Is This Blurry Image the New Motorola Droid Bionic or Something Else?


Mr. BlurryCam has been polishing his craft, and his latest masterpiece ranks among his finest works. See, this one is so blurry that we cant tell if it’s the new Motorola Droid Bionic with its rumored 4.5-inch display or something entirely different. An unannounced phone, perhaps? There is a lack of Verizon branding that suggests as much, but without any official imagery of the new Bionic we can’t rule out that the logo may have been moved to the back of the handset (or might not be included at all, if this is a prototype). The placement of what we can make out to be a front-facing camera and overall look of the phone lines up with recent Bionic leaks, for what it’s worth.

Just about the only other thing we can deduce is that this phone will be running the latest version of whatever it is Moto is calling their custom interface these days. It’s the same UI skin we saw in the Photon 4G for Sprint. So what could it be? A completely new handset? A version of the Droid Bionic slated for other carriers? The Droid Bionic itself? Until we can get more details, we’ll have to remain a bit blurry on the subject.

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  1. isn’t that the droid 3?

    1. the ffc is on the right side on the droid 3

    2. I think brad is correct !!!!

  2. Looks a lot like the DROID 3 to me.

  3. It looks like it has a “SIM Missing” icon on the status bar. 

    1. woah-your-right-sorry-spacebars-broken


      1. It does lol .I was just pointing that out haha.

    2. if you check out the non blurry pics of the same image it says no sim or something. It is the bionic for verizon with LTE

  4. Droid 3, Fo Sho

  5. Must be a droid 3. Look at the bottom of the phone, it looks similar to the droid 2

  6. It’s not the D3. The camera is on the wrong side. This is probably the Bionic or an international version since there isn’t any branding…or it could be a test model. 

  7. the tongue at the bottom looks like the one one the 4.5″ bionic 

  8. Droid 3 has more of a bottom lip and its camera is located in top right corner. Probably Bionic form factor for another carrier. Sprint and Motorola seem to be getting along well these days. Plus it makes sense for Motorola to create one design and have it carried across multiple carriers. Like Galaxy S & S II.

    1. sprint had the photon. this is for verizon

  9. I sincerely hope this is not the Bionic.  It looks cheap.  That chrome paint is gonna chip off after like 15 minutes of use.  The original Bionic looked way better than that IMO.

    Although it may not matter because if the Galaxy S II has LTE, the Bionic will be completely irrelevant.

    1. I totally agree with you, the SGS2 with LTE would be epic.
      Motorola has a chance to really sell the Bionic if they release it before the new Samsung and it has 1GB of ram.  

      1. LTE devices (at the moment) require both 3G and
        LTE radios. If you’ll notice the new LTE phones are pretty thick to
        accommodate both radios and the increased size in battery. Sorry to be the Debbie downer, it would take a miracle…

  10. Think you guys are right.  Looks like the screen is raised above the lower portion of the phone.  Third vote for D3

    1. droid 3 doesnt have a lip like this. Look at the pics this is the leaked pics of the bionic.

  11. That’s not blurrycam… that’s an in-focus shot from an OG Droid!

  12. Droid 3 without pentile screen and 1gb of ram
    they call me a dreamer

  13. I really hope it’s not the Droid Bionic.  The casing for the phone looks like the Droid X.  I like my Droid X but my wife just got the Droid Incredible 2 and I’m really liking the screen and the body of the phone.  I was looking foward to the style of the original Droid Boinic because it look like they were going in a new direction with there case styles.  I like the size being 4.5 but not if it’s just going to be longer instead of wider.  The screen should be more like the EVO. Really disappointed,  Looks like a revised Droid X.  Please Moto,  Dont let this be the final draft of your phone.

  14. This to me looks alot like the Droid 3

  15. I’m convinced that Phandroid and similar sites take actual photos of phones, Photoshop them to make minor changes, blur the shit of them, and then post them as “Is This The Next Great Phone?” articles for click-bait. There can’t possibly be any other reason to post such crap.

    Congrats — it worked.

  16. blurry cams are stupid. maybe years ago when camera phones were that shitty, but not now. Articles like this serve no purpose. Man up and take a real picture.

  17. You’re wasting precious megabytes with this POS article. Do the world a favor and remove it.

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