Next Version of the Android Market Gets Previewed along with New Google Music App


In perhaps one of the oddest news leaks we have ever seen, Google has pushed made what appears to be an accident, pushing a test version of the Android Market complete with pre-release apps to the Samsung Galaxy S of the folks at Tech From 10. If this is the next version of the Market to push to phones, not a whole lot has changed. The biggest difference you will not is the inclusion of content ratings, something that we first caught wind of last fall.

The bigger story here is the inclusion of a new version the Google Music app for Android. Music 3.0 is styled after the app for Honeycomb but scaled down for smaller screen sizes. It also gets settings for the cloud-based Google Music service that still remains without a launch. You can find a download of the app at the source link below.

Other pre-release apps include a new version of the 3D gallery, Google Camera v12, and Google Desk Clock 10. Though the apps could be downloaded and installed, they would not launch. Still, the APKs are available if anyone wants to try to fiddle with them.

[via Switched]

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  1. I just hope music has a better search option… my phone doesn’t have a search button :(

  2. Music and camera apps work fine for me. 3D gallery would install but not launch. Desk clock wouldn’t even install. MyTouch Slide CM RC4.

  3. Will the music app display anything on the lock screen? It’s a sorely missing feature, and frankly the existing apps that already do this aren’t very impressive.

    1. You can use WidgetLocker and put your favourite music widget (and any other widgets for that matter) on the lockscreen if it doesn’t have the capability.

  4. The camera force closes when going to video mode, the gallery doesn’t work. Clock does not install and the music player still has the streaming options.

  5. I don’t see a difference on the music app for my xoom

  6. Gabriel Mak, the new Music app has a search Menu item in both the library and Now Playing views. It searches pretty much all the metadata on your music so it’s pretty helpful.

    The 3D carousel album view from Honeycomb is in this build as well. If you switch to landscape view in the library then use the filter dropdown to switch to Recent, here’s what you get:

  7. works perfect on my HTC HERO w cyanogenmod :-)

  8. Is google going to finally stop making us say why we’re unstalling an app when we uninstall an app?

    It’s so annoying to have to say why everytime I uninstall an app.

    1. You can unistall them by going into menu>settings>applications>manage applications.

    2. I’m pretty sure (someone correct me if I’m wrong!) that the reason for uninstalling is passed along to the app developer to help provide feedback. Google almost certainly uses the information as well. It might be useful to them if they discover that people are uninstalling lots of apps due to insufficient space; could be a sign that they need to nudge the phone manufacturers to boost EMMC availability or adjust the Install to SD feature to make it easier to use. While the little bit of information provided by the uninstall survey isn’t very detailed at all, it’s likely better than nothing, especially when the majority of Android users aren’t going to be creating extensive bug reports, contacting Devs, etc. I mean, my mom uses a G2 and asking her to send a bug report would be like asking a kitten to tap dance; I’d just get a funny look and she’d go about her business.

      1. Actually, I don’t see any of this information on the developer console.

        1. Huh. Okay, I stand corrected then. It seems like a no-brainer for Google to use the information, and it just made sense to me that developers would get that info as well. Oh well, that’s what I get for expecting things to make sense :)

          1. Google missing out on no brainer with the Android Market shocker

    3. You can press the “go back” button on the front face of your phone to skip the survey and the application uninstalls.

  9. none of these things will download. I have unknown publishers whatever. What am I missing?

    1. Which link are you trying to download from? Both links in the Switched article are working for me.

      Or are you having trouble installing?

  10. Uhm, why didn’t they leak the Market apk?

  11. My head hurts having tried, multiple times, to read that opening sentence.

    1. I liked this “The biggest difference you will not is…”

    2. My post really need some revisions. I also “noted” the “The biggest difference you will not is…”

  12. Does it manage albums with multiple artists any better, or does it still split them all out? Looking forward to trying it out regardless.

  13. I think that story got leaked….BEFORE IT WAS PROOFREAD!! Horrible.

  14. I look forward to when they launch this US only. Future thanks for nothing Google.

  15. I am one of the editors at TechFrom10 and I am trying to get in contact with the guy in charge about the fact that the site is currently down.

  16. In perhaps one of the oddest sentences we have ever seen…

  17. i hope this means they will finally get rid of the gallery3D uploaded by some random person, that appears as installed on my last 2 new android devices out of the box.

  18. Poweramp still owns

  19. You guys were made fun of on Buzz out Loud (CNET Podcast) for your messed up grammar.

  20. i see that im way late is there a link that works still?

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