Verizon Readying DROID Bionic Marketing Campaign, Reiterates “September”

The amount of evidence suggesting the Motorola DROID Bionic will be here early next month is staggering. After several independent rumors of a September 8th launch date, the Bionic has made tons of appearances – from Best Buy’s Buyer’s Guide to Verizon Wireless’s homepage. Testers received devices and leaked images and video to no end, showing us that Verizon and Motorola appear to be in the final QA process with minor small updates being issued to phones often.

Now, Verizon’s giving sneak peaks of one of the DROID Bionic’s first commercials, named Armor. At the end of the teaser, “[September]” flashed, reiterating that they wouldn’t miss the “Summer” timeframe they originally set when they announced the phone. But the fact that they’re revealing video marketing materials to insiders means we most certainly should be seeing some sort of early September launch.

Considering Verizon doesn’t like to announce concrete availability information too long before the phone actually comes out, it’s plausible we’ll be getting an announcement sometime around September 1st, give or take a few days. That’s just speculation, though. Just know that the Bionic definitely looks to be on track for September 8th. We’ll be digging to see if we can get more from the commercial. [Thanks _____!]

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  • Rob Meyer

    That first commercial leak was of n00bish proportions. At least give us something flashy and awesome while we count down the final week

  • Big R

    If Sprint is in fact getting the SGS2 on 09/09, I think VZW is going to have to launch it quickly as well. This mean very difficult competition for the Bionic.

    • Scott Attula

      They’re on different carrier, so not big competition. Plus everyone knows LTE is faster than WiMax. At least, all the smart people do :P.

      • molomolo

        LTE and CDMA is a dead end. It’s ridiculous that you can’t make a voice call and use data/internet in the same time as GSM does.

        • Todd Hamiel

          With LTE you can call and use data at the same time… LTE IS the future of 4g …you should prob know what your talking about before posting lol

  • Scotsman of Loch Ness

    It will be interesting to see if the Droid Bionic on VZW and the SG2 on Sprint release on the same day. The Bionic needs to get a good head start on VZW’s version of the SG2.

  • Big

    Motorola is garbage. Has been since the release of the original Droid X. I’ve owned several phones in the part year including The fascinate, Thunderbolt, Charge, Incredible 1& 2 etc… regardless of googles acquisition it will be a very very long time before I consider another motorola product. Galaxy SII will be by far the superior product. Let the trash taking commence.

    • panda

      i call shenanigans on the number of phones you owned. no picture no proof

      • Cipher Zero

        I wouldn’t believe it even with a pic. I could take a pic with all of those phones in it simply because I know at least one person with each phone.
        Off subject, but very cool avatar, I may have to borrow it. :p

    • ZeoVGM

      Yeah, that’s crap. The Droid X is a fantastic phone that got screwed up with the recent 2.3 update. Up until then, it was a VERY good phone.

    • Cipher Zero

      A DX, TBolt,Charge,DInc 1 and 2, “etc…”. (etc… implying that you’ve basically owned every Android in Verizon’s line-up?). uh-huh.
      Do you believe your own bullshit? The rest of us don’t.

  • HTC Thunderwiz

    The thunderbolt is still the best out of the 4g lineup

    • ZeoVGM

      Haha, what!? Insane.

    • Joshua Walters

      I like mine, but I got it specifically as a temporary until the Bionic comes out. It is okay if you dont mind the low battery and random restarts.

  • dcyamaha

    I may switch carriers if SGSII does not come out on VZW because of this phone.

    • ZeoVGM

      This is the first I’ve heard of that. Where are you getting it from?

    • molomolo

      Ha, keep waiting while other using SGSII on other GSM carrier (tmobile or att). Just buy the phone, put your sim card and you are ready to go. Otherwise big red will say you what and when to do

  • richardbrown423

    I can’t wait I have been looking forward to this device for so long, getting it on day 1 and im going to see if I can snag one of those tee shirts as well.

  • richardbrown423

    I cant wait, I have been looking forward to this phone since CES.

  • KurtTometich

    Got a hands on experience with this phone from a Verizon rep. He’s had the phone for quite a while and considers it very stable and ready for release. He didn’t have a hard date, but it sounded like early Sept (maybe even before the 8th) was probable.

  • DMB232328

    The S2 is not coming out on verizon….this sucks. I was waiting for the S2…now I might have to switch carriers. The screen on the bionic sucks compared to S2

  • Amanda Shearer

    I’m excited for this release, I only wish (like everyone else) that the commercial would have shown more detail about the phone.. Hopefully there will be more commercials to come.

    Two Way Radio Dealer, Red Sky Radio

  • super_ninja_1

    Bionic showed 11mbps with speedtest in one of the leaks … I hope this is true. Bionic is a true beast then.