Samsung Function Shows Up on Mobile Speedtest Site, But is it Real?

Just grabbed this little sucker from has a speed test that users can run and it ranks devices on a leaderboard. Looking at the fastest phones on Verizon, one forum poster was surprised to see the Samsung Function. Unforunately, we don’t know if this can be trusted. We’re not sure where Geekaphone pulls their device information from, but there’s a chance it could have been faked by someone who ran a test on the site. Needless to say, we’re skeptical considering all we’ve heard lately regarding Samsung’s struggle with US carriers to get the phone onto the market. What do you guys think? []

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  • tehsusenoh

    I am really hoping this is true. You can’t believe how great it felt to see this.
    -OP tehsusenoh

    • geekaphone

      Hi Jake, we looked into it and unfortunately its not real. The test results that were identify as the Samsung Function were all users of other devices who had misidentified their device, most of them were Motorola Xoom users, which might explain the fast javascript benchmark speed that was shown.

      We’ve gone through the data a bit and fixed up some incorrectly identified results.

      However, we are on the look out for pre-release phones being tested!

  • MFG

    If true, would this mean it’s a 4G LTE device??

    • tehsusenoh

      Judging by it being above the Charge, Thunderbolt and Revolution, I’d say so. But this could all be fake, which would definitely be a let down.

      • chris125

        It is dual core though compared to those devices being single core.

  • Joaquin Garrido

    Well I think it’s true, but does it really matter what I think? Sounds like it’s probably the codename for their version of the S2.

  • oksar
    • tehsusenoh

      Meh, when I posted this, I was just trying to put this out there. I never guessed they would use my crap screenshot!

      EDIT: ThereIFixedIt:

  • dcyamaha

    oh please be true.

  • Supraman21

    How are you skeptical? A pictute of sprints galaxy s2 was just posted. This is most likely a controlled leak by verizon to steal some thunder from sprints leak

    • Brian

      no its not

    • chris125

      That wasnt sprints gs2 it was an infuse like device on sprint check out the forums.

  • eleazar

    please be real, please be real, please be real…

  • Supraman21

    I kind of hope its not real cause those speeds are 4g which means its a 4g phone all the 4g phone out are so thick. One if the reasons why I want the gs2 was the fact that it is the thinnest android handset

  • BoozeRob

    Please be true and they put a LTE chip in the SGS2!!!!!!

  • REVS

    wtf are those speeds? my sensation blows them away

    • tehsusenoh

      Averaged most likely.

      • REVS

        ahh yess i see i just ran one on speed test .net and got 9mbps and then ran one on this and got 2mbps wtf is that ab ?

      • geekaphone

        Yes, most of the results shown are averages! The “Top Results” section at the bottom of the mobile speed test are not averaged, for example we’ve seen the Samsung Droid Charge download at 10.7mbps.

    • HalfwayCrook


  • Synacks

    It’s above the Charge etc. because of Javascript. Because its dual core it can load Javascript much faster. And it’s probably showing the Function because I’m sure there are Verizon testers out there right now that have visited that website, and by doing that it will show up their device.

  • Jakub Palka

    4mbps is LTE……….lol

    The whole list is retarded.

    • geekaphone

      Hi Jakub, not sure why you think LTE is 4mbps. The site shows speeds as high as 10mbps for LTE.

      Many 3.5+G and 4G technologies claim very high data rates, our test attempts to measure real world data transfer rates.

      The site generally shows averages for all results for a given phone. The “Top Results” section at the bottom of the main page shows some high individual (non averaged) results.

  • Jakub Palka

    That site is beyond horrible and lying on bunch of numbers.

    Higher mbps up/down then all of them AND 700ms javascript beating GS2

    Yet they give me a score lower than all those phones LOL

    • geekaphone

      Hi Jakub, if your result has better numbers then the score should be higher, feel free to post a link to your result, and if its not working correctly we’ll get it fixed up asap, thanks!

  • Jakub Palka

    They have Motorola “droid” under Rogers.

    Site is a scam.

    • geekaphone

      Hi Jakub, in what way is the site a scam?

      I believe the Droid is sold by Rogers as the Milestone, unfortunately our site thinks they are the same phone (same user agent), so when a Milestone user from Rogers runs the test we detect it as a Droid.