Slew of Canadian Carriers Pick up the Samsung Galaxy S II


A handful of Canadian carriers have announced that they will carry the Samsung Galaxy S II, with more expected to follow. We’ve seen leaks that indicated Bell would release the dual-core handset, so it comes as no surprise that the carrier has announced the device as the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G. They haven’t announced pricing or release date, but a landing page is up on their site where you can enter to 1 of 10 handsets in a random draw giveaway.

Also jumping into the Galaxy S II fray is SaskTel, who announced that they will carry the phone for $79.99 on a three-year contract. They tease that the phone will be available in “the coming weeks.”

Finally, Virgin Mobile also announced the handset as the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G, though the carrier remained skimpy on launch details. Interested parties can pre-register over at Virgin Mobile’s site.

These certainly won’t be the last Canadian networks to announce their intentions to carry Samsung’s hottest new handset. We’ll keep you updated as more come in. Now, if only a certain other North American country would announce availability of the Galaxy S II we’d be all set…

[via Bell, Virgin Mobile, SaskTel]

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  1. are the US carriers going to be the last to get this phone??? PS th

    1. Still don’t know

      1. Fantastic comedy!  :)

  2. are the US carriers going to be the last to get this phone??? PS th

    1. Don’t know

  3. PS the new commenting system sucks.

    1. Disqus rocks!

  4. Pardon me, but seriously, as an American – WTF?

    1. American carriers are probably making different versions like they did with the  Galaxy S lineup. I hope they don’t, or at least don’t change it too much. I just want this phone so bad!

      1. US carriers are trying to turn the international version into different phones and then people complain about updates again.

  5. “Now, if only a certain other North American country would announce availability of the Galaxy S II we’d be all set…”


    1. I thought Mexico was South and Central America? LoL!!

      1. Ha ha Mexico is N. America bro. Your either on the North or South continent cuz there is no central one!

  6. Galaxy S III will be out about 4 months after the US gets II.

  7. LOL at all of the Samsung fanboys. Y’all were clipping on htc and the 3D….but where are you at now? LOL it’ll be an also ran by the time it hits US shores/stores. #TeamEVO

    1. Wow, i just read your comment 10 times in a row. You sound like your from the US, so please learn how to speak English. Also, you sound like Richard Yarrell, but he actually knows how to form a sentence.

      Seriously, WTF does clipping mean?

  8. when is it coming to verizon!!! i want i want iwant

  9. well at least we know they can cram 4g into this phone. i never understood how rumors of the american version being only 3g persisted. 

    1. You can have a “4G” radio (which ISN’T really 4G as we all know) or a 3G radio. What you won’t find is LTE as this requires both 3G and LTE radios. If you’ll notice the new LTE phones are pretty thick to accommodate both radios and the increased size in battery. Not sure anyone really thought AT&T wouldn’t slap the nominal 4G title on it.

  10. Hi, Samsung!  It’s the United States.  Just thought we’d let you know we exist.  We’re not a very well known country so it’s easy to overlook us.


  11. Like stickers on your vehicle adds horsepower, whining about the SGS2 not being available in the States will make it arrive that much faster.  Keep up the hard work!!

  12. On another note, 3 year contract??? Um, hell no, eh…

  13. where is it!? im dealing with an enV3 here! do you feel my pain?

  14. can-i-use-the-bell-or-euro-version-on-tmobile

    1. yes but you won’t get tmobile 3/4g

  15. Whilst all these countries are getting The Galaxy S II America and thieir greedy carriers are getting ready with their BIG FOUR- DUMBED DOWN slow ass updating Galaxy S versions…I feel for you guys already

    1. Get a life LOSER!!!

  16. This was posted in the “t989 Hercules” post but this seems more appropriate.

    “This is getting ridiculous. I would have bought this phone had it been RELEASED this month but its obvious that manufacturers see the US market as ignorant and stupid. There have sgs 2s in other parts of the world for long enought where we can attribute this to a marketing ploy. If it were really so hard to consolidate with US carriers then we would see this issue with other products but generally there should not be a several month gap in where a flagship product is being sold. Now we are all waiting on the butonless ice cream sandwich phones that will blow past our dual cores. The release of these products will be at the most 5 months away, This causes peopel to not only have buying uncertainty but it also causes people who are (no offence) dumb with money to buy the next phone and next phone for either full price (600+) or adding more years to a cellular contract. For those of you who keep saying things about how its not really eithers fault for whatever reason are primarily wrong. The evidence is the fact that they will inevitably profit more! Being in TV sales I can see how these manufacturers act when it comes to 2500 dollar and up products and even for those there is clear price gouging. Wifi is rarely built into any tv (non crappy vizio-esq brands) this requires users to pay an extra 80 bucks for a wifi “dongle”. basically STOP ASSUMING THAT THE MANUFACTURERS ARE NOT RIPPING EVERYONE OFF THEY COULD HAVE HAD SGS2 IN THE US AT LAUNCH IF THEY RELLY WANTED TOO.

    one more thing, I would never buy the next nexus if it turns out to be LG. We have seen rumors of it being LG then HTC and now Samsung. I prefer samsungs due to the amoled and ram they offer but, if the new nexus is LG, even if it is the most bomb phone that “makes you and island, turns into a fucking jet and then flies you there” I would never buy it. I would simply never buy an LG product, they are the most poorly manufactured electronics in the high price catergory. I am completly convinced that any good review on them was caused by them giving a hefty donation to whoever reviews it ie Cnet and Consumer reports. I have seen ALL of their products fail from TVs to appliances way more than any other brand. Sylvania seems to make higher quality stuff. But I in no way believe the recanted statement that the G2X was not recalled but on “short supply” I call BS. Their phones and all products are crappy, they should either make them better or drop the prices to compete with brands like phillips (tv), Amana (appliances) and maybe pantech or sanyo (for phones). I dont care if they have a tegra 2, a viewsonic g tab has one and they suck too and only cost 150.00 on sale no contract so dont be a victim of price gouging.”

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