Download the Latest Android Market Update and Install it Manually


Waiting on that awesome +1 button in your Android market? Need to lock access to your market down to keep people from buying/installing or uninstalling apps? If you haven’t gotten the latest update yet, you can manually install it by downloading the APK file (here) and installing it like you would any third party app. Be sure to have Unknown/Third-Party Sources enabled in Settings > Applications. We’re aware that some of you haven’t even gotten the first update (the one that first introduced the UI changes). No use in waiting, really – these are all the same APK files that users would otherwise get over-the-air. Your phone won’t explode into nothingness if you install it. And you don’t need to be rooted. Get to it! [Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Is this one Verizon branded?

    1. It’s Android branded.

  2. I have HTC Desire HD and still dont have even first update with new market. Any idea why?

    1. Neither did I on the Desire HD, tired of waiting so I tried the APK above and it seems to have worked fine.

  3. None apps i viewed haven’t seen option for + 1

  4. My Evo 3D still hadn’t gotten the first update, so I went ahead and installed the latest update this morning. I was nervous about getting malware instead of the real update (since these apk don’t seem to be hosted official sites), but I got tired of waiting.

  5. This article is misleading. The new market doesn’t stop unwanted installing or uninstalling of Apps. It only throws up an error for paid Apps if a pin is used.

  6. I just did it last nite and it when thru I have a EVO 4g it works but I don’t see the .

  7. I’ve been waiting for a few weeks for the Android Market update to appear on my Galaxy S2 (UK) so I was please to see the latest apk linked above (cheers guys!).

    I know that some people have moaned about the GUI but, I think it’s rather pleasing. I love the way that the panels load up quickly, even down to the swipe-in effect on the titles of each panel. Good job Google!

  8. Thanks man! I’ll get to it and see the +1 get rolling.

  9. on my rooted HTC Hero this apk does not work. After installing it there come a error message with Application not installed.

  10. Why no movie yet?

  11. Brilliant. Works flawlesly :)

  12. Works flawlesly, Evo 4G

  13. @bigbori same here no + 1 evo 4g

  14. No, Jeremy, your just an idiot.

  15. I liked the editor and att picks. Wish they’d put them back.

  16. I really like the +1 button; it can help offset people who rate apps 1star because they don’t know how to use a widget or live wallpaper, or the mental midgets who only rate an app 1 star because they felt too many people rated it too high, so they try to “offset it” by giving a mediocre or good app a bad rating (more common in the Amazon Market, but I still see it in the Android Market).
    Now, if they’d only go back to the old format, get rid of the poorly executed, ugly tiled interface, put back “just in”…actually, the +1 is the ONLY thing I like since they made the market look like it belongs on a WP7 phone. Just my opinion.

  17. Wont install on my infuse.

    1. AT&T doesn’t allow installing apps from outside the Android Market.

  18. I installed a custom rom an hour ago, and my market updated to 3.1.3, then I messed up the rom a bit, did a fresh install of the rom again, and the market didn’t update at all so I downloaded the 3.1.1 update but now i hear 3.1.3 is out, but do I have to manually update again? did manually updating it once stop future OTA updates?

  19. thank you, it works :))

  20. Works on Nexus S

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