Android App Player Leaks for BlackBerry PlayBook, Based on Android 2.3.3

The Android App Player for the BlackBerry Playbook was promised as part of a future update to RIM’s tablet, but thanks to some snooping by N4BB, a pre-release build of the apps emulator has been unearthed. What’s more? The Android App Player is based around Android 2.3.3, meaning PlayBook users will have access to a version of Android (albeit a very limited one) that most even Android users have yet to receive. That is assuming that the final build of the App Player is launched anytime soon. As it stands, the App Play could use a bit more polishing around the edges. It is apparently running a bit on the slow side and is missing some interface elements. We’ll be intrigued to see the final product.

[via BGR]

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  • tehsusenoh

    I’m thoroughly confused. I thought we had 2.3.4… What’s so special about this version? I get that it’s emulated, but 2.3.3?

    • tehsusenoh

      Okay, I get it. Nobody has 2.3.3 cause its only on the emulator anyway.

      • Monkey

        No, my Evo has it. Granted I’m rooted with a custom rom, but the official update to the evo 4G was 2.3.3

      • loopyduck

        It’s present on actual Android phones, but not many.

    • Eyad (formerly CTownOL)

      The App Player allows the Playbook (which is NOT an Android device) to run Android apps. It is not intended for Android devices, that would just be silly!

      *2.3.4 is just 2.3.3 plus bug fixes. Most Android devices do not have any point release of Android 2.3 (so they still run Eclair or Froyo). That is what the articles means by “PlayBook users will have access to a version of Android (albeit a very limited one) that most even Android users have yet to receive”

  • Brian

    The Playbook sucks

    • loopyduck

      It’s funny because that’s what iOS fanboys say about Android tablets.

    • TongueDar

      Lollipops. You on the other hand just suck!

  • D P

    blackberry is stupid. they couldnt come up with their own innovations so they blatantly rip off android? c’mon rim.. your time is the sun is done. give it up.

    • Jeremy Sheehan

      They only did this because they don’t have a strong app dev base. By supporting android apps (even in a virtual environment) means that they can still do what they do (make terrible phones/tablets), but have a fantastic selection of apps.

    • RalphJones

      Given that Google gives Android out for free as an opensource project, you really can’t call it a Rip Off.

      • Kevin Haller

        Yeah but to use that stuff without being apart of the Open Handset Alliance and also not releasing the source code of your device would technically be in violation.

        • E. Tasche

          Not at all. As long as it is not integrated into their OS and is instead packaged in an application *hence emulator* then as long as they post source for that application there is no chance of harm or fault.

          There is no connection with being a part of the Open Handset Alliance and licensing either, I have no idea where you got that idea, but where ever it is tell them they are a moron.

          • oksar

            You win 10000 internet´s for not letting the phandroid part of you taking over your brain