XDA China Gives Us Our First Look at HTC Sense 3.5


Yesterday XDA.cn provided us with images of the upcoming HTC Bliss for Verizon, and today they have gone a step further by providing some screen grabs of the new HTC Sense 3.5 build that will ship on the new handset. While much of what will be different in the new version of Sense remains a mystery, it is being reported that it will be capable of running on older devices. Provisions built into Sense 3.0 made a hefty order of running the custom Android UI on devices without the specs to handle it. From the images we can see some updated Sense widgets, new homescreen buttons for the app tray and dialer, and the app launching unlock screen. So far the changes have us pretty interested in this new take on Sense, how about you?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Um yeahhhhhhh

  2. Can anyone tell me how I can at least get 3.0 on an Inspire 4G?

    1. virtuous unity, see xda. have it running on mine currently

  3. sense has become a bloated piece of crap

      1. *shit

  4. Sense is becoming the new window vista

    1. You?

  5. Sexi!

  6. One of the best things about Android are its widgets.

    All you people dissing Sense, name any other company that creates widgets as polished and functional as the Sense widgets.

    I somewhat disagree that Sense 3.0 is like Vista, but not completely. Sense 3.0 is like the functionality of Windows 7 but w/the bloat of Vista. Vista was bloat and a piece of crap because nothing worked on it.

    Here’s to hoping Sense 3.5 is like Windows 8! Even more intuitive functionality and even less bloat.

    1. Name the bloat, cause I don’t see any.

  7. I want password protected truecrypt on the entire SD card and internal data now.

  8. I am certainly not a fan of HTC or there phones, but you can’t deny that Sense is the best custom UI available to smartphone users. Sense 3.0 is beautiful, streamlined, and functional.

  9. From what I read the problem with Sense 3.0 was the 3D effect and other stuffs were heavy and power-demanding.

    Hope they give the ability to tune it down in this version..

    Back to confusion, what do you guys think I should get, HTC Sensation or Desire HD?

    I’ve read on some sites that the Desire HD unibody is much more rigid and better quality than the Sensation, which some claim isn’t unibody design at all as claimed by HTC.

  10. Doesn’t seem that different?

  11. Doesn’t look any different then my Evo 3d. I still think sense, tw, etc should be apk files.

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