, you can set it to “Automatic, Home or Roam.” I usually have mine set to Roam so I can use Verizon’s towers. Sprint has been having data issues here for months now, so being able to Roam on Verizon’s 3G while still getting my unlimited data keeps me with Sprint. So far I haven’t gotten any trouble from Sprint (It’d be messed up if I did considering I’m not at all getting what I pay for when I’m on their network.) I think theres only been one case I’ve read about where Sprint terminated someones contract for “Roaming too much” but he didn’t get any fees. Hopefully they get their network fixed soon. Sprint doesn’t have 4G in my area, and Verizon will be getting in on the 15th of this month. Come on Nexus…

        1. Wow…. Sprint doesn’t have great coverage in my area but that app almost makes me want to switch. The only thing it looks like the Sprint plans are missing is unlimited SMS/mms regardless of who you’re texting. I text way to much and the vast majority of the ppl have Verizon with a few AT&T users in the mix too. I’d wrack up a big bill without the “unlimited to anyone” that VZW offers. If it wasn’t for that I’d almost certainly switch and just roam when necessary. :/

          1. I have the Unlimited data plan. 450 min. for land lines, unlimited data, unlimited texting/pic/video. unlimited mobile to any mobile. I’ve had no problems. Even when roaming. Data or otherwise.

          2. Justin and Jeff, it sounds like you guys are saying you have plans that allow unlimited texting to anyone regardless of the carrier. I’m slightly confused b/c the verbiage on the Sprint sure definitely seems to indicate that unlimited only applies on Sprint to Sprint SMS/MMS.

            This is what I’m referring to (screenshot):

          3. I did some further searching and found these links discussing this “on our network” phrasing that Sprint uses.





            Based on those responses, it seems that “on our network” means the following:
            Texting to any domestic US phone carrier is unlimited even while roaming.

            Here’s the thing…. why not say that? The only Sprint employee that really says anything moderately like what I just said is in the first link. Even then his words aren’t as clear cut and convincing as the sentence I just typed. Also, why isn’t this info readily available to the public directly from Sprint? I had to google and find some tech who was replying to a question like mine. I understand there are stipulations like “we’ll slap your hand if you roam way to much”, but that’s what we have asterisks for!

            The whole thing just seems shady to me. That said, when my verizon contract is up I will be walking into a Sprint store and grilling a rep on this very subject until I get a clear answer. If the answer is right I very well may switch to Sprint!

            Thanks guys.

          4. I have unlimited texting to anyone and unlimited calling to any mobile phone in the U.S. regardless of which carrier they are with, combine that with 1500 anytime minutes to use JUST for landlines and
            unlimited data, its the best plan. However, my data speeds have been horrendous like I stated earlier.

          5. I have the simply everything data for 69.99/mo and I txt A LOT to people on other carriers and my bill is always around $55 w corp discount. So not sure why you’re getting charged more for txting.

          6. Sprint doesn’t care who you’re texting. I think the “on our network” clause is just there because they don’t want you to send a bunch of texts while roaming. They can and will terminate you for too much activity while roaming, so technically, it’s not unlimited while roaming, but rather, only while on their network. Last I heard, the official policy for roaming was that it’s “unlimited”, but once you use more than 50% of your plan minutes on roaming, you’ve become an unprofitable customer. Do it 3 or 4 months in a row, and you’ve got a good chance of getting a nice letter. I assume the same applies with texting, although clearly you can’t measure 50% of unlimited texts. They probably have a threshold value somewhere, though.

    2. I guess it comes down to where you live. Here in the desert southwest I’m getting around 500kbps at home and anywhere from 1.3-1.6mbps out in town with Sprint. That is on par with what Verizon gets around here. ATT gets a pretty consistent 1.2-1.7mbps and T-Mobile is stuck on 2G.

  3. If I didn’t still have an unlimited plan with Verizon – and wasn’t completely happy with my rooted Incredible – I would switch to Sprint in a heartbeat just because I *like* the company. I love the fact that they’re not changing their data plans to capitalize on iPhone buyers and that they’re opposing the AT&T/T-Mobile merger.

  4. Yes the whole data throttling I am under with T-Mobile is definitely a strain. There all these great streaming services available like T-Mobile TV, Netflix, Hulu and music streaming but I have to limit myself or risk hitting that 5gb mark.

    What I have noticed is that using WP7 on my HD2 uses less data than Android does. Thought that was kind of interesting

    1. How much less?

  5. I am a Verizon customer (been for the last 12 years ) but go Sprint on sticking to that!!, If I wasn’t being grandfathered into unlimited data on Verizon, id move to sprint!

    1. why? you want to switch to subpar service and crappy speeds? Really, Danny? Really?

      1. Y U no like Sprint?

      2. That all depends on location. You should know that by now. Some places, Verizon is faster, some places Sprint is faster. Some places AT&T drops everything all the time, and in other places they’re reliable as can be.

        Save your carrier-bashing for carriers that execute anti-customer business strategies. At least those can be proven to exist.

      3. Sprint is waaaay better than verizon in my area

      4. sprint is actually very fast

    2. Same, if I wasn’t still on Verizons unlimited data package and not their crappy version the release a month or two ago, I’d definitely move to Sprint.

  6. I hope it true that they’re getting the iPhone.

      1. huh. you’re a bit of a dick, aren’t you?

        1. why?this android site..go love your iphoney in iphoney land

          1. Corporate fanboyism is ridiculous, samsung and google want to steal your money for crap you don’t need same as apple.

  7. If they throttle their plans, I’ll probly switch carriers. I LOVE my unlimited date, and the speeds are usually very good. At night (when data loads are light I assume) I tether to my laptop, and hit 4mb/s sometimes, but an average of 1.5-2.6mb/s isnt bad either.

  8. Sprint has definitely endeared itself to me over the past year with the way they do business. And when my contract is up next year, I will be looking long and hard into whether or not to make the jump to them.

  9. I rather have throttle data than $10 more if I go over my limit. I wish I was grandfather in on ATT.

  10. “(though no one ever said anything about throttled unlimited data – let’s hope it doesn’t come to that)”

    Their commercial DOES mention the fact that T-Mo “slows you down” after 2GB, so I don’t see them throttling any time soon either. If Verizon ever decides to put a cap on me, or throttle me, I’ll go right back to Sprint. (I was with them for years when I was still on my dad’s plan)

  11. Now if only they had 4g in my area…

  12. “On our network” means not roaming. It means its unlimited when you’re phone is connected to sprints tower. Just to clear that up.

  13. i say make those iPhone customers pay more! don’t make me subsidize Apple’s profits.

  14. I bet Dan Hess will be on TV saying that they will still have unlimited but after a while when they either raise the price or cap or throttle, then he WONT come on TV to tell us…..remember, like the $10 premium phone charge for their so called $69 unlimited plan. I think they should also teach their store reps to greet and acknowledge the customers especially when iPhone hits their shelves…You know, iPhone users are pretty sophisticated!!!!

    1. ….And what do you mean by sophisticated?

      I know of many people who own iPhones, and sophisticated would not be the first word that would come to mind to describe them.

  15. This will likely end up like what Verizon did. Offer unlimited for a while, then cap. Hesse has previously hinted at tiered plans possibly coming at some point “if necessary”. They’re not going to introduce them right away, but it’s unlikely they will remain forever, as long as the other carriers are not offering them.

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