HTC EVO 3D Launching in Late June, According to Latest Sprint Playbook


Sprint’s latest edition of their Playbook magazine for employees is shedding new light on when we might see the HTC EVO 3D. Though rumors had placed the device at the beginning of June, it is looking more likely that the handset will launch during the fourth week of the month. Still, no firm date is provided. Nothing is official until a press release mozies across out desk, but given its successor status to the original EVO, which launched last year during June, we’d say it’s a safe bet that we will see the EVO 3D launched at some point during the month.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. So much for Dick being right, heh?

    1. LMAO he was raging around androidcentral. My toddler throws more rational tantrums.

      1. of?

      2. …Be jealous of how extremely childish and ignorant you are?  Riiiiiiiight. Because being childish, arrogant, and extremely biased is DEFINITELY top on my list of attributes I want to have. 

        1. Please. You would welcome ANY money from anywhere, just so long as it’s money. You, who were in fact living on the streets of NYC and who now has a job as a lowly janitor. I don’t want your tainted Evo, nor do I want to give you any money. As for my upgrade status, I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, I got my Moment the early part of June, and I am not the primary number on my account. Therefore, I don’t have yearly upgrades, and I don’t feel like shelling out $200+ for a phone I’ll have for maybe a year and a half. “SITTING IN THAT DARK ROOM…” Please. That’s the stereotypical image of a hacker/programmer/geek. And it’s flat out wrong. I actually do my modding and hacking in a well lit room with windows on the first floor of my house, not the “deep dark basement” that everyone thinks of when they hear the word “hacker”. Try not insulting yourself by making such ridiculous guesses. 

        2. Great cap. all the letters that gets everyone’s attention you troll errr I mean 9/11 conspiracy theorist!

        3. To add on, I’ve never considered myself an “EXPERT” when it comes to rooting. Just a lot more knowledgeable than you. There are still a lot of things I don’t know, and sure, with my old ass Moment, I can’t really keep up with all the advances in the dev community. Such is life. You don’t see me whining and complaining that I don’t have “the most advanced smartphone” or “the latest and greatest”. Am I a troll? Sure. At least I’ll acknowledge that fact. You on the other hand, have yet to realize the fact that you are what you accuse me of being, a troll. So please take your hypocritical a** somewhere else. 

    2. You forget, half the places you will actually be able to make calls on the thing, will be roaming on Verizons network. Little lesson, it isnt the phones that make the network, it is the network. And Sprints network blows.

      1. that’s a pretty blanket statement. i switched to verizon because i thought that was true in my area, and i wish i could go back to sprint…

        1. Your right, it is a blanket statement. Covering the entirety of their network. Surely, there will be an occasional area where sprint gets better coverage. There are a LOT more areas, where Verizon gets better coverage. Just look at the maps and compare. Verizons network covers twice the area of Sprints.

          1. I travel all over the nation for work using an Evo 4G on Sprint.  I’ve never had a problem with coverage (although, I’m usually traveling to big cities, not-middle-of-nowhere, USA). I’m not saying Sprint is better than Verizon, just saying I’ve never had reception problems. 

          2. Just look up the maps.  Verizon doesn’t show where you will be roaming (on Sprint’s Network)… Sprint actually shows roaming areas.  The coverage nationally is comparable.  Sprint just is honest and informs you of where roaming will be happening.

          3. Point is, Verizon just doesn’t tell you when you are roaming.  Based on your logic, they have no roaming areas.  Take off the Verizon shades and open your eyes.

          4. @M33K, the point is, that blanket of red is where VERIZON has service. voice, AND 3G, that is THEIR network. Now look at Sprint, where there is green is where they have service. Voice and 3G. To say that is comaparable means you are color blind. VERIZONS network is DOUBLE that of SPRINTS. Roaming aside. Now, by your logic, Sprint must have a “roaming network” that is only accesable to Verizon customers, if it is comaparable. HALF of Sprints coverage is roaming. Are you really claiming it is the same for Verizon?

          5. @nisme does the whole map matter? No just your own area, if it works in yur area great, i choose sprint, $220, 4 lines, insurance on all4, roadside on mine, family locator, nlimited, 1500 landline mins, unlimited calls to any cell phone….$220 phones: htc evo, htc herow/ android2.3, palm pre, BB Curve

          6. @MORTALKOMBAT, well if you just want to talk about my area, again Sprints coverage BLOWS. They dont have service here. Now, about the whole map, of course it matters. I have a land line. I travel all across the nation. Why would I want half the service area? Sprints coverage sucks for a lot more people than does Verizons.

            @Squiddy, except my crap is true.

          7. Jesus, shut up already. You’re just as bad as Richard, just with Verizon instead of Sprint…

        2. The point is, even Sprint knows that Verizons coverage is far better. Hence the reason half their map is gray, roaming, on Verizons network. Get what you pay for. Upgrade that evo to be comaprable to those 250 300 dollar phones, and it is 250 300. Considering you need a bigger sd card and a bigger battery. And my charge lasts DAYS.

          @danny, glad to know you consider anything that isnt a larger city to be “middle of nowhere”. I live an hour outside NYC, and Sprint has no coverage.

          @M33K, looking at Verizons map, they have most of the country blanketed in 3G, looking at Sprints map, they have most of the country blanketed in “roaming”, limited to voice. Hardly is that “comparable”. Like I said, Verizon doubles Sprints coverage.

        3. Yet again, I have to point out that initial reviews of the battery life of your precious Evo 4G weren’t that great. Most cites reported 4 hours MAX when using nothing but 4G. Look it up.

        4. Plus verizons selection, iphoe4 n PS fone are good but droid1/2&x2 suck thunderbolt outdated, and besides that sprint gives free calls to any cell network, verizon,atnt,whoever, n its cheaper, i get great great service in cincinnati but then again so is verizon, atnt and tmobile so service isnt the big deal ppl in other cities complain bout

        5. @MORTALCOMBAT, I would put my old X up against your EVO anyday. If the TB is outdated, surely the EVO is. Considering the fact it has an upgraded EVERYTHING over the EVO. Processor, ram, camera,screen, storage, even the kickstand is better on the TB. And the EVO is the BEST Sprint has right now.

      2. How is the battery on that Evo? Shit!!! My Charge on the other hand, amazing.

        1. My battery lasts 16+ hrs, use a great battery saving kernel, collinsbatterysaver or somethings i think its called
          Htc evo 4g rooted

        2. @Mortalkombat, so, you had to root to get mediocre battery life? My STOCK Charge gets 36+ hours. It is only a matter of time before the TB and Charge both get roms that will extend their battery life too. Not that it is needed with the Charge.

    3. Hahaha what a childish “dweeb” you are for calling me specifically out. The E3D will NOT rule ANDROID, it will rule Sprint. There’s a BIG difference. I’m fairly certain that there’s already phones slated to be released that have more processing power and higher specs all around. Such is the way of the tech world. And what happened to that June 4th release date you were so confident about? I thought you were the “all powerful and all knowing” Richard Dick Yarrell? Please. Don’t make predictions and accusations you can in no way back up or prove. It makes you look incredibly stupid. BTW, do you know any other insults other than “dweeb” or “bum”? It gets quite redundant after the first 10 uses…

      1. That’s not the real Yarrell, just an fyi.

        1. They said the same thing at first when he went from “yarrellray” with a Disqus account (profile pic), to “yarrellray” who was posting stuff as a guest (no profile pic). 

          1. And he was Richard before that.

          2. @5e830e31aafb20310201d225b78a4c7f:disqus Wasn’t that before Phandroid adopted Disqus?

        2. Sprint dont work here.

        3. So, they kicked you off your Disqus account, you make a guest profile named “yarrellray”. Then, (I presume) they blocked “yarrellray” as a profile name, so you create “Ryarrell”? Can you maybe take the HUGE hint being sent to you from the moderators? As for my “hating on [the] Evo 3d”, I’m not. I have never said anything to the effect of “the E3D is a piece of sh*t” or any other variant you can think of. I am simply stating the obvious truth, there are phones in the works and slated for release sometime this year, that have better specs than the E3D. It’s just the way the tech world works. Everyone is always trying (and generally succeeding) in besting their competitors. The smartphone arena is no different. And can you please make up your mind about the GS2? One day, you do nothing but take potshots at the phone and its manufacturer, the next you’re practically praising it. Can you say “bipolar”? Besides, the way I see it, a phone (E3D) can’t “rule Android” if it hasn’t even been released. So your statement of “spec wise the Evo 3d… rule as of today May 31st 2011” is completely invalid. Come back to me with this statement in a month or so.

    4. It can’t “PIMP SLAP” anything if it won’t be out for another 4 weeks…

      1. Jesus, shut up already, your just as bad as he is.

        1. Wow. How original. You can copy and paste what I basically said to you. Good job on that.  How am I “just as bad as he is”? I’m stating cold hard facts. He’s ranting about how the E3D will be the greatest Android powered device ever. What I said was true. For a device to “pimp slap” another device (something that can’t be done since they don’t have hands), I would assume both would need to be released. Otherwise, we wouldn’t know how either will hold up under real world conditions. Kinda like how “x phone vs. y phone” reviews go. They generally aren’t done until both devices have been released.

          1. It was more a point you said to me. And you took the same defense on it that I did. You know, with my comments on the fact that Verizon’s coverage is twice that of Sprint’s. That you felt the need to tell me I was just as bad as he is. Thing is, thats a fact. As in “what I said was true”.

          2. @Nlsme:disqus  Point taken, and true. My bad.

  2. From what I read via a Sprint employee is that the playbook “fourth week” is the 4th week of training, not that it is being released in the fourth week… and that these playbooks are created weekly.

    1. So then the real question becomes: generally, how long is training for any one device?

  3. This has technically been disproven at the XDA boards. Fourth week in June is referring to the fourth week of training for the phone…not the release date. or something like that. There are Sprint employees discussing it at XDA

  4. I guess that troll NostraDamus errr I mean YarellRay will stop acting like Dan Hesse and know it all!  He seemed to think he knew the date all the time, go back to listening to sports talk during the day, looking for a job, and moving out of your mom’s basement.

    1. Aren’t you banned, little boy?

    2. Considering he actually knows how to spell and use correct grammar/punctuation, I’d say he’s a little more advanced than “grade school”. Don’t insult people about education when you clearly don’t have any. Maybe you should do yourself a favor and go back to living on the streets.

  5. i work at radioshack and on our sales flyer for the week of june 5th though june 11th has the evo 3d on the front telling customers that they can preorder it at radioshack.com and if they trade in their old phone they get 100 off blah blah etc… so it seems to me the evo wont be released until the week after or the last week of june

    1. i was hoping it wud be next week of the release. my epic is getting real old by the day

    2. OMG! This must be the FIRST time Dick Yarrell has ever admitted he was wrong!!! The world must be coming to an end! Oh wait, now he’s starting to sound EXACTLY like this guy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Camping

  6. Yarrelray, should have known you are posting, how about YOU GO BACK TO THE FARM THAT YOU CAME FROM. Seriously, by the time it drops it’s already not going to be the best phone, gs2 is better, gs2 is better. Hahahahaha. I hope the rest of you buying an EVO enjoy, however, I hope u have all the problems in the world ray.

  7. I think the release date got moved so it’s outside the 30 day window for all the people unhappy with the Nexus S 4G’s crappy signal strength.

  8. The fact that you (whoever you are) are arguing on an effin OS website is embarrassing. Log off and get a (job) life. Nerds.

  9. i think I will pass on the 3D for now in hopes that another dual beast emerges later on, preferably with a 4.5″ – 5″. If the 3D had the bigger screen I would jump all over it.

  10. evo 3d is a piece of shit…it will be outdated by july with many better phones, and sprint can go suck a dick to. Their not worth a shit, i’d rather have AT&T or T-Mobile

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