Android 2.3.4 Leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S II


The folks over at XDA have once again obtained an early release of an upcoming Android update. This time they’ve wrapped their mitts around Android 2.3.4 for the Samsung Galaxy S II, an update that not only adds in enhanced features like Gtalk video chat but also does away with a pesky battery drain bug found in builds of Android 2.3.3.

Thanks to forum member ficeto and his team both a stock version of the firmware and a deodexed ROM are available for download. As this is still a pre-release version of the software, chances are it is still a bit buggy in places. Head on over to the source link below for all the details but, remember, install at your own risk.

[via xda-developers | Thanks, Hollow.Droid!]

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  1. Tease

  2. Even though this is the ONLY phone I want to upgrade to, I’m now tired of hearing about other country’s GSII. Its like being in a Mustang club but the topic of discussion is the newest Lamborghini.

    1. That’s one funny analogy!

  3. Its never coming to the states. Move on.

  4. Come on AT&T! I have 45 more days to return my Inspire to Costco and get the next Galaxy phone.

  5. please stop teasing! I’m all wet!

  6. Sprint in July…
    It suppose to be announced this month for Sprint along the new 4G LTE network.

  7. Yeah forget it. I need to move on with my life. Its like watching a movie waiting for the hot lead actress to get topless…. After about an hour and a half you get sick of waiting, turn it off, and go google something quick and dirty instead.
    Hence my recently purchased droid charge. Sigh.

  8. Updates are fast with International version because that is Samsung’s main focus. You’ll be waiting forever when you have modified version SGS2 like it has been with SGS.

  9. I’ve just installed this (VillainRom 2). Believe it or not, but the phone is now faster (previously running VR 1.4). If you have a long list of apps, for example, when you do a massive finger swipe, there is no lag at all now.
    The wake lag is still present, but that doesn’t bother me too much.
    Swype has also been updated.

    There are probably a ton of other fixes, but I have only installed it in the last hour.

  10. Gtalk video on this is amazing. Good to see something like Facetime For Android.

  11. The Galaxy S is crap, buy it on June 20, 2011 and July 12, 2011 yesterday half the screen is turned black. I never fell and was not wet. The cell phone companies are about ready that quickly say that the cell received a blow and the warranty does not cover the shots. Now they want you to pay the full cost of the phone to give me a new one. This phone sucks, it’s more if I paid in my life and damage to me in less than a month. No good, do not buy it.

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