Jun 29th, 2011

Mr. BlurryCam has been polishing his craft, and his latest masterpiece ranks among his finest works. See, this one is so blurry that we cant tell if it’s the new Motorola Droid Bionic with its rumored 4.5-inch display or something entirely different. An unannounced phone, perhaps? There is a lack of Verizon branding that suggests as much, but without any official imagery of the new Bionic we can’t rule out that the logo may have been moved to the back of the handset (or might not be included at all, if this is a prototype). The placement of what we can make out to be a front-facing camera and overall look of the phone lines up with recent Bionic leaks, for what it’s worth.

Just about the only other thing we can deduce is that this phone will be running the latest version of whatever it is Moto is calling their custom interface these days. It’s the same UI skin we saw in the Photon 4G for Sprint. So what could it be? A completely new handset? A version of the Droid Bionic slated for other carriers? The Droid Bionic itself? Until we can get more details, we’ll have to remain a bit blurry on the subject.

[via PopHerald]

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