CyanogenMod 7 Nightlies Coming to the Samsung Galaxy S II [Video]


We’re glad to see Samsung’s small (but large, relatively speaking) investment into the development community has paid off – nightlies are coming to the Samsung Galaxy S II! If you don’t remember, Samsung sent the team behind CyanogenMod four Galaxy S II devices for one purpose – getting CM7 booted up on that thing and making a good chunk of you owners happy. Now that the day is nearly here, the decision on whether or not you should buy that Samsung Galaxy S II shouldn’t be too hard to make. A video of it in action (running VERY smoothly) is above. [AndroidPolice]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Ahhh, I’m freaking jealous. Stupid EVO 3D and it’s bootloader shenanigans… Grr.

  2. Amazing… I’m getting this phone next week so this really makes it even better.

  3. waiting waiting waiting for the verizon function…….grr

  4. Yet another nail in HTC’s lid I’m afraid, lovely devices locked down and ruined.

  5. IIs it easy to root Galaxy S 2?

    1. Yeah, just flash a kernel in recovery then one click.

      You can flash back your old kernel after if you wish.

      Quite a few threads over on XDA about it.

  6. Brilliant. It looks silky smooth, too, though it’s hard to tell on videos like this. I think the UIs are meant to run at approx 60fps so a 25 or 30fps doesn’t show that much, but there seemed to be no lag at all, inc when pulling down the notification bar (which, on my Desire running CM7.1 is the main source of lag – it takes a half second or so to acknowledge your finger is there – once it does, it moves around very smoothly).

  7. Time to order one from Amazon. I’ve been a HTC loyalist since the WinMo days but this phone is too good to pass up.

  8. I will be so glad when this phone is released in the US and all these cry babies start complaining about slow updates and broken GPS. All this hype of a phone, you would think people are talking about the iphone…….oh wait, it is an iphone. Just an android cloned version.

    1. Har Har Har

      Just like the latest update to iOS is Android disguised in an iPhone case!? Yea, apple wants to bitch about other companies steal their stuff, most of the new improvements to the iPhone OS has been on Android for months/years!

  9. It does indeed look very smooth, just hoping this beauty gets a AWS type version as well

  10. Times like this make me happy I didn’t get the Evo 3d.

  11. Best mobile in the world just got better!

  12. Its really an awesome phone, about three weeks in for me. the live wallpapers scream on the screen. its so frikkin crisp! http://goo.gl/yTsC5

  13. Wtf, how about the 7″ Samsung Tab?

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