Android App Downloads Now Top 4.5 Billion


The Android Market took a little bit of time to get heated up, garnering its first 1 billion downloads only after two years on the market. Would you believe that the same amount of downloads happened in the last 60 days? Those are the facts, according to Google’s mobile advertising sales director for Europe Ian Carrington, who announced that since its inception Android has seen 4.5 billion downloads from its apps storefront. If the number of downloads are growing at any rate similar to the number of device activations per day, the figure is likely to blow through the roof by the end of the year.

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  1. LOL, my cousin told me the other day that he heard that Android only had 20,000 apps. He uses an iPhone.

    1. Considering the market is half full of launchers, launcher skins, and apps for rooted users, he’s probably accurate.

      1. that’s probably true of iOS and android. but who cares really? 

        1. Exactly. If your phone does everything you want it to, there are enough apps. If it doesn’t, there aren’t. This is true for both OSs (and others – WP7, Blackberry etc) and it’s the only metric you should care about. If you care about anything else, it’s sheer, unadulterated, unhelpful fanboi-ism. 

          1. Yeah, who uses 100+ apps anyway, let alone 20k or 100k+.

          2. I do.

          3. I have 292 apps on my phone.

      2. Really? Tell me more.

        1. If you want to make a comparison, why don’t we just add all the different things that are available via Cydia for iOS? You know.. the same stuff you want to consider as “apps” for Android

          1. Your point is what exactly??? I already consider those as apps. I never said anything about Android being better than iOS (which I use). You are trying to make this into a fanboy battle which I assure I will not start.

            Please continue to vent your Android frustration as you always do according to your comment history.

          2. I will continue to vent, because I would like it to be better. If that’s an issue for you, I can’t help you there.

            And I highly doubt you use iOS by your snide comment about your friend earlier.

          3. Keep on trying buddy. Your trying to make me look like an Android fanboy but
            why would my avatar be a combination of Android/Windows/Apple? I have 90
            iOS apps, most of which I happily paid for since they are really good. I’ll
            name a few apps: Bungie, INK, Dead Space, Tiny Wings, Sky Combat, VLC,
            Battery Magic, MacHash, Ocarina, Rage HD, i-Gun, Infinity Blade, etc. I know
            there are a lot of bad things with Android but there are a lot for iOS also.
            The only Android phones I use are the Nexus devices which for me are better
            than the iPhone 4. iOS 5 copied a ton of features from Android so when the
            Nexus 3 comes out I will consider also looking at the iPhone 5 for my next

          4. You may not say it, but I will Android is better than iOS.

            Proof? iOS users have to hack their phone and use Cydia in order to get features that Android has since the G1.

          5. And that’s why I have always used the Google phones since the G1 came out. I
            hate when iOS users try to use that bull.

      3. and apple’s app store is mostly Fart apps, using the same logic as you

        1. hahaha

        2. Hahahaha, take that

      4. what is a launcher if not an app? and “apps for rooted users” if not apps? I find them useful

  2. if you have 10k apps to choose from…chances are you`ll find what you need twice.

  3. Amazingly, some Apple fan boys keep frequenting this Android fan site and vent their frustration… Are they seeking their Damascus moment? what’s wrong with these guys?

    1. Well if this picture is true then they just want somebody to talk to. ^_^×394.png

    2. They are part of a cult. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they shaved their heads and passed out pro-iPhone literature in the airports.

  4. I wonder how many downloads there are from the Amazon market.

    1. I’m curious about not only Amazon, but also getjar and other random places. Gameloft, etc. I can’t think of em all, but I’m curious how many downloads they get.

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