BlackBerry PlayBook Android App Support Delayed Until Late Fall


The BlackBerry PlayBook keeps us interested for one reason and one reason alone: its promised ability to run Android applications through the use of emulation software. The RIM tablet shipped without the functionality out of the box, but an update including the Android App Player was said to be coming this summer. We have seen a leaked version of the App Player in that time, but still no official update. It doesn’t look like it’s coming any time soon, after all. According to sources speaking with Engadget, the PlayBook won’t be officially running Android applications until late into the fall. With the tablet off to a rocky start and the appeal of the feature being quite the selling point, having the feature deployed by the start of the holiday season smells a bit like “do or die” at this point.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I love how tablet manufacturers can co-exist and get along. Oh wait… theres still apple.

  2. use android BLACKBERRY!!! but have that ui

  3. which is why my playbook was sold on ebay last week. It will never get updated.

  4. holy shit companies need to stop promising things and delaying them. at least apple just says “nah that won’t be in this version” instead of stringing people along

  5. Just like the Xoom. Make promises to get sales and never deliver. Sold the Xoom. Now I guess it’s time to sell the Playbook. Now adding RIM to my list of manufacturers to never buy from again. Sayonara RIM and Motorola. You’ll no longer get my business.

  6. Late Fall. Hope they will be updating the Android Player to ICS.

  7. I’m looking forward to more of a RIM & Google TeamUp in the future. Hopefully these delays will not hurt their relationship. It is hurting consumers who have been looking forward to the team up on the BB PB for quite some time.

  8. When this gets done, why would anyone develop for QNX if they could just develop for Android? I’d much rather have my app available for two different ecosystems with just one version than having to develop two version.

  9. The playbook is a POS

  10. I guess they can always count on government sales. Oh wait, spending cuts..!!

  11. i guess i am one of the few that actually likes my playbook…android apps are just a plus whether or not it happens – i have enough apps to keep me busy

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