ViewSonic unveils dual-boot ViewPad 10Pro, dual-core ViewPad 7x


ViewSonic has all sorts of goodies for us at Computex this time around, including new tablets galore. The company unveiled their 10-inch, dual-booting Windows 7/Android 2.2 ViewPad 10Pro along with their 7-inch, dual-core ViewPad 7x with Honeycomb. Actually, dual-boot might be the wrong term for the ViewPad 10Pro. The 1.5GHz Intel Oak Trail tablet actually virtualizes Android on top of Windows, making switching back and forth between the two operating systems quick and painless. Other specs for the 10Pro include 32GB of storage and 1080p playback (you can get 4.5 hours of said playback thanks to the 3500mAh battery).

The ViewPad 7x is another tablet claiming to be the world’s first 7-inch Honeycomb slate, and runs at 1024×600 pixels. It comes with a NVIDIA Tegra 2 clocked at 1GHz and features HSPA+ connectivity. Pricing and release details are not available for either new tablet at this time.

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  1. I don’t think this is such a good idea for a Tegra 2 device. It’s essentially running an Android emulator and it Tegra 2 already doesn’t handle Honeycomb that well imagine how much worse it’s going to be when Windows is also running in the background. Despite the poor choice of proper hardware I do think this is a great idea.
    Edit: just realized it’s 2.2 which makes this completely nonsensical. Manufacturers need to get with the times dammit.

    1. The pro 10″ version comes with a 1.5ghz Intel Oak Trail, the 7″ one comes with a Tegra 2

      1. Oh wow. I just didn’t read any of that clearly I guess. But can we agree that this 2.2 stuff is just old now and needs to stop shipping?

  2. This product is failz… talking about the 10 inch here, 
    The cost of an x86 processor with the speed of a dalvik vm running in a windows vm…  with no 3d excelleration im guessing.

    This is just a windows tablet, don’t bother mentioning the android stuff here… 

    1. This is what I’m looking for..  though I’ll load Linux and run Honeycomb in a VM… as well as webOS when it comes out for Intel.  Is showing up online for around $650-$700.

      Anyone know where to download the Honeycomb for Intel image? I’d like to run under VirtualBox.

  3. make it 3.0 and we’re in business!

  4. I’d prefer if the 10″ model did genuine dual-booting…that way the unit could devote all it’s hardware to either one OS or the other, not having to struggle with running a faxcimily of one OS ontop of the other.

  5. After the crap 3 months of support they gave the gtablet, im surprised viewsonic is still in the tablet business. No gingerbread, no honeycomb for an existing tablet, and 2.2 on a tablet not yet released? Im not optimistic this will ever have anything but froyo.

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