Aug 24th, 2011

This just in, folks – a Netherlands Judge has ruled that Samsung does indeed infringe on Apple’s patents with the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II. With that, the ruling bans Samsung from selling or advertising both phones, as well as from selling the Samsung Galaxy Ace. It appears that the phones will be temporarily banned in all of the European Union.

According to the Judge, Samsung violates the following:

EP 2,058,868 – method of scrolling / browsing gallery;

EP 2098948 – recording a “flag” in connection with multiple screen taps, of which Samsung would use the system by using Android 2.3 or later version;

EP 1,964,022 – method of “unlocking” of a portable device through the touch screen an “unlock image” in a way to drag.

In any case, a full report of the ruling will be made available shortly at De Rechtspraak. We’ll update with more information as it’s available. [via Engadget]

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