A Handful of Verizon Devices Reaching End-of-Life; DROID 3, Samsung Continuum and Tab 10.1 Getting a Bit Hard to Find

An update for you Verizon faithful looking to find a device you may want sometime soon. The Motorola Citrus and the Motorola DROID 2 (along with its global counterpart) will both see end-of-life on the Android side of the spectrum. Both have had good runs but have been outclassed by sequels or better comparable devices.

There are supply shortages for several other non-EOL devices as well, including the DROID 3, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Samsung Continuum. For the first we’re not sure if it’s due to shortages or lack of demand, the second one has been a hot item up against the once-pricey Motorola XOOM, and the third one, well, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that no one wanted this thing. Just sayin’. [Android Central]

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  • King_James_The_Wicked

    I had a droid 3 for about a week, It was a nice phone till half the ram stopped showing up. Returned…

    • ryancooper143

      that happened to me too, along with force closings(somtimes), random reboots………but i bought it online so i cant exchange it at the store and i really need the keyboard and cant go back to a non-rooted og droid

  • http://TheAndroidInvasion.com/ Chance Miller

    Wait. Wasn’t the Droid 3 just released like a month ago? And the Tab 10.1 like 2 weeks ago?

    • Doug Winfield

      Hence they are hard to find. They are not approaching end of life. The page title is a bit awkward.

      • http://TheAndroidInvasion.com/ Chance Miller

        oh. I misread. Title confused me. lol

  • http://www.DavidPat.com David Pat

    The Droid 3 is the best Android I’ve ever owned. I loovee the display

  • CalypsoArt

    And I’m still hoping for Gingerbread for my D2G.

  • T-Keith

    I always like the continuum better than the other galaxy s phones. Nice form factor, less shiny and the cool ticker.

  • DarrenR

    The walmart I work at had gotten a total of 5 of the CITRUS, we sold one outright, and the rest were recalled because the phone is crap. Which happens to a large percentage of Motorola phones.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7HY5ASZXK3WS6OPO2RZIAUGBQ4 Thomas R.

    Ah…the title of this article makes no sense

  • carolinatree

    I love that image of the grim reaper. Who’s is it?