Samsung Officially Releases the Replenish Source Code

Samsung has been trying extra hard lately to win over skeptical Android enthusiasts by releasing the source codes to their upcoming handsets in a timely manner (very unlike Samsung). And they’re at it once again with the eco-friendly Replenish. The phone is set to hit Sprint next week and just before you can actually find the phone in stores, Samsung has went ahead and released it’s source code for all to see.

Just as a refresher, the Samsung Replenish will come equipped with a 2.8 inch screen, 600Mhz CPU, 2MP camera and BlackBerry-esque qwerty keyboard design. The specs definitely wont make your jaw drop but that’s not exactly the point. The fact that the phone is far from a gas-guzzler is one of the reasons Samsung is marketing the phone as “green.”

For all you hippies out there, you can find the Samsung Replenish in your local Sprint store or online when it is released on May, 8th for only $49 with a 2 year contract.

[Via Samsung Open Source Release Center]

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  • Jdog25

    Finally gosh

    • Chris Chavez

      LOL! You were waiting for this, huh? ;D

  • d3310n

    Is the cpu at least one of the newer v7s? V6 would be a shame.

    • Chris Chavez

      MSM 7627-2 =p

  • romanl123

    Will they release the S2 source code too?

  • Guest

    What’s the big deal, it’s probably all just recycled code anyway……… (insert appropriate rim shot noise here)

  • eclipsenyou

    this phone looks too much like a Blackberry on steroids. Ugly as hell!

  • Totem

    I’m digging the cartoon-y theme.. And the spec isn’t bad either :D