T-Mobile to Receive Galaxy Mini as the Samsung Dart, Rumored June 15 Launch


Samsung’s Galaxy Mini is headed to T-Mobile as the Samsung Dart, and CellPhoneSignal got the scoop on the mid-range handset. The handset features a 240×320 display, 2MP camera, and Android 2.2 and, according to the source that provided these press shots, will launch on June 15th. The Dart will join the Samsung Exhibit 4G and Samsung Gravity Smart also launching on TMo this month as the carrier rounds out its budget Android offerings. Yes, expect this one to be priced on the cheap, though we don’t have any firm details.

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  1. Sounds just like a horrible phone to me, that’s about it. ^^

  2. the camera is 3.2MP, i have one

  3. I bought it in Philippines for $ 200

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