Some Lucky Droid Pro Users Receiving Android 2.3.3 Update

Over the weekend we only expected the Motorola Droid X to start receiving Gingerbread in small doses, but reports have come in from at least a few Droid Pro owners with evidence that an Android 2.3.3 update is headed to the BlackBerry-esque phone as well. Whether the update comes as part of a wider rollout or as a test build that somehow escaped before it was meant to, it’s a good sign that Droid Pro users will be with the latest version of Android in the very near future. This will bring the Pro up to speed with the original Droid X, leaving only the Droid 2 waiting for its Gingerbread upgrade. Unfortunately, there is little to report on the situation with that device at the moment.

[via DroidLife]

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  • kes601

    Installing it on my boss’s Droid Pro.  I got the Droid 2 at the same time, figured I’d see the update first….

  • jon

    I’m still waiting on my Droid X update. I live in the metro NY area and am still to see a hint of the GB update.

  • Justin.g11

    So some “lucky” people get updated to an old version of android? I hope this isnt the update pledge wert heard about in google IO in action…


    Perfect :) now my droid X and my wife’s Pro will have gingerbread.

  • Dodadado

    And to think I actually wanted to switch over to Verizon just for this dumb phone last year. Tiered plans = *2 thumbs down*