Nielsen: Android Still Number One as Smartphones Outpace Feature Phone Sales


Android continues to lead the US smartphone market as, for the first time ever, the sale of smartphones has surpassed the sale feature phones, according to Nielsen. A majority 55 percent of new cell phone buyers went with a smartphone as their new handset, an increase from 34 percent one year ago. Of US mobile users, 38 percent now own a smartphone. Android leads with a 38 percent share of the that market, up two percent, while Apple has also gained a percentage point to rise to 27 percent.

But Nielsen’s report isn’t all positive for Android. Android’s growth has leveled off a bit in terms of recent smartphone acquisitions while Apple’s is beginning to surge. It’s a battle that will continue to be fueled by a large selection of hot summer releases for the Android camp and rumors of the upcoming iPhone 5. The availability of the iPhone on multiple carriers no doubt plays a large part in its increase in recent acquisitions.

[via Nielsen]

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  1. Still shocking because you can get a smartphone for free on a 2 year contract these days so the people opting out on them are just choosing symbian phones for the heck of it? I want to meet this “majority” because I’ve never heard their reasoning. Maybe this is because of countries where smart phones just aren’t available?

    1. Probably cuz of the data plans for smartphones, for Verizon anyway.

      Even tho I barely use my data plan, I cant see myself without a smartphone now.

      1. Definitely that is why. We didn’t get our daughter a smart phone because we would have to pay $30 extra on her line. If we do decide to get her one in the future, we will definitely move her to Sprint where data is unlimited.

  2. The reason for any “surge” by iPhone is almost entirely a result of the phone now being offered by Verizon. Once those initial Verizon sales level off, the field of comparison will be level and we will see next quarter where the true sales percentages are.

  3. Android continues to advance the US smartphone bazaar as, for the aboriginal time ever, the auction of smartphones has surpassed the auction affection phones, according to Nielsen. A majority 55 percent of new corpuscle buzz buyers went with a smartphone as their new handset, an access from 34 percent one year ago.


  4. I am having so much fun with my new mini cell phone jammer.
    google:- yapper zapper

  5. And the sleeping giant – Microsoft – are about to enter the closing stretch and race ahead of the pack.

    1. Yeah, right.

  6. On the one hand I want Android to be the best…..but on the other I don’t like being mainstream….I’m in a dilemma…..But its out of my hands so I’;; just see where it goes

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