Apr 5th, 2011

In perhaps one of the oddest news leaks we have ever seen, Google has pushed made what appears to be an accident, pushing a test version of the Android Market complete with pre-release apps to the Samsung Galaxy S of the folks at Tech From 10. If this is the next version of the Market to push to phones, not a whole lot has changed. The biggest difference you will not is the inclusion of content ratings, something that we first caught wind of last fall.

The bigger story here is the inclusion of a new version the Google Music app for Android. Music 3.0 is styled after the app for Honeycomb but scaled down for smaller screen sizes. It also gets settings for the cloud-based Google Music service that still remains without a launch. You can find a download of the app at the source link below.

Other pre-release apps include a new version of the 3D gallery, Google Camera v12, and Google Desk Clock 10. Though the apps could be downloaded and installed, they would not launch. Still, the APKs are available if anyone wants to try to fiddle with them.

[via Switched]

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