Motorola Announces “Plans For Intentions” to Bring Gingerbread Update To The Atrix


Was only a few hours ago when we reported that the Motorola Atrix was gearing up for it’s launch on UK carrier, Orange tomorrow. As one of the most powerful handsets available today thanks in part to its Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, one of the things really holding the phone back is the fact that its being shipped with Android 2.2 Froyo.

Motorola is well aware of this “issue” and when asked about plans of a possible Gingerbread update, Andrew Morley, Motorola’s vice president of international marketing commented by saying, “We haven’t announced timings but we have announced plans for the intentions.” As vague as that sounds he also pointed out that ideally, they would like to deliver an Android 2.3 update simultaneously in the US and the UK.

With the Motorola Atrix set to go head-to-head with Samsung’s Galaxy S II in a few days, Motorola might want to make that update a priority if they expect to be on a level playing field with Samsung. Of course, the fact that you can get the Atrix for FREE may help with that.

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  1. What an amazingly meaningless non announcement by Motorola. Phandroid should take into consideration quality over quantity when it comes to headlines. What do we know today that we didn’t know yesterday?

  2. Does it really matter what version of android is on the atrix when it has motoblur?… I have an atrix by the way I’m not just a hater.

    1. Why is that a problem you can get root and…wait…. Well at least the bootloader….. wait……

    2. Wait n see if its the same version of Blur thats leaked for GB on the Droid X. If it is….its better.

  3. We’ll for starters moto never mentioned this before, so we didn’t know that. Second ….quit bitching about froyo and blur on the Atrix, because like me if you root and freeze and apply diffrent launcher ….wow it’s way f’ing better and you don’t even notice. Also revs are hard at work unlocking the bootloader as we speak. Second shut up!! The phone just came out! Nothing exciting ever happens for at least the first 6 months in the “modding world” and if you don’t know how to mod and haven’t looked at the sheer future of this phone then your either high or retarded. This phone is only running at half right now, quite literally, and once the dev’s work their magic and make roms and apps start to mass populate on the market optimized for dual core then you will feel pretty stupid for ever doubting your Atrix.
    I for one feel like a kid waiting for christmas! Can’t wait to see what XDA comes up with and how awesome 2.3 will be for the Atrix and for apps to utilize the dual core and for over clocking thresholds!!! This phone is like a fine wine, it only gets better with time.
    So in short, stfu and quit complaining about your super awesome super phone …

    End rant.
    P.s. maybe instead of bitching about it go to the forums and cheer on the dev community, its a lot more usefull than complaining.

    1. I was with you until you said “Nothing exciting ever happens for at least the first 6 months in the modding world” I mean, look at the Inspire 4G forums, they’ve got MIUI (Froyo and GB) Official leaked GB, Stock GB, GB w/ Sense 3.0, and probab;y more! It makes me want an I4G now..

  4. Cannot wait for gingerbread! But I was kind of hoping motorola would beat samsung to the punch. Everyone knows samsung is horrible with updates.

  5. THEY BETTER BRINGER GINGER BREAD TO MY ATRIX 4G. I have mine since it was launch. and AT&T just turn on their HPUSA + already. so hopefully us Atrix owners gets some sweet Gingerbread

  6. Thats great but WTF is the OTA for the DX?

  7. I would trade my Atrix for a SGSII in a heartbeat. Moto blows anymore, they easily forget what saved them a few years back. I don’t like Samsung’s build quality and their inability to update phones on a timely basis, but I would still take it over my Atrix with a locked bootloader. I am going to laugh when the GX2 outsells the Atrix in the US on Tmobile. Very disappointing that they didn’t have GB completed already.

    1. true but you forgot to mention the build of the atrix is also terrible. if only they make it like the droid series sans keyboard, then i might overlook bootloader and blur. ps, rooting and freezing blur is not the same as purging blur altogether.

  8. SGSII will suck hands down its samsung and it’ll take the devs at least 6-8 months for it too actually work rooted. My atrix works not rooted so why bother if your product does what it’s supposed to then you don’t need to tweak it. HSPA + was att being slow and now that’s fixed

    1. My Atrix is still slower than my wifes iPhone. Att didn’t fix shit.

  9. Awesome

  10. So many people bitching about this awesome phone. I don’t understand the gripe about motoblur either. I signed up for it for my Atrix, then never used it again. It has 0 impact on my phone. I’m currently using a original Droid for personal use and the Atrix for work. The speed of the Atrix is amazing and I think gingerbread will only make this phone better.

  11. Love my atrix, awsome phone. The 1.83 upgrade fixed the bigest issue I had with it 4126 dl 1261 up. Seems to me the speed is fixed.

    1. My uploasd speeds still suck (most of the time) after updating. I would trade for an s2 in a second. Motorola can take their Atrix and shove it up their ass.

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