HTC Holiday Pictured in the Wild with AT&T 4G LTE

The HTC Vigor isn’t the only upcoming LTE superphone from HTC showing its face on the internet. The HTC Holiday has been spied in the wild with pictures finding their way to Engadget. long with this pretty good look at the device rumored to feature a 4.5-inch qHD display and 1.2GHZ dual-core processor comes confirmation that the handset will be among the first to launch for AT&T’s brand-spanking-new 4G LTE network. It should also get an 8MP camera with dual flash, 1.3MP front-facing cam, 1GB of RAM. The Android 2.3.4/Sense 3.0 phone could very launch as the HTC Waikiki.

[via Engadget]

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  • whoisyasin

    The question is, now that we have Verizon and AT&T both sporting LTE, would it be possible to have unlocked LTE devices that would work in both networks?

    • bmg314


    • Jordan Pfingsten

      Different wavelengths in the spectrum, sorry.

  • DYNK

    This should have been released in competence with Galaxy S II Internation Version in May. HTC are too slow and need to get a move on or they will always be 2nd best + Sense.

  • OMFCody

    This look is unusual for HTC and I’m a bit nervous. I like the idea of laying it flat to charge but it just doesn’t look good.

  • Carmen Diva

    FINALLY….a slightly different look to HTC phones. I am actually impressed because I can’t think of anoher Android(or Windows Phone 7) device that looks like this. But it actually looks pretty good.