Android 2.2 Found Pre-installed On HP TouchPad – Gingerbread and Honeycomb Coming Soon? [Videos]

Ever since the (now) affordable HP TouchPads have hit the market, people have been trying to their best to get Android ported to one of these bad boys. There’s even a $1,500 bounty for anyone that can get working versions of the OS onto the TouchPad. Now a few videos have surface from users who claim to have it already up and running on HP’s bastard tablet.

The first comes to us from a user on YouTube who claims he will not only have Android 2.3 Gingerbread up and running on his HP TouchPad, but also provide a video tutorial on how others can make it happen on August 24th. That’s not all, he also claims to have Android 3.0 Honeycomb running on the TouchPad by August 26th. I remain skeptical seeing how the source for Honeycomb hasn’t been released but it’s hard to deny anything with such an epic music score in his teaser trailer.

Our next video comes to us from a user on YouTube who claims his coworker’s HP TouchPad shipped with Android 2.2.1 pre-installed and he’s looking for answers. They have no idea how it wound up like but in the video you see a boot logo for QuIC otherwise known as, Qualcomm Innovation Center. Wait- so this is Qualcomm’s doing?! The plot thickens…

Interests are definitely piquing with the internet’s attempt at getting Android onto this failed tablet with some pretty great hardware. I for one have bought into the HP TouchPad hype (it could make a great stocking stuffer) and am currently scouring the internets in hopes of finding one. What do you guys think? Could these videos be legit?

[Via AndroidAndMe and Reddit]

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  • SweetJeans

    This is Fake! When they go into storage, notice there is micro SD card storage AND high internal storage! Am I the only one noticing this forgery? The Touchpad does not have a Micro SD Card storage or enormous internal storage!!

    • Chris Chavez

      It’s has 32GB’s of internal memory. When formatted, it equals less. I’m sure it’s reading the internal memory as an sd card. Remember, this looks like an early build.

    • poeeek

      webOS is better, why would u want android? to add malware? or to have an uglier UI?

      • shmigga

        Actually Honeycomb looks much better than webos. What good is a background if you can never see it?

      • Walter Sobchak

        Why would anyone want to add malware?

        Wait a second….. Are you trolling?
        Damn! You got me. Kudos.
        For realzey though, it looks like an enormous amount of people want android on this thing, how are you so in the dark on this?

    • Star_Orbiter

      78.2 MB is high internal storage?

    • awesomerobot

      Android automatically mounts old partitions as external SD cards – that fact alone leads me to believe this is legit, most fakers wouldn’t pay that much attention to detail.

  • chris125

    probably if it is true will be a poorly made hacked up version of android. Not to mention doesn’t look to real to me I am going to call fake. Also funny how when he goes into sd card and phone storage he quickly gets out of it and moves the camera away so you can’t see it.

  • Rob H

    Could they have mounted the internal memory and it is reading it as an SD card? The Droid X has /sdcard and /sdcard-ext. The /sdcard-ext was supposed to be the external card and /sdcard was supposed to be for internal memory. And looking at the ‘Phone Internal Memory,’ it looks like it is 76.52 MB. Not that much.

    • Chris Chavez


  • jjrudey

    There’s a “Limited stock” at my two closest Best Buy locations. Too bad I don’t have $100 to spare.

    • JasonSparks

      If your online search tells you there is Limited Stock at your local best buys I guarantee they are out. I doubt there are any left in any Best Buy anywhere. It’s a great deal, Android Phan or not.

    • Dario Sucic

      Seriously, I hope you are joking now, you better be.
      100 $ is nothing, they basically give it to you for free.

      • James Devenberg

        Believe it or not, in these tough times, not everyone has $100 they can go blow on a tech product that isn’t a necessity. $100 is how much me and my wife have to spend on groceries every month. I work full time, and she can’t find a job even though she has a bachelors degree. Given a week or so I could come up with $100 to spend on a TouchPad, but by then they will be sold out.

  • Chris Sullivan


  • Jeff432

    I can’t believe how quickly HP is going down the drain!!!

  • Ryan Suos

    Is there any where I can order this right now

  • phoenix_fire

    chris, i think you meant pique instead of peak, but i don’t think it can be written as piqueing

    • João Monteiro

      I can’t stand when people try to correct others without knowing what the heck they’re talking about. I took a quick search on an online dictionary, since English is not my native language, just because I’ve already seen this debated elsewhere and wanted to end any doubts. Piquing is irritating someone (like you just did :P) and peaking is to raise something (interest in this case) to it’s maximum level. Got it? K thx bye.

      • phoenix_fire

        rofl, love that you’re telling me that i don’t know what i’m talking about when english isn’t your first language. when something is at its peak, it’s at the maximum point that it can be, meaning it will start to decline. it does NOT mean to raise something. pique, according to means, among other things, 1) to excite (interest, curiosity, etc.) and 2) to arouse an emotion or provoke to action.

        try harder next time.


    Wish i had the money to buy one but by the time i do they will all be sold out

  • Eli

    I believe it when I see a system bump.

  • chinmay deshpande

    I just love it
    it seems like a Movie, with a great Plot
    the director is making u think what he wants
    1st webOS 3 is out with no takers to H/W as well as S/W
    2nd HP ditches the webOS business.
    sells their “great” tab for 100$
    3rd People go mad after listening this
    4th Set of hackers accounce that they will customize it with google green
    5th someone announces 1.5K for it
    6th some other one anounces that he has already coloured it in Andro