Fix for HTC Thunderbolt Reboot Issues Coming Later this Month


If you count yourself among those experiencing random reboot issues with your HTC Thunderbolt after Verizon issued its latest update to the handset, you’re problems are going to be solved…soonish. A fix is in the works to clear up those pesky resets, according to an internal memo from the carrier. The update isn’t ready just yet, but should be hitting during the second half of June if Big Red can stick to their own schedule. You know how these things go. If you can’t wait for Verizon to get their act together for the update and you can’t stand another reboot, employees have been authorized to deliver to you a brand new Thunderbolt in exchange for your old one.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. So then.. what does that mean for their previously announced target of Gingerbread being pushed in the second quarter of 2011?

  2. Not brand new. Refurbished. And I guess that means that they aren’t going to make their deadline of gingerbread by the end of Q2. Greatt.

  3. Uhh… no, employees will not give you a brand new one. They are allowed to give you a refurbished one only.

    Not sure where you get your information, but it is incorrect.

  4. By the way, I did manage (last week) to get a brand new one without the update, but it did *not* come from Verizon.

  5. Mine kept on restarting, got a refurb, that kept on restarting. Put DASBAMF Os on there with a new radio.

    Still restarts.

    1. Ugh me too! I pd 250 for a NEW phone..it restarted over and over. They sent me a “certified preowned” and its restarting too!

  6. Luckily I was within my 14 days so they had to give me a new phone.  It tried to download the update so I pulled the battery.  No issues since.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

  7. Already running Gingerbread on my TBolt. dasBAMF v2.05. Super sweet. No reboots, no issues.

    1. What radio version are you running?

  8. I bought a Thunderbolt from Verizon last week. So far, no reboots. How do you check to see whether or not it came loaded with the last update?

    1. According to my source new ones are currently shipping with the launch firmware, which didn’t have the reboot problem. The update has been pulled from the FOTA system so it isn’t currently being pushed. You should be running launch firmware.

  9. This indicates that gingerbread will come sometime around when everyone else gets ice cream sandwich. *blurts obscenities* 

  10. So glad I was able to trade my tbolt for the Samsung Charge….WINNING!!!

    1.  Indeed.  The Charge is where it’s at.  Everyone on HTC manbits.  When they can make a phone that can last more than 3 hours on a charge I will be interested.

  11. Lesson learned, wait a few days to let other people try the update!  No reboots initially and multiple reboots after updating.  www.affordablepcgeek.com

  12. Yeah, right, brand new my rear end. The story with “big red” is they will send you a different handset, but it WILL be a refurb. Trust me, I have had three T-Bolts (the original and two replacement handsets). None of them worked properly…all rebooted and none of them worked with exchange server 2010. They need to get 2.3.4 on this phone ASAP. I switched back to using my DROID X. Now I have gingerbread and a good battery-life phone. Not sure that I will even go back to the T-Bolt. Bring on the BIONIC!!!

  13. I work for Verizon. If you are within your first 14 days of the phone, you get a brand new phone out of the box. Outside of 14 days, you are getting a refurb.

  14. i just got a brand new tbolt from verizon… after 4 refurbs.. and yes this one is brand new…

  15. i will trade my t bolt with extended battery for a samsung galaxy s2 plz with cyanogen installed =]

  16. If you get a new thunderbolt will you have to put all new apps on it cause one of my apps isnt on the market anymore but this reboot is annoying and kills my battery.

  17. Is there seriously no way they can revert to launch firmware via an OTA update? Is that too much to ask? I use my phone for work- not 10 mintues ago it rebooted during an important phone call. If 2.3.4. is taking this long to release, at the very least they owe it to us to push launch firmware OTA. Would that be so hard? Extremely disappointed, Verizon…

  18.  Where was the rule about them sending you a new phone posted? I keep trying to get a new one and they keep wanting to send me a “certified preowned” and I’m not gonna let them give me a used device after I payed for a new one

    1. Call the warranty center and not the asurion.

  19. Its kinda screwy that they have so many refurbished TB’s already…

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