T-Mobile G-Slate Arriving in Stores, 3D Glasses Included

With T-Mobile throwing a party for the T-Mobile G-Slate on April 20th, the date is looking pretty likely for the official public launch of the Honeycomb tablet from LG. TMo stores are currently stocking up the device and its accessories in anticipation of the big day. If you recall from the time we have spent with the G-Slate (Optimus Pad), the device features 3D video capture, though it lacks an actual 3D display. Hence the red and blue anaglyph glasses packed with the slate. How retro.

[via TMoNews]

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  • J Davis

    Who will buy this really?

    • Jamdev12

      At the price point that I’ve heard, even less than the amount of peeps that bought a Moto tab. I’ll wait for Asus and tether it to my LTE phone in case I’m not close to my Wifi for $400 smackers and change.

    • Carson

      Many. Don’t wear the damn glasses if you don’t want to, then. It’s still of the best of the tablets!

  • TxSurfer

    Day one here!

  • http://twitter.com/Rafyvitto Rafyvitto

    Thats stupid lol, who the hell will wear them, your better of with the lg thrill lol

  • Paul T

    The 3D thing is certainly gimmicky. I think 3D in genereral is one big gimmick, in its current state, but that’s another matter. The tablet itself looks nice, albiet nothing exciting and, IMO, an awkward size.

    • Paul T


  • Ksizzle9

    3D Is a waste. Totally pointless, useless, i will compliment the new evo for having a switch. Bc I would NEVER USE 3D. Still doesn’t take away from it being a nice phone.

    • Keller

      You joshing right? the evo 3d is hideous. Also, no kickstand? Wtf? The kickstand is synonymous with the word evo and they dont put in a kickstand.

      • http://twitter.com/binglut9 Brian

        A kickstand that’s what you look for in a phone your an idiot

      • keller is a fucking retard

        keller u fucking idiot. eat a bag of dicks.

        • He made valid points

          No, you Are. Anonymous moron.

          • hi keller, i know its you

            No he didn’t. He made value judgments which, coming from a troll, are worth less than nothing. Maybe you and Keller could share said bag of dicks.

          • http://profiles.google.com/sciencekid66 John Conley

            we’ll start by chopping off YOUR dick.

      • Slepow Rockets

        there is a case with a stand to accompany the phone……tard…..

  • Mikewong27

    Will only consider it if they have Wifi Only version for less than $500. If not, Transformer or Acer A500 here I come!!!

  • Keller

    “though it lacks an actual 3D display. Hence the red and blue anaglyph glasses packed with the slate. How retro.”

    This Kevin bitch needs to be barred from writing any article related to t-mobile (or writing in general)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jhaelon-Edwards-Smith/1475202489 Jhaelon Edwards Smith

      Lol, why are you such an angry person?

      • Keller

        I’m actually 3/4 bird

        • Guest

          Wow 2 dumb comments. Quit while ahead

    • http://twitter.com/binglut9 Brian

      What you quoted is true so why punish him for writing facts

  • Andy

    And how much is this w/out contract? Is it still being released w/ Android 2.2?

    • Rawr4dj

      UMMM, i thoiught this was a gingerbread tablet o.O
      Lol it always was

      • Austin

        It’s honeycomb.

    • Keller

      Have you been living under a rock? Its released with 3.0

  • http://www.gadginator.com Dunnion

    While I’m still not a fan of the idea of 3D on phones, etc, I think it’s sort of lame that they didn’t do this full on 3D or 2D for that matter. Don’t have a 3D camera if you have a 2D screen. I still want to play with it though.

  • Aquamadman

    Why the hell would they put fake 3d glasses (and, yes, I know they are not actually fake, but Anaglyph glasses? Are you kidding?) in a non 3d tablet, what in the world is the point?

  • BloodKil

    My 3D tv rocks for gaming and movies, cant see the gimmicks there… My sons 3ds is pretty cool as well (as will be my Evo 3D; with some kick ass hardware; when it comes out)

    Old school red and blue anaglyph on today’s tech… Gimmicky and kinda pointless. (not to mention gay as hell)

    • Guest

      Wow a grown man with a child saying “gay”.

      • BloodKil

        Yes I do have a child and I did say gay. I also have a couple of gay friends (one of which constantly tells me he is not gay he is queer… you have a problem with that too?) Hey while on the subject I also have friends I refer too as my niggas… some are white and some are not but I am quite white (or mainly peach colored if you want to get down to it) and none of them have an issue with it. Grow the fuck up and drop your prejudice towards words and your obvious bigotry its 2011 if a word hurts you so bad go hide in a hole or something. Otherwise stay on topic… Would it make you feel better if I said GHEY? Because whatever it is that tab (g-slate) is fucking stupid, anaglyph glasses are bullshit and do cause the headaches that many nowadays critics (of 3D) talk about, While the more modern techs are pretty cool (no headaches here) and do not only a function in today’s society but will help us advance to bigger and better things. (keep your bullshit where it belongs… somewhere else)

        • dreadnatty08

          You mad bro?

        • Troll


  • http://www.giquegear.com Andrude

    this decade’s attempt at 3D is nearly over ! Glasses, really ?

  • http://hotwirelesscoupons.com Hot Wireless Coupons

    I’m accepting 3D for TV… not so much tablets. Still it will be interesting to toy around with.

  • J

    I can’t wait for this tablet to be released. I’ve been waiting months and its almost here. Good job lg. Ill be in line on the 20th…..

  • john

    after messing with the xoom,i really dont think honeycomb is ready yet.its probably going to be another year before i get an android tablet.

  • ari_free

    “Color is a frivolous gimmick that nobody will ever use” -anonymous IBM fanboy 1981

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  • Carsons

    @Bloodkil, immature, unfocused, belligerent ranter without respect for others-setting a perfect example for his child. You ARE the reason for birth control, Mr. Peachy.

  • @scrufynerfherdr

    Wujing, glad to hear your items are certainly for sale. Everyone else, what’s with all of the bags of dicks comments?