HTC’s September 1st Unveiling Nothing More Than New Windows Phones?


If you were one of the many HTC fanboys hoping to get a glimpse at some of HTC’s latest Android handsets for their special event at IFA in Berlin, Germany, well — don’t. Turns out the event scheduled for September 1st and that I spoke briefly about in my Weekly Wrap Up video, will will be nothing more than the unveiling of their newest line of Windows Phone 7 devices running the latest version, Mango. Looks like you may have to wait a little longer before you can get your peek at the new HTC Ruby (Amaze 4G) and Kingdom. We’ll also have to wait and see if Samsung follows HTC’s lead with a similar unveiling on that same day.

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Chris Chavez
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  1. super lame

    1. wp7 is awesome. you know what is super lame? HTC having the same phone design since the nexus one.

      1. wrong and wrong.
        wp7 sucks and htc has had different designs.

      2. Are you buying all their phones? No? Then why does it matter…you still have choice in Samsung and Motorola if you want different looking. How many ways can you design a slab shaped phone anyway?

        1. all htc phones look like rounded blobs.

          1. They look like phones to me.

            —– Reply message —–

  2. Still good news for me. I am looking forward to getting a Windows Phone 7 with Mango in the comming months and start utilising my .Net developer experience and creating some apps for myself. Will be good to use my existing skills onto something new.

    I have been following the progress of the Windows Phone 7 since it was launched and it is starting to show a lot of promise. Am willing to now try a device with the new and improved version of the OS and run it along side my Nexus S.

    Will be interesting to see how the features, ease of use, stability and performance of Mango stack up against my Nexus S with Android 2.3.

  3. weak. sauce.

  4. all u winphone boys…need the get the hell outta here! lol
    but…BEATS AND NFC or bust. and naturally…ANDROID!

  5. That’s not news!!!

  6. Why would HTC keep making Windows Phone? when M$ sue them for patent infringement and they owe them 15$ per activation line. I say don’t make any Windows phone if M$ sues u for every phone you sell M$ gets the money per activation line

    1. More than likely it is part of HTC’s deal with Microsoft(the devil) that they must manufacturer a certain number of WP7 phones.

    2. It was $5 per phone sold, and part of the agreement for that lower price was HTC’s commitment to windows phone 7. Although I think HTC should not pay it anymore. Google should sue or charge license fee on HTC (for the windows phone handsets) and Microsoft for using the cell-phone patented by Google-Motorola.

      1. There is no official source claiming how much MS gets from HTC.

  7. Winphone? Yawn.

  8. Little surprised by the comments here. You guys should be happy that HTC is setting news about a competing OS. If this was just an iOS vs. Android game, it’d get dull real quick. Having more competition means Google and co. will just step up their game even more. Here’s hoping we’ll here from RIM (if QNX makes out there door), someone to pick up WebOS, Intel to do something with Meego, and Samsung to do more with Bada.

  9. I’m glad its a WP7 phone. Now all the WP7 fanboys can shut up about not having up to date hardware or OEMs not backing WP7 or how Mango is going to make all the difference. When this flops there won’t be any excuses left except waiting for Nokia.

    1. Why are you rooting against WP7? Since when is less choice a good thing?

      1. Exactly, but more importantly, it’s billion dollar companies competing against each other. Unless you own stock in either, why other than for competition should people care? Any monopoly is bad, be it MS, Google, or Apple etc. And loyalty to any product /brand seems pretty lame to me. Any one of them will sell out for the right price. Many people here post like Google is their family. Google is a billion dollar behemoth battling with other behemoths to control you. Here’s hoping they all survive so no single monster controls us.

      2. For fun.

  10. If WP7 had tethering I’d drop my Android phone in a second. The iphone and it’s ecosystem on the other hand is garbage I want nothing to do with.

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