Samsung Might Be Interested in Buying Nokia, but They Aren’t Talking About it [RUMORS]


Whispers have been circulating that Samsung might be interested in capitalizing on Nokia’s recent market floundering by proposing an offer that would see the Korean mobile manufacturer buying out their Finnish competitor. Neither party would confirm or deny talks, and Samsung went so far as to issue a statement calling the idea nothing more than a “market rumor.” And the whole story is just that: a rumor of biggest order.

If Samsung were to acquire Nokia we can only speculate at what may result. Would the company nix current plans for Windows Phone 7 and move forward with Android products? Would Microsoft — a name that has also been floated in regards to a Nokia buyout — stand in the way of the deal in hopes to preserve the headway they have gained with the handset maker? Then again, Samsung could always rely on Nokia to continue doing what Nokia does best, peddling feature phones to consumers worldwide.

It will be interesting to see how things play out, but we can’t say we’re totally buying the notion outright. Microsoft, again, is the wild card here. A Samsung-owned Nokia would equate to a huge shakeup in the mobile industry.

[via Electronista]

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    1. hahahaha…. the problem is they want 500 not 50… damn tab make me spend my money

  2. SAMSUNG doesn’t need just somebody’s market share, it’s #2 phone manufacturer in the world after Nokia

    Nokia is under Microsoft’s wing now, let’s talk about sinking SONY)

  3. The reason behind it is to be the world’s leader not just in Android Devices, but also on Window Phones and Tablets as well.

    1. What I don’t get is that they can already make WP7 phones and they have, how would bringing Nokia on board would make their WP7 situation any better? Seems to me they’d be buying a lot of “bloatware” with that company, too. Are the patents really worth it?

  4. Microsoft better buy them first 

  5. I’m confused … if Samsung brought out Nokia, then what would become of the Microsoft/Nokia deal? This is interesting news to say the least.

  6. This is a rumor just like a US Galaxy S II variant.  

  7. samsung, you better bring GS2 to Verizon, my money in the bank are getting moldy 

  8. If it means more android it’ll make me happy :)

  9. Samsung is gonna cover whole market of mobile phone. Regards

  10. I think, they will buy a portion of nokia…like the distribution division or something…

  11. Be total monopoly if this was to happen

  12. Let Microsoft have Nokia! They deserve a little cash too you know, and I’d love to see some more healthy competition in the Smartphone industry :) WP7 hasn’t been doing as hot as Microsoft may have hoped.

  13. fuck microsoft and their gay monolopy lockdown

    just look at at what happened to teh desktop operating system market
    completely dead and unchanged for 10 years thanks to fuking microsoft
    ruins everything and greedy as fuck

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