Sony Ericsson Officially Announces the New Generation of Xperia Minis

Sony Ericsson has officially unveiled the new generation of Xperia Mini devices. Namely the ones codenamed Mango and Smultron that are slight upgrades to the Xperia X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro. From the looks of things the branding will be similar to what the predecessors had but will, of course, drop the X10 tag. They’re still smallish Androids, but pack a very nice punch for the small packages they’re in.

A 1GHz processor will help users fly around Android 2.3 and Sony Ericsson’s revamped custom UIs. These will also be able to record HD video. Truly a nice sounding phone for those who don’t want to give up their smaller devices for sheer power – now you can have the best of both worlds! The Mini will be available in four colors this August, while the Mini Pro – the one with the hardware QWERTY keyboard (but identical otherwise) – has only been given a window of June. [via Sony Ericsson]

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  • SuperMuna

    These days, SE just makes crap phones. SE please stop this blue theme on your phones, it is tiring and boring.

    • daveb123

      yeh sony, stop being different and use the same colour schemes that everyone else uses lol.

  • D.C

    Sony Ericsson have had a bad rap for a few years now due to the constant issues with the CyberShot range. But the Xperia mini’s are great handsets, feature rich and with Android the new range could be a true iPhone killer. Remember when people wanted smaller handsets? Well they are back, but packed with features!

  • dan

    Smultron är gott. Speciellt på sommaren/hösten

  • ILikeBubbles

    @ D.C. Remember when? Yeah that revolution. Is reoccurring now since all that is being released now is 4.3 basically. (And the minutely smaller 4 inch dinc 2) I agree they had a bad rap and really hope they are working great because we need more 3.2 handsets!!! Eris2 ftw!!! :)

  • bashir arrohman


    how much this phone will be sell.

    is this phone will be sell in Indonesia?

  • Kuggi

    Used to have the x10 mini which I thought was GREAT. However, I soon got rid of it because the NOTES field in the contacts apps was completely useless – you could only see one line at a time. I use the notes field extensively and on the x10 minis it was completely unusable. Hope they have updated the contacts apps