Samsung Unpacked App Reveals Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 7.7


After Samsung released an Official Unpacked application for their upcoming IFA announcements, one nosy Android fan decided to go poking around in the APK. What was uncovered is an image revealing three devices we can expect to get our first look at once the Berlin trade show kicks off. Two are expected to run Android, the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, while the third will be a Bada smartphone, the Samsung Wave 3.

While we can assume the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be a tablet with a screen in the range of 7.7-inches (rumors have pointed towards it being of the Super AMOLED variety), most likely tabbed (pun intended) as a successor to the original 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Samsung Galaxy Note remains a bit more mysterious. Could it be a smartphone? A smaller tablet-like device? We’ll know the answer come September 1st, the date Samsung has set aside to unveil its new lineup.

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  1. 7.7 is perfect for tablet, curious about samsung note

  2. Does this mean to give up on Nexus Prime? =(

    1. nexus prime is still 2months away. it will be revealed when Google was arrange event for ICS.

      1. i hope you’re right! and i hope its going to t-mobile….i need to get rid of my blackberry ='(

  3. Some people in G+ were mentioning that the “Ocean” at the end of the teaser video would mean it has something to do with the Bada OS, which apparently means Ocean..hmm

  4. I am hoping the “note” means you can take notes. Today businessmen still carry a diary and a pen, and then a SmartPhone, an IPAD, and a laptop for traveling. The tablets today, other than the larger InMotion and ASUS slates, are still very clumsy for anything other than point and click. Maybe that will be Blackberry’s next cool thing to keep a lock on the business people?

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