Qik Premium Goes Live in the Android Market


As of today, Qik’s premium video streaming service is now available to all Android users. Qik Premium picks up on the free versions live video chat services and adds in features including the ability to download and save video, desktop sync via Qik Desktop, HD and 3D video, the ability to send and receive video mail, and a priority customer support channel.

But all of these great features will cost you. After an initial 30 day free period Qik Premium’s services will cost you $4.99 per month. You can find the updated app in the Android Market now.

Android Market Link: Qik

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  1. Not worth it. Monthly fees over app purchase price as a model is counter-intuitive to the mass market approach. How many monthly fees can the average smartphone user afford? Nvm the prepaid market. While carriers struggle to find a balance between fees v data rates, developers continue to solicit significant monthly fees on products that raise the bandwidth usage of the consumers who fight with the carriers for fair pricing on the data. As a developer if you think there is still a market for products like these because of activation rates you are mistaken. Those entering the market with their new smartphones this late in the game, are the ones downloading the free versions, many of whom have no interest in paying for ANYTHING you have to offer.

    1. However unfortunate monthly fees are, the alternative (the app purchasing model) is unsustainable. Qik, with what I’d imagine to be significant overhead in terms of server load to offer it’s service cannot provide such services indefinitely on a one time payment.

      1. I can think of no place banner ads word work better than in an app such as this. Those who do not want them can pay for their removal.

    2. Well, that’s a battery gauge half-empty kind of appraisal.. and it ignores the fact that you get flat rate video calling which was previously unavailable in any way to the same crowd. If people want DVD players they find a way to purchase them. Free is fine, but where there is value – people that recognize the value do pay up. I know I do.

      Now as to the monthly part, if they maintain infrastructure that keeps it all working: it’s worth it. Or perhaps you would prefer a service that only worked on one brand of phones?

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