Jun 30th, 2011

Android continues to lead the US smartphone market as, for the first time ever, the sale of smartphones has surpassed the sale feature phones, according to Nielsen. A majority 55 percent of new cell phone buyers went with a smartphone as their new handset, an increase from 34 percent one year ago. Of US mobile users, 38 percent now own a smartphone. Android leads with a 38 percent share of the that market, up two percent, while Apple has also gained a percentage point to rise to 27 percent.

But Nielsen’s report isn’t all positive for Android. Android’s growth has leveled off a bit in terms of recent smartphone acquisitions while Apple’s is beginning to surge. It’s a battle that will continue to be fueled by a large selection of hot summer releases for the Android camp and rumors of the upcoming iPhone 5. The availability of the iPhone on multiple carriers no doubt plays a large part in its increase in recent acquisitions.

[via Nielsen]