LTE Samsung Galaxy S II Surfaces, Codenamed Celox


News has spread out of Korea that a 4G LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy S II is indeed in the pipeline with word of a September release attached. The handset codenamed Celox bears all the markings of the Galaxy S II plus a few key differences, most notably aside from the 4G LTE radio is the 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display. The display size and leaked image are reminiscent of the recently spied Samsung Hercules, though that phone designed for T-Mobile’s GSM network will most definitely lack 4G LTE support. Could we instead be looking at the phone destined for Verizon or even AT&T? Or perhaps some international 4G LTE market? Will the reported 1750mAh battery provide enough juice to power the large screen, dual-core processor, and next-gen cellular radio?

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. My instinct is that this is for a non-US market, if only because of that big home button which Samsung seems to be avoiding in the US with the Herc. I assumed that was for fear of injunctive action from Apple. Sweet device if it comes to Verizon though. I’d have to seriously consider it.

    1. I just wish that all of the suing would stop. I mean, I understand protecting property and whatnot, but are there really people that go to buy iPhones and think “Hmmm, SGS2 kinda looks like an iPhone, so that means I’ll get it instead.”? It’s not like Apple is losing sales to Samsung based purely on looks.

    2. I agree, however, what you’re most likely looking at is the Verizon (function). Only physical difference will be 4 capacitive buttons for the US market.

  2. Sold

  3. As much as I want an LTE enabled GSII for Verizon, I don’t want the awful fruit button. And what is that codename, Celox? o_O
    The 4.5″ Super Amoled + sounds awe inspiring.
    -Bye Bionic, sadly we never met.

    1. Yep, I feel the same way. I used to really want a BIONIC, but I feel like its time has come and gone, and now it’s just going to feel dated upon release. My next phone (in november) is most likely going to be a GS2.

      1. yea, real dated…because there are any other dual core LTE phones on the market…yawn.

        4.5in and only 800 x 480? Kinda 2009.They can keep it. I’m not blind. qHD and 720p are the future.

        It also only has a Snapdragon and not the exynos.

        1. Most of that is rumored specs. Lets not judge until it has an actual spec sheet leaked. Samsung’s biggest claim is always their screens, so lets wait and see before we write them off..

        2. the display will support the 1280×720 resolution.

  4. Another month, another “next month” rumor

    1. thats a euro model. It would make sense for the LTE euro version to come out AFTER the LTE US version.

  5. I like the “center” camera phone location on this ~ my original Droid is inconvenienced by it’s location. Looks like the Bionic has the same position ~ (;-(

  6. Could this be the Samsung Stratosphere that is rumored to go to Verizon?

  7. whats up with 4.5 its to big a have evo and i feel like im stretching my fingers sometimes i coudent imagine it being any bigger. i still think the nexus s has the best screen size and feel with the curve

    1. wouldnt it be better for samsung to make a nexus s2? it would be the nexus form of the galaxy s2

  8. It has 800 MHz LTE not 700 MHz like Verizon uses so unfortunately, I don’t think this will be coming to the States any time soon…

    1. Yeah, but I don’t think swapping 800Mhz LTE with 700Mhz would be that big deal for them hopefully.

  9. Dear Samsung and Verizon,

    for christmas all i want is this phone…exactly like the above picture…


  10. If its LTE and it keeps the same slim form factor…they must have done like Motorola and put the LTE antenna in the bottom.

    IF this is LTE….why in the world is the Bionic so fat?

    1. who knows. the Charge is pretty large as well. 9.39mm for a LTE phone is VERY thin. ( the same thickness as an icrap4)

  11. I don’t know why everyone is so hung up on Exynos. Dual core 1.5Ghz snapdragon is no slouch at all. It performs a little better than Exynos in Antutu benchmark.

  12. OMG its rectangle and has a screen..Is that an iphone? I’M SO CONFUSED!! STOP THE MADNESS!!

  13. This will NOT have the 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen. It will have the 4.5-inch Super AMOLED HD screen instead. SMD (samsung mobile display) announced that they will make two phones (nexus prime and galaxy s2 LTE) in 2011. (Source: http://www.etnews.com/news/detail.html?id=201108090209&portal=001_00001). *It’s a korean newspaper website, written in korean only.

  14. Now that I think about it, when ICS comes and the 4 capacitive buttons done with, what will happen to the famous Samsung “hump” at the bottom of their phones? Right now, the hump corresponds to the area under the screen in the front where the buttons are. But with no buttons, It will be awkward to have a hump on the back…

    … and I LOVE hump.

  15. I’ll take that with a side of curly fries please.

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