Toshiba’s New Mobile Camera Sensor Pack 1080p Punch in Small Package


Toshiba is sticking with the notion that bigger isn’t always better with the announcement of their latest CMOS image sensor for mobile devices. The new sensor designed for use in smartphones and tablets features an 8MP resolution and a pixel size of only 1.12 micrometers, the smallest in the industry. Don’t let the size fool you though — the tiny pixels mean more can be crammed into the backside illuminated sensor, leading to 1080p video capture at 30fps and 720p at 60fps.

Toshiba is just starting to send out samples to manufacturer’s this month, so don’t expect the new gear to show up in mobile devices until at least the end of the year when mass production begins.

[Toshiba via CrunchGear]

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  1. Yummy!

  2. The smallest pixels in the industry also means the crappiest photos in the industry. This is bad news, not good. The 2 micron pixels in the i*hone last year is a trend I’d be happy to see android manufacturers follow.

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