ASUS: We’re Shipping 100,000 Transformer Tablets This Month, Another 200,000 in June


A lot has been made of the recent ASUS Transformer shortages that has everyone going crazy. The device launched to great success, but unfortunately demand far exceeded supply as it was virtually impossible to find mere minutes after launch. (We have seen several reports and videos suggesting these are in the hands of every day users, though.) It was originally suggested that the company would only be shipping 10,000 units per month due to component shortages, but spokesman David Change says this isn’t the case.

ASUS expects to get 100,000 Transformer units in stores this month, while they expect to double that unit by June. It’s said that the shortages are expected to end after June and they’ll be able to reach their original goal of 300,000 units a month smack dab in the middle of summer.

Unfortunately no word was given on when exactly the 100,000 units would make their way to store shelves this month. The only thing you folks can do is keep calling to see if you can get lucky and score one. If you can, be sure to let ask them how many they have in stock and let us know. [via NetbookNews]

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  1. I have one on order with (datavision). they say its a 1-2week wait on there site. i receieved an email later that said 2-3 weeks but i can cancel anytime.

    1. I checked out their site but everytime I click the link for the Asus tablet, it takes me back to the main page…

      1. o yeah im sorry, u HAVE to call.

  2. GREAT NEWS!! Now if my local Best Buy actually has one just for me to play with first i’ll be happy. For the price i think i’m finally ready to replace my laptop with a tablet but i need to get one in my hands first before i make the jump to tablets

  3. Two nights ago I picked up the Acer A500 at Best Buy as a hold-over… I asked the rep if he had heard anything about Asus stock. This was the FIRST guy who knew what I was talking about. He said they are telling him they should have stock arriving in stores in the middle of this month. I sure hope so, because… I’m just not feeling the Acer. I think it’s just too damn heavy for this weakling to hold for any length of time.

  4. I really want to get this tablet but all I see are 16 gig pre-orders, I want the 32gig. Anyone know if they are taking pre-orders for the 32gig and where?


    1. @f5f89fd39e7f4da09bdb1665cc018245:disqus

      I pre-ordered the B1 (32B) from Amazon the morning of 4/26. I just received word that it will be delivered sometime between 5/26 and 6/6.

      Tillamook Bay

    2. I know of 1 person who received the 32GB model via

    3. thanks guys.

      A couple of things. I checked amazon but all they have are 3rd party sellers.

      Second…. I didn’t know it has an micro sd slot, I thought it was only on the keyboard but now I want the 16 gig and I can always get a 32 gig sd.

  5. Goodbye Motorola Xoom and Hello Asus Transformer !! Sure am glad I waited :)

    1. yea yea f*** moto! and their prices

  6. woohoo!

  7. To me, this product is huge (and I think others will soon copy). This is what I have been waiting for. I want a tablet, but I also want a netbook/laptop. I have almost bought an ipad on two different occasions and have never really been tempted by any android tablets (due to price, form, etc.), but with this tablet and dock integration, I am finally compelled to buy since I feel like I will get essentially two products – tablet and netbook.

  8. At this point, I’m going to wait until after I/O to commit to anything. And I’m still jazzed about what Samsung’s got coming in about a month.

    1. Why not get 1 now? then perhaps upgrade to the Samsung later?LOL don’t most early adopters change devices like they were dirty socks?

  9. Ooh i think i may just have to buy this. Or should i wait for the 10.1 Samsung Tab?

    1. Wait!!! Samsung’s Tab 10.1 is going to ROCK THE HOUSE.

      1. I’m open to either but I’m curious why you say the samsung will be better

        1. This is why it’s better to me: Your mileage may vary
          1) It lighter.
          2) It is thinner (easier to hold)
          3) The screen is the next gen of IPS (Super PLS)

          I will admit, the Transformer is tempting if for nothing but that awesome keyboard/battery dock, but for me size is the most important factor.

          This table sums it up nicely:

          1. But key will be where Samsung sets price. If its $100 more expensive, Transformer wins IMO.

      2. Played with both – the Samsung Tab 10 as well as the 8.9 – at the CTIA. Loved the touch & feel of the smaller one. Guess I need to wait even loner :-(

  10. do want!

  11. if you’re near a Microcenter store try going into the store early in the day. I managed to snag one yesterday that they hadn’t even taken off the truck yet. My initial impression of Transformer is that it’s well worth the hassle to find one!

  12. I was able to order one from Best Buy on day 1. It’s supposed to be ready for pickup at my local store within a week. I’m tempted to cancel and get the G-Tab 10.1 but not too keen on Sammy (for their G-Tab Wi-Fi slight-of-hand & inability to get updates out to their phone users)

  13. Asus, now please add a digital pen stylus so that I can get even more functionality like the HTC flyer, then you will be unstoppable. Make the next version of Transformer tablet and or the dock have a receptacle for the stylus, you could even sell it (stylus) separate. So then, tablet + keyboard dock + digital pen stylus = sweet.

  14. Yeah

  15. Yeah

  16. My new Transformer and it’s lil’ dock buddy arrive at my door this Tuesday. Newegg FTW.

  17. For $50 more and no wait/hassle, I went with the Acer Iconia A500. I’ve had it a week now and even someone offered me an Asus Transformer right now, I couldn’t be bothered. The A500 is rock solid device, super fast, and has an excellent fit & finish.

    Any complaints I have are Android 3.0 related and would be the same with the Transformer.

  18. NukkaYarrell says this shit is tight. This is tighter than my mom’s vag, even AFTER I put my shitty Sprint EVO in it. Werd.

    1. I had to like my own comment only cuz I love my mom’s vag.. AND My shitty sprint fown.. foooo

  19. The ASUS Transformer will it come bundled with the the keyboard? I saw a video that stated if its bundled its $50.00 cheaper.

    1. I had my cousin to order one for me with keyboard dock. Total is $662.33 i think this is a rush delivery. I didnt realise the price would jump up bec of that

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