Droid Bionic Shows Its Speed in New Image, Battery Life Said to Be Much Improved


There seems to be no shortage of information concerning the Motorola Droid Bionic these days, and new images are hitting the internet faster than a fat kid at the dessert buffet. Today brings us an image of the Bionic running SpeedTest.net’s Android app and reporting some serious download and upload speeds. The image doesn’t reveal much more or even provide a full look at the handset, and to be fair we can’t tell if the reported speeds are linked to WiFi or the phone’s 4G LTE radio, but we suspect one zippy device nonetheless. The image, courtesy of YodaDroid of Android Forums, also comes with word of much improved battery life. It is claimed that the battery lasts over 15 hours with moderate use. We’d take that on any phone, but if a dual-core, 4G LTE, 4.3-inch beast can have that type of longevity, well, that’s something special. Head on over to the source link below to join in on the discussion as we’re sure more reveals will be coming leading up to the launch of this highly-anticipated handset.

[via AndroidForums | Thanks, tehsusenoh and YodaDroid!]

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  1. I want some HTC Vigor news. I’ve been hooked on the Bionic all this time, but now I want to know more about the Vigor so I can see if its really worth waiting for over the Bionic.

    1. You can probably say it WON’T get 15 hours of moderate usage on release day, it is HTC after all, lol.

    2. not to be a dick but what does this article have to do with the vigor at all?? You want vigor news email them maybe they can make something up for ya.

  2. For being such a fatty, it sure is fast!

  3. wow, “faster than a fat kid at the dessert buffet”. that’s super fast – I guess.

  4. I’ve hit 20MB download with my EVO 3D on WiFi…

  5. As far as battery life goes, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  6. I will take it being a little bigger for awesome battery life…I am telling you I am sick of bringing my charger or always double checking before I leave my house??? Do I have to bring my charger??? Should I bring an extra battery?? Just give me a phone where I can use heavy for a straight 8 hour day

    1. ditto. I wish people would start commending these companies that place battery life over phone size.

      1. Or… pressuring Google to create a better and more efficient Android. iPhones don’t come with large batteries, yet they continuously blow away the opposition in battery life. This is because the software is designed WITH the hardware.

        1. maybe because the iphone has a little dinky screen….

          1. …and a very high resolution.

            There are Android phones with the same size screen as the iPhone. Find me one that has comparable battery life with comparable features.

            You just don’t want to accept Apple having great battery life in all of their products. This is true in the Macbooks, iPhones, and iPads. They continue to lead every market with mobile device battery life.

          2. Droid X1, X2, Droid 2, Droid 3. All those phones have probably 1500 mAh-ish batteries. The Droid 2 has a 1300 – 1400 one.

            Notice the common denominator…

            The iPhone still has the best:


            I dont really count the Atrix cuz it comes with a huge battery….but talk times go to the Motorolas. Overall battery life goes to the iPhone.

          3. 15 hours on D3……….sure iphone can play for longer, but their not having as much fun as me, while they wait for their pages to load

        2. We are talking about completely different technologies here. 4G uses much more energy. Plus, I am commenting on an Android blog, so you should have assumed I was talking about Android phones only. You couldn’t pay me to use an iPhone because of its proprietary softwares. Sure it is a great phone, but I want USB cables, removable memory, and removable batteries; you know, open hardware standards.

        3. Smaller screen, no widgets, one app running out of time, always closes an app when you back out of it, things like that keep the battery life better. The functionality vs battery life argument.

        4. Lemme know when the iPhone4 has a dual processing core SoC and a large screen.

          Pixels aren’t all there is you bozos, the backlight on a LCD screen consumes more power than the amount of pixels on the screen.

          1. Let me know when your dual core android phones decreases the lag in UI and web browsing to match my old iPhone 3g.

            Besides, aren’t dual core phones supposed to be more battery efficient? What a bozo.

          2. you are incorrect sir

          3. no phone has a 3.5 display just iphone you a jerk you dont know what you are talking about

  7. No matter what features a phone has when it ships, it will always be sad and pathetic compared to whatever mythical unicorn phone is rumored to come out “any time now”. It’s amazing how blazing fast phones that don’t exist can be.

  8. 15 hours with Moderate use on an android phone?
    Lies and more lies.

    1. My Droid X1 would like to have a word with you…

      Doing a battery test…1/2 an hour to almost an hour of talking, web use, games….dont really know if I used GPS….since thats something I wouldnt use on a regular basis….I’m gonna just say I didnt….

      Screen was on for 4 hours..I got 29 hours and the phone was at 5% or 10%. In an area with decent coverage, it can happen. If you’re in a weak area constantly looking for a signal…my Droid X1 at work barely makes it 8 hours with me barely using it.

      We gotta remember there are numerous factors to think about when it comes to battery life. Widget settings for data use plays a part too. Example…I set Beautiful Widgets to a 4 hour update schedule. Setting it lower might impact battery life more. And my moderate use might be your lite use..

      If unsure just check Anandtech’s battery life tests…notice which Android phones are all nestled near the top. Motorola and decent battery life could go hand in hand like Motorola and good reception…..HTC and battery life…well….

  9. I can’t believe this shit ain’t a 4.5 screen I been waiting since the flood vzw sucks goose eggs lol

  10. DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!! Anyone who buys this phone or the GSII is just DUMB!!! i’m waiting for the Samsung Bionic Universe S IIII. It’s gonna have a QUAD core Revelation chip with a 1080p SuperDuperAmoledTriplePlusReallyBetter display. It’s gonna be .22mm thick and be nothing but screen. It’s reported to have a funtional battery life of 23 and a half years and it will also cook you waffles in the morning. Totally saving my upgrade for this baby!

    1. What??? If it doesn’t make coffee, that’s a deal breaker!!!! ;o)

    2. but can it play crysis?

  11. Go f_ck yourself! Useless information.

  12. Wakotroll

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